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Langston Hughes. Abigail

The poem “Theme for English B” despite’s a black young adult who is attempting to find his way in what is true and what is false via his English Assignment. As only one black man in his class. The speaker is not sure whether to take on the persona of a typical English A student regardless of a race, or to stay true to his heritage and culture itself. The structure itself of this whole poem conveys a struggle for identity and truth through his fast paced world around him , the poem begins with a quote explaining my truth behind this. “The only African American man in his class and he resides in Harlem” (Hughes 10-11). Throughout his stanzas the book inlistartes to expressing different traits but similar to his own classmates. ” I like to eat, sleep, drink and be in love./ I like to work, learn, and read and understand change. (Hughes 20-21) by showing us he isn’t different and hopeless as they think he might be. ” I guess i am what I feel and seee and hear Harlem, I hear you (Hughes 17-18) While he holds on to African American culture he also acknowledges that it does not define him as a whole person: I guess being coloured doesn’t make me not like/ the same things other folks like who are other races” (Hughes 25-26) The speaker comes to a conclusion that even though they are not the same race, but all are American and coms to the end of that prom with that message.