DP1 End of The Year Reflection

This year was my first year actually learning how to analyze English literature. I have to say, it has been a great challenge for me. English is my second language, and I only started using it daily to communicate with people last year, so being in a class with everyone that is fluent in English creates a lot of stress and expectation for me. I would always set standards and compare myself with my classmates, but I always feel that I am far behind them. At the beginning of the year, I had a lot of trouble reading the texts, and I thought that it was not very easy and took forever to read them. I noticed that my reading speed was much slower than my classmates, but I thought the books I read were interesting. Later on, as more books I read, I noticed the time I needed to finish a chapter was much faster, and I think my analytical skills have improved, and I can detect different clues in books.
For all my assignments, I have always spent a lot of effort on it, and sometimes it might even take hours to finish a personal response or a simple daily reading journal. And every time I get really stressed and unmotivated on it, I think that I would need to make it as perfect as possible to match with my classmates, so I often stress myself out a lot and end up handed in the assignment late. Also, I get frustrated because of all the hours I have spent on different assignments, but my teacher has never marked any of them…
Other than that, I have gained much more knowledge on a different world and social issues. I have learned the most about Feminism and gender inequality. As a man in the society, I have never thought of the hardships a woman has to go through, but through this class, I have gained a much better perspective. I would say the begining, I did not understand the main idea of the different literature, for example I would always disagree with what the main female character does like Nora. But after reading The Awakening, I think I have gained a much better perspective and finally see the bigger picture.
Anyway, I have learned a lot this year, and I look forward to next year’s English class.

DP1- End of year reflection

Something that will stick with me would be to use points instead of comas. Also, that a well written piece of literature will raise questions and not answer them, that be in a movie, a play, or a book. I also learned how to quote, and that the points go inside the quotes in American english.

I look forward to finding a piece of literature that would raise questions and have no one to help me answer them, or someone to tell them to, in that moment I’ll remember my amazing english teacher, Mr. Macknight.

Year End Reflection

DP1 English A was quite an adventure for me and it surely has exposed me to a variety of literature works that all provide unique viewpoints, stories to tell and expanded my perspectives as a whole.

In the way that Mr. Mac Knight has always constructed his class, literature has been less about the right analysis but more of a conversation between everyone in the class. “It’s not about messages, it’s about the questions.” He often says, and that has been something that changed the way how I think and approach with books or with any literary work. Although I have not fully embraced the fact that literature raises questions not giving answers, it often feels fresh to see the multitude and vast amount of topics to discuss in even just a book or short story. For example, A Doll’s House when read, can often be thought as a push to feminism and women’s right due to how evident Nora presented herself towards the end of the story. However, it is not everything, as we would often see how the story would raise questions about what does it mean to be a human? How does the husband and the wife works together to form a healthy, happy marriage? Is love alone ever enough? Questions like these would leave me feel in awed of how literature can be so insightful.

But to the main dish: did I enjoy it 100%? Well as with anything in life so far, (except for learning Psychology) I would say it is somewhere in-between. It has always been refreshing to listen to listen to the same topic but in different ways of explaining and understanding. On the other hand, sometimes some topics on certain books go rather deep for me that it can be hard to comprehend. I think this has shown how cultures can affect your point of view and understanding of something.

To wrap up this school year, I would like to put a small gratitude for Mr. Mac Knight: thank you for having always answer everyone’s questions in class and have us dig deep into a topic to understand its root, it has been a trip that was not only about improving my English, but also understanding how to approach and analyze pieces of writings.

Now for dessert, I will have a small cup of milk before packing up my stuffs, get ready to leave tomorrow, meet my family and fly back to Vietnam.

It has been a good year and I’m hoping to see everyone again.

Year-End Reflection

What I will remember the most from DP1 English is that literature does not answer question, it raises questions. Also how to analyze readings and to pay attention to details in readings.

What I learned in DP1 English that I think will stick with me is how fun is to learn literature if you ask questions.  And to read more if I want to continue to improve my english.

DP 1 Year End Reflection

This year English class has been a lot of fun and has taught me so much. From this year I think what I will remember most is the importance of asking questions and realizing that the best literature raises the most questions. I think what will stick with me most from this year is the information on analyzing a piece of literature and everything that you should pay attention to when reading, watching, or listening to a piece of literature.

DP1 Year-End Reflection

What I have learned and will remember from DP1 English is most likely that Good literature does not send massages but raised questions, or perhaps hairs. And also the “Do with what you have right now”… Although I have never done the latter.

I will forever remember Mr. MacKnight and his, drumming and music, and the wide assortment of books he made us read, which were quite good.  Lastly but not least, the rage of Humor that we were target to, wonderful entertainment or slightly embarrassing depending on which side of it you were on, spectator or target, although it often sprung up from a more serious point and so could be perceived as something with an educational root.

Through all of this we trudged through difficult terrain of pages, armed with our nearly amnesiac teenage brains, following a guide with excellent drumming skills and a less politically-correct and perhaps dry sense of humor. We delved, slowly, into some very pressing questions that have been questionable ever since they came up about… some time ago.  Thus our brains have increased their wrinkledge.

This has been a very interesting and memorable year on the whole.

English DP1 Year-End Reflection

This whole school year has been an interesting and novel experience, and although English class is usually my strongest subject, my DP1 Literature course presented quite a few new challenges and ideas. Examining works of classical literature and poetry gave me the opportunity to internalize techniques and styles to implement in my own writing projects, not to mention several works (namely Candide, The Merchant of Venice, and A Doll’s House) being extremely enjoyable and memorable reads in their own right.

Year-End Reflection

This year was really special for me as an exchange student. English became a big part in my life here and I am really happy that I can confidentally say that my English improved a lot in the last 5 months. Not just because I need to speak English 24/7 but also because of the English literature class, where I read several books and learned to be more confident while speaking in front of an audience. I will remember how to read difficult texts properly, how to analyze texts and write revisions. I learned to be confident with my english, to speak with conviction and that my english doesn’t need to be perfect. I think most likely, it’s how to do an oral presentation will stick with me and I will definetely use my knowledge now for my next oral presentation.

End of year reflection

What I think that I will remember most from dp1 English is Mr. MacKnights sometimes funny and always witty jokes. What I will remember academically however was our criticisms and analysis of the texts which we read. Reading analytically will consistently help me progress as a critical thinker in the future.

I have learned how to analyze and criticize a text and make my own ideas more concrete, as well as relating them to the text. I have also learned how to better read and create a deeper understanding as I read.

End year of Reflection

End year reflection:

This year was an amazing year, English lit DP 1 was a great year. Each class was a great and I always looked forward to each class. It was never boring but it was enjoyable even though sometimes I fell asleep in some classes, I did enjoy going to English classes. During the time I had in English lit DP 1 I learned that not to be to quick to judge a character without reading more into the book. One of the books that I loved to have read was The Awakening By Kat Chopin. It was one of the most interesting books that I have read out of all the books that I’ve read so far. In all honesty I thought that this English would be more boring and about how to write a paragraph and where to put punctuations and all of that stuff. I wasn’t expecting to have to read books and reflect about them this year, actually I wasn’t expecting to even read as many books as we read this year at all.

This English class was wonderful and I enjoyed going to and being in the classes as well. Being in this class I’ve learned some new things and read books that I would have never heard of, or looked for in a book store. The books that we’ve read this year where great to read to enjoyable to me. I hope that next year and was as amazing as this year was.

Year-End Reflection


This year in DP1 English, I learnt the importance of perspectives and the importance of looking at the same situation from different points of view. Asking questions was another important thing that I learned was necessary because, most likely, someone else has the same question. I also learned how to make claims using direct text evidence. I also learned how to properly use quotations and put them in smoothly when writing. I think the most memorable thing we did this year was the Shylock’s speech performances that we did and actually being that character. Another memorable film we watched was a dolls house, and I found it really interesting to read the play and compare it with the film and how Nora and Torvald were characterized. I will also remember Ben’s jokes that I did my best to try and understand. 

English DP1 Year-End Reflection

This year in English I learned to set up my quotes better. I also learned how to write assertions, topic sentences, and how to think globally. I will remember Mr. MacKnight ignoring Ben’s jokes the most as I do not remember much from the pieces of literature that we read.  I Found that I understood the books and plays that we also watched as movies much better than the boring books that we only read.

Year End Reflection

The thing I will remember the most from DP1 English Lit is struggling to complete the tasks I got. I haven’t really improved at this which is unfortunate. And I likely won’t improve in the future due to personal preference. 🙁

Over the course of the year I learnt the importance of spark notes and how it is helpful but will get you 0/12 on a quiz. I also learnt what depression feels like after doing my IO, I’ve recovered though.

Overall year was cool. I liked the movies.

Thanks Eric.