As I read the essay of “Paradise ad Death” by Eric Macknight, I realized how many opportunities Odysseus had, to run from all the trouble and all his problems and every time he faces his problems he escapes close from death. After reading the essay  by Eric Macknight, I have a new perspective about all of Odysseus adventures and apart from that I reflected his decisions and adventures with my own live.

The essay is very well written. I like the simplicity of the sentences and the way he used quotes out of the book. “Paradise and Death” by Erik MacKnight  showed me how many mistakes I made while writing essays and now I know how to provide them. The essay has many good examples and very good quotations out of the book. Over all, I really liked the essay.

Personal review

In my opinion the chapter was not as good as the last one we read. The story wasn’t good, and it was way too much trouble and to much happened in that time period. Also, some characters had again only a small introduction.

The most important and iconic part for me was the ‘burial’ of Polynices body. The conversation Antigone and Ismene had and all the consequences they must deal with. I love the act of respect they do to the body of her brother.

Something the author did well was the the scene etching with most of the characters. The way you can fell the emotions of Creon and you can understand the decisions they made.

One time I was a bit confused, at the end where Creon wants to exile himself, I can’t understand why. I mean exile yourself wouldn’t solve the problems. If I could step into the story, I would change his decision.

In my opinion the most interesting character was Antigone, because I could understand her reactions and her feelings. As I mentioned my favourite part is the burial of Polynices, there u can see what kind of a person Antigone is. Unlike her sister she didn’t fear the consequences and knew the price she must pay for that what she did.

What I learned from this reading was, that everything you do has consequences and can affect others. You should be careful what you say. Not every hero where’s a cape and not every person with a cape is a hero.

Personal response: Oedipus

As I read the book, I realized that Oedipus isn’t a real god. He makes mistakes like humans and I think thats the reason why I like him. I like the book even if it is a bit confusing to read. The whole story with Oedipus and the riddle showed me that the future is inevitable.

I also liked how drastic Oedipus reacts, as he found out that he killed his father and married his mother. The whole book is on one clearly threat. U can barely feel the anger and the emotions from Oedipus.

All the dialogues are a bit confusing and the actions of some characters are a bit strange. My big Question is, why the mother of Oedipus reacting this dramatic, after she found out?. I mean she knew the riddle and didn’t even thought about it as she married him.

if I could change One thing it would be the role/character of the mother. She just doesn’t fit right. in the book. I would change her behavior, her actions and her appear.

But all in one, I think this is a good book with a good story.