Naming Your Files

When submitting essays and other work digitally, you should name your documents so that they can be readily identified. File names like “George.docx” or “Essay.docx” or “English.docx” are NOT useful!

Instead, please follow this pattern when naming your documents:

Your Full Name_Assignment.docx

If you submit multiple drafts, give each draft a unique file name:

Your Full Name_Assignment_v2.pages

In either case the “Assignment” part should be specific, but not too long. For example, this document name—

John Student_English Essay.pages

—is not very helpful, since it does not specify which English essay it is. Better would be something like this—

Mary Student_Hamlet Essay_March 2014.docx

—where Hamlet is the text you are writing about.

Please submit essays using Word (.docx) or Pages ‘09 (.pages)—not the new version! If you have a choice between Word and Pages, I prefer Pages because its comment bubbles are cleaner and easier to read.

Please do NOT submit PDFs, as they are much harder to annotate with comments than either Word or Pages.

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