SSIS Garden Project nostalgia

I’ve created a new page on this wiki, here—

SSIS Garden Project

—that gives a bit of history and points to a growing collection of photographs dating from late 2005, when we began creating the Garden Project at the new SSIS campus on Zhong Nan Jie. If you were there, you will recognize some faces and if you weren’t you’ll be able to see what you missed. It’s mostly weeds now, alas, but perhaps it will be reborn.

Writing in the Garden

On June 13 about 35 students spent the whole morning in the SSIS Garden, just observing and making notes. Some sat and wrote; some walked around, exploring; others chased insects, or dug holes in search of earthworms. After lunch they sat in classrooms and wrote poems, stories, and essays inspired by their morning’s observations.

They wrote in Chinese, Korean, and English. You can read some of the English pieces on the SSIS Garden Blog. Have a look: I think you will be impressed.

So long, Charlie!

Charlie McBride

Charlie McBride is leaving SSIS to teach in Nanjing. Charlie’s energy and vision are responsible for the SSIS Garden Project. A true leader, he got out in front, inspired others by his example, and called on them to follow. Everyone at SSIS, and especially those of us involved in the Garden, will miss him terribly. Nanjing, you don’t know how lucky you are!