Guilty or Innocent?

The information provided for this case is vague. No specific details of bystanders or anyone who tried to help the victim who faced the bullying. We are able to identify the bully did steal from him. This can be seen here; “Other students call him names, make fun of him, push him around occasionally, cheat him out of his possessions or pocket money — or just take them.” This is a legitimate crime and falls under the bully being charged for larceny. With the information provided this is his first offense therefore, he is a first time offender. On the victims end, he is rightfully guilty and charged with assault with a weapon, and aggravated assault. The motive for it can be considered however, instead of him reaching out to the schools administrators for support, he assaulted him with a baseball bat and that violates the Canadian court law. Therefore, this court herby sentences both boys for 5 months of counselling, 80 hours of community service and 1 month suspension from school. This court is dismissed.