Introduction to Antigone

On the first page, it says that Sophocles owed his election to office to the popularity of Antigone. I think this is interesting as even in the year 441 B.C, there were ways to help yourself win an election. I also find it interesting that there were such structured elections that long ago. I find it extremely inspiring to read this quotation,

She did it because Polynices was her brother, she would not have done it for husband or child…..husband and children, she says, could be replaced by others, but, since her parents are dead, she could never have another brother.

This is inspiring, but also sad because when you think about it, it is true. If you had to save your brother or your parents, which one would you choose?


Greece and the Theater

The part I found most interesting in the introduction is the part where the author describes the Greek theatres. I find it interesting that the theatres can seat between 14 and 15 thousand spectators [19]. They are all made of stone which people hand to haul around with their bare hands. I also learned that between cities, the plays change a little bit but the main actions of the play always stay the same. Oedipus always kills his father and marries his mother, Eteocles and Polynices must kill each other [24]. Another part I found interesting was how Sophocles wrote the three plays in no particular order. I think this creates a little variation between the character’s personalities as Sophocles could have been in a different mood or mindset while writing the different plays.


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