PR Langston Hughes

After reading the selected poems written by Langston Hughes, I can say I really liked the way the author wrote verses that incorporated how African American people talked. I enjoyed how he promoted equality and condemned injustice against the African American culture. All his poems have a message and a deeper meaning. From all the selected poems I read, I especially remember the poem called “Negro”. For me it is the for me it is the scariest but also the most direct poem he wrote.

After analyzing the art piece, he wrote, I think he reflected the history of Afro-American people very well in this poem. All the suffering they endured and all the deeds they accomplished. He lists all the great achievements of theirs. From Caesar to the Egyptians and from there around the world and still a slave after all. He describes the events in a most aesthetic way, if I may put it mildly. All the things he had listed were in fact huge buildings or huge distances that his people had covered. He communicates so much suffering and so much sadness with so few words. For me, this poem was a masterpiece and I’m happy to gain so much new knowledge from it.

You can clearly see Langston Hughes DNA. in this poem. It has no rhyme scheme. In fact, the speaker avoids the use of rhyme almost entirely throughout the poem. In other words, the poem is written in free verse. He starts and ends the poem with the same phrase as in the beginning and all the phrases starts with a personality or a job like worker, singer, victim, and “negro” all this relates to African American people.