PW #4

You know, I think I had never experienced so many emotions at the same time before, until this week. It can end up being so draining, until something makes you so happy you want to explode so you almost forget about everything else that was worrying you or stressing you out.
I think that’s que mindset everyone should have, we normally end up focusing on the things that are worrying us or that we don’t like during our day, week or even month, and that’s not good, we should start focusing more on the positive things and be more optimistic. Believe me, one small good thing could change everything, we just have to be more aware of that.
This doesn’t mean that you should ignore all of your problems, everything happens for a reason, and even if it’s not good, life wants to give you a lesson, just discover that lesson, learn it and be thankful for it.


PW#4- Trip to Alaska

Last week I went to Alaska. My mom planned this trip because it’s her birthday and she wanted to visit Alaska. We left Victoria on Saturday morning on a water plane and landed on the Vancouver harbor, we ate breakfast and then went on a cruise. The first day on the cruise, it was sailing day so we explored the cruise. The second day the cruise stopped at Ketchikan, we went to a tour  which was driving jeeps and rowing canoes, then we went to a lumberjack show. The third day the cruise stopped at Juneau, which is the capital of Alaska. We went on an amazing tour, which was going in a helicopter to the glaciers and get on a dog sled. The fourth day we went to Skagway, we went on a train called the “Yukon Route” and saw amazing landscapes. The fifth and sixth day we stayed in the cruise, we ate, went to the jacuzzi, played ping-pong and rest. The seventh day we got out of the cruise in Anchorage. In Anchorage we went downtown to eat and then went to the airport. This trip was one of my favorite trips I have made.


I have never  worried about my future fun fact I’ve never thought about it as a big deal, I had the same idea since I was a kid, graduate, marry and then have kids, that was my dream life I thought that life would give me happiness  but I’m not a kid anymore, this days I realized that, Its time to grow up, Im not the same person I was tree years ago,  Its amazing how the time pass so fast, one day you’re in the beginning of high school and all of a sudden you need to search for universities,  Im kind of scare about the idea of the future because its something that in just one minute can change your whole life, one mistake, one grade, one bad decision and you need to move all your life you had and start again and thinking about all the wrong choices you made, because if you don’t do it then, who else its going to do it?. Its sad to say good bye to the people you grow up with, I must need to admit 10 years with all of them you kind of get attached to the routine, seeing them faces every day and suddenly all of us are going to take different paths, maybe we will see each other or may be not, maybe one of them is the love of our life and we didn’t know, I guess we are going to find out, so if someone ask me, are you afraid about the future? the answer is a completely yes, because all the life I was used to it its going to change and now I need to be more careful about my actions, but I’m prepare to all the things that are coming maybe ones are harder than others but I know I’m going to be ok, I’m so sad to say goodbye to the kid and the innocence that I had once, the playgrounds I used to play are going to turn into clubs, my classmates that I taught they’re always going to be there for me are going to turn into a memory, but Im glad to say that I enjoyed all the memories that I create, enjoy every single moment like if they were the last, feel all the emotions and let it go.

PW#4: How my day went

Firstly I suffered a lot to wake up because my body was rejecting the idea that I had to do sign in at 8:30 and it was already 8:00 and if I wanted to have breakfast I needed to get ready in half an hour so I decided to go down at 8.20 so I can grab some breakfast and go upstairs again and continue to get ready. First block I had PE class but Mr. Gallery didn’t show up and we stayed in the dining hall than after in the second block I had Physics which is a subject I don’t understand that much and today I could understand to the fullest and I got really excited, than it was English class that was cool and felt like an eternity but the time it was over it was time to be lunch which made me really happy because I was really hungry, I ate two chicken breasts and it was really good, than I had study block and I saw Fast and Furious with Majo than last block and we had Geography but Mr. Healing was having some trouble with his computer and he went to fix it with Mr. Grant and we had very little time of class. Than I got to my room and I changed for JDF and I went with Ivana and Ivanna and it was really fun.

PW #4

I only have 25 days left in Brookes. I can’t believe that is my reality as in May 29th 2023. It’s crazy how fast time goes by, it feel’s like i’ve been here for just 2 months. The friends and memories i’ve made here are forever, and i’m so grateful to have had such a beautiful experience here. Although not everything has been perfect, I didn’t come here with those expectations. I met people who I thought were someone completly different to there true self, but that is how life goes, people come in and out of your life leaving you with experiences and lessons, and even though its not always good in the moment, it does end up in your favor.

I was barely ever homesick, but I have to admit, the food is one of the things I most miss about home. It is also very exciting to go back home, knowing I have so many people waiting with open arms for me and waiting to listen to my life here. My friends back home have kept in contact with me since day one, and im extremely excited to see them again and go out.

After living everything I lived here, I do think I will go back different, but not in a negative way, but a positive one, with more stories to tell and mistakes that helped me be a better person, to grow emotionally.

It doesn’t quite hit me that most of the people here I wont ever see again, and that does pain me to think about, but it is something that with time I will be able to accept.



One day I mentioned my parents that I wanted to study abroad i never mentioned exactly i just wanted to get out of my town and experience something different without my parents. Get to know another part pf the world and the culture

Then the months passed and parents found this school and we loved it, I have to say I was very nervous because it was something new and I was going to be very far from my home, my family and friends.

When I arrived here at first yes it was difficult to adapt with the school methods, the teachers, especially the dorms and the new friends. Time passed and I did well on school and get to know the girls that are my everything right now.

I’m gonna miss this place a lot.

there is not always a happy ending PW#4

It was a Tuesday afternoon, I was at the hospital like all this last days, my girlfriend Nataly has cancer, we are together for 6 years. We found out that she has cancer 3 years ago and since then I have been there for her in all the chemotherapies and all her check-ups with the doctor. My friends and family tell me that there is no point in being with someone who has a life-threatening illness, but they don’t understand that I was with her because I love her and I want to be there for her through difficult times. These days Nataly’s health has been getting worse every day and thats the reason I was in the hospital all the days. I was planing for years to ask her to be my wife but I haven’t do it because of this situation but this last week I realized that i really want to ask her. So I decided to do it, no matter what might happen next. The day came and I ask her to be my wife and she said yes, bit she said that shes not sure how much more time she can continue. That breaks my heart but i decided live my life with her all days like it was our last day. And so it was until the day came when I had to say goodbye to her. I guess I knew that day would come but nevertheless the idea of ​​living without her broke my heart, but I was happy to know that she didn’t have to continue suffering and now she was finally okay. I guess this time I had to experience that there is not always a happy ending.

PW#4 The Passion for Football

The best way to start this discussion would be by finishing an important debate, it is called football, not soccer. There is football fans all around the world, all of them characterized for something different, the Liverpool fans are known because of their passion for their team and the chaos they create on the streets of Liverpool with flares and other kind of stuff. There is also the fans from Boca Juniors, a club from Argentina, known for being the most passionate and once you step into their stadium “La Bomobonera”, one of the stadiums with the best acoustics, it is almost impossible to even hear yourself. The team that is considered to have the best fans or ultras, other name for football fans, is Borussia Dortmund. They have one of the highest attendance in average in Europe and they are able to create an atmosphere impossible to replicate, even when their team is going through tough times they continue to cheer with all their might and power. Football fans are the most loyal to their team and they always cheer with all their might, making football the most famous sport in the world not only because of the game but because of the fans.

Why I came to Canada PW#4

I came here for the experience of being able to live without my parents, my siblings, and everyone that I have known since I was little. I have lived in a city in Sonora, Mexico since I was born, and I barely knew other countries except for the United States.
I came here to meet new friends too, I wanted to know more about the world, what was out of that town I lived in. I realize that we are 8 billion people on the planet. That what I did there won’t matter here, or what I did here probably won’t matter there. I have met amazing people throughout this journey, I am very grateful for every single one of them. I also miss my friends from home, and my family so much. I can’t wait to see them.
But at the same time, I am very sad that this is coming to an end. My family and my friends from home will always be there. Being with all these people at the same time, living together, sleeping together, eating together, basically doing everything together will never happen again. In less than a month all of this will be gone, maybe I will see my closest friends again, but we will be weirdly in the same place living like we do now. All the teachers, the day students, and other friends I’ve met throughout this term I will miss very much. The school, my room, and everything I’ve done here will stay with me forever. But good things always come to an end, I think I achieve everything I wanted, I’ve learned a lot and that especially will stay with me forever.

PW #4

I turned to my phone to check the time, 1 am. Mmm. Seems like I should be sleeping. I turn to my book, the characters just have found their ex boss who they want to kill, I can’t leave it like this, so I keep reading. My eyes are closing, I check the time again, 5 am, I slowly close my eyes and even though I want to keep reading I’m too tire. I wake up, 10 am, the first thing I do is grab my book and keep reading, I must really like this book, I haven’t done this in a while, I would say a year has past since I have like a book so much that it distracted me like this. Yesterday it was friday, I skipped plans because I wanted to read, today it is saturday, I should enjoy the real life. I shower, and get ready to go out with my friends. I quickly check my pending homework. Oh no. I haven’t submitted my final essay, I have to study, there is more homework. “Sasha” I turn around, my friends are calling me “we need to go, or we won’t get in time for the reservation.” I put music on, and turn off my phone, I don’t want to worry about homework on the weekend. I ended up sleeping at 3 am because I was at a sleepover, I still would have sleep late, I know that. It’s sunday now, I should do my essay. But, I’m so tired. I hear voices in my head telling me I won’t succeed in anything, no matter what I do. Maybe they are right, but I don’t want to think like that. The only thing that helps me to turn off the voices is sleeping. So I lay in bed, I close my eyes, I wait. Another day and I haven’t done anything useful. But, I’m too tired to care.

PW #4

Time flies and soon everything as we know it will change, people we were used to will leave, our daily routine will become something we used to do, and soon all this will be just memories. And if you ask me if I’m ready for this, honestly I’m not, I keep thinking about how everything can happen so fast, how in the blink of an eye what stayed by our side is no longer there. We are in the final streak, in the last moments, the last days, everyone says “Enjoy it” “Come back, we miss you” “It’s going to be difficult, but it’s not that bad”, but no, like I said, I’m not ready for the last goodbye, I just want it to last a little longer, I want to open my eyes and be in November again, where everything was perfect. But I guess there’s nothing to do, all that remains is to face the fact that everything will change in a couple of weeks and I don’t know, make unforgettable memories of these days. But I keep wondering, how do you prepare to say goodbye to everything that makes you happy? I feel like I will never be ready for this.

PR on “The Egg”

I think that the story The Egg, by Andy Weir is very creative. The fun part about this story is that we will never know if it’s true, it raises this ‘existencial’ questions of What happens when we die? Where do we go? And we could end up having a very long conversation about what each one believes it will happen, but the truth is, we can create this crazy stories, like The Egg, and never know which one is true.

In the story, it refers to The Egg as the universe, a universe that was created for one person, where every person that lived in that universe is still him, so does it mean that he is his wife AND his children? isn’t that weird? or when he died, his Egg died too? Or was he just being sent to the same Egg but in another timeline? Or are there like billions of versions of himself just living there? and, are there more Eggs for other people?

This is why I don’t really like this stories, they can be interesting and kind of fun, but they can end up driving you to a never-ending pile of questions that you know that they can’t be responded with certainty.

PR “The Egg”

For some, reading this story can be very strong, it could raise many questions and even generate an existential crisis. It is never easy to accept a story that goes outside of your beliefs and defies what you think you know. For me it was not so difficult, I had already read this story before and I had even started to investigate a little about this “theory”. At first, obviously, this all sounded crazy to me, how could each person the man knew be him but in different lives? It seems impossible and very out of everything I believe and although I definitely do not believe in anything that is said in this story, it is very interesting to think about the idea that we could have such a great consciousness and so full of experiences and knowledge, because of all lives lived in different circumstances and opportunities, it seems amazing to think in the idea that a whole universe was created just for us. Thinking that this could be real, makes me feel scared, because it would mean that everything I know, at least as I know it, does not exist, the people around me would be myself, and that would make me feel quite lonely and desperate. If there is a possibility that this story explains the reality of what life and life after death are. I would rather not have read it, I would rather live without knowing the truth.



In Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, Charlotte is showing her opinion on the concept of marriage, specially on the point of view of the women in the society represented in the book.

-Without thinking highly either of men or of matrimony, marriage had always been her object; it was the only honourable provision for well-educated young women of small fortune, and however uncertain of giving happiness, must be their pleasant preservative from want.- (pg. 105)

She understands that marriage can be a risky proposition that may not always bring happiness. However, she thinks it is the most ideal choice for women like her to protect themselves from possible poverty in their future.

Pr ¨The Egg¨ what is the meaning of life

After reading the reading, many questions came to me. I have no idea how I’m going to solve it. I literally went through an existential crisis in which I didn’t know what to believe. all my beliefs were altered. Despite the fact that I did believe in reincarnation, the fact that is told to us is totally unknown to how I had thought. This confused me a lot, I had thought of reincarnation as something that God (the Catholic God) gives us to continue improving ourselves. that is, when you die you recapitulate your life and your biggest mistakes, your values ​​and your sins and you return to the world with everything you learned to try not to make the same mistakes

until there comes a point where you are what I like to call a “Mentor”, let’s say for example Mahadma Ghandi. Humans that we could say border on “perfection” and that come into the world to give it an important message just as all these mentors have done.

Mother Teresa, Ghandi and Mandela who gave a message that changed the world, even a little…

This reading challenged all my beliefs and made me think about things like the relative and popular question of ¨What is the meaning of life?¨, or ¨If we are really alone in the universe¨.

Will there be a superior race that controls us like their pets? Will we be the product of one of his experiments deposited in a simulation so that they study us?

What is there after death? do we really die? Or we are only destined to complete this cycle over and over again until we become perfect beings as the reading says.

I’ve questioned so many things to this point but these weirdest thoughts just won’t let me sleep from now on.

(This is all overreacted dw :)) )

The egg

I found this reading quite interesting since it is a completely different story from the ones we had read before. I liked the way the characters expressed themselves and the story that was told, vrd that is quite original. I really enjoyed this read as it was entertaining and easy to understand. I look forward to reading more texts like these.

PR: The Egg

The story The Egg written by Andy Weir, this story at the end I could say that it left me with many questions, how could a single person be every person at the same time. Personally, being a catholic person, I don’t believe in reincarnation but when it came to reading this story everything kind of made sense.

The Egg is a very misunderstood story because every reader has their own religions and opinions at the end of the day, for example for me it was hard to understand, but for someone who is Hindus just like the story says:

“Ah” you said. “So the Hindus were right” (p. 1)

It would be easier to undersand since they know deeper the religion

The guy behind all this knows everything, I do think he was God but he couldn’t explain perfectly so that the poor guy could understand what was happening, or at least I couldn’t. Leaving aside God, the guy that died was a sweetheart, my heart broke when God told him his wife would be relieved when she knew he died and he reacted like as he knew she would react like that, what keeps me thinking is that if he was everyone than he also was his wife, his son, his other son, his neighbor or his own dad. I can’t finish to understand, but in conclusion it was a very entertaining story that left me something new to learn.

PR – The EGG

Mind Blowing. The only words that came up to me trying to describe this story. At the beginning I was confused because it started with the death of someone, the ‘ending’, but while I continue reading it became so much more than that. It joined end, beginning, and medium.

At first I was sad because I thought about how my best friend lost her father at an early age, how devastating it can be for the family. Then ‘god’ said the wife would feel relieved, which made me feel interested in how people have different reactions to certain deaths.

When the man asked “So all my experiences and everything I did in this life won’t matter.” I felt relieved because that is the way I like to live, like if everything I do won’t matter because I’m just someone else in billions of people. But, god replied that one self has all the knowledge and experiences of all the past lives because everyone is different incarnations of one self (which is confusing). As he continue explaining I wonder the same thing as the man .”What’s the point of it all?”

All this to mature, to become a god. The thought of the whole universe being an egg is one of the best conspiracy theories I have heard of. I really liked this story, it makes me think about the many possibilities there are to life. Although I will ignore the part where you need to learn how everything matters because, even though I know it is true, I don’t want to think that right now, I am not prepared to do so, and I don’t know when I will be. For now I will enjoy my mindset of nothing I do will matter at the end because I’m just one of many. And when I am at my end (if there is even and end) think about how it all mattered.

PR: The Egg

The Egg is a story about what happens after death, or more like a theory. The afterlife is a theory that so many people believe in, but this story made me think about so many things. What will happen when I die? I guess i’ll never know until it actually happens, but for me it has always been a very captivating thought, and something that I could talk for hours, including the universe and all the possibilities, like what if this is all a simulation, I guess we’ll never know.

Something that really got my attention was when God started explaining him about how many lives he has been through and that he was everyone in that earth. It made me trip a little, because imagine that that was our reality.

This was probably my favorite reading so far, because not only did I enjoy reading it, but it actually made me feel emotions, when God was talking about reincarnation and afterlife, it really made me question and start thinking so much about life in itself. I guess we have nothing safe, but death. So that’s a way of looking at life and living it to the fullest, making memories and feeling every feeling.

PR The egg

This story called “The Egg” wrote by Andy Weir, had a very big impact on me because when you finish reading this some of the questions i had were answered. This is not a story exactly maybe it really happened or could happen.

Most of the people have a religion, something they believe on, for example me I believe in God because I’m catholic, so I was identified by the one that died.

Some of the questions that I had were answered like:” Where do we go when we die?, Who is the one that receives us when we die, is it god?, Is there a heaven or a hell?.

Always that I made myself this questions I get anxious, stressed and sad, because the only thing that we have sure in life is death.

This made me feel that I’m not the only one that has those existencial doubts about death. What made me a little bit confuse was that God told him that he is everyone in the world, every person that lived or is going to live and one day he is going to be God when he has lived every life that is going to live, that he needs to mature.

In my religion reincarnation is mentioned but i don’t believe when someone  reincarnates is something real, i think we die and that’s it, that’s why when I finished the reading i was a bit confused.

I was sure that our universe is big but not like a size of an egg.

This answered some of my questions but made new ones…

Personal Response about The Egg

The first thought  i had about  ” The Egg” written by Andy Weir was that maybe the text might be about the life cycle or about an egg, but in the contrary it talks about a men that passed away because of a tragic car accident and he met the god of the sky and he try to explain to the man that passed away that he is the same person in the entire world, at the begging of the reading it was a little bit confuse for me  beacuse it started like a story but then in some parts the narration of the story began to describe the events that happened to the man like if they were mine, for example;

“More or less”, I said.

“Are you God? you asked.

That was the tricky part of the reading because I didn’t know who was talking, but besides that I think the reading is too good because it explains the death and the afterlife and it really made you question yourself about the life and what are we doing with it, I can’t stop thinking about the last paragraph that talks about the meaning of life and about the whole world being an egg, because we really don’t know what happens after we died and what if its true what says in the reading, even tho its fiction.

PR: “The Egg”

Once I finished reading The Egg I was genuinly surprised about how much sense the story made and how it could turn out to be another possibility to what really is life. Once that initial shock wore off I started thinking about the details, like nobody is born evil, they become through choice and circumstance. A part of the story that I really liked was how the father that died, immediatly after knowing where he was, his first concern where his kids and wife. When God said “You have within you all the knowledge and experiences of all your past lives. You just don’t remember them right now.” I thought about the meaning of this dialogue a lot, what if what we call our instincts are simply our past experiences trying to connect with us but not being able to and just helping us with what looks like a simple decision that in the end could have a really good or bad ending. At the end of the story God said something else that captured my attention, “Every time you victimized someone, you were victimizing yourself. Every act of kindness you’ve done, you’ve done to yourself”, this applies to real life because everything that we do comes back to us.

PR: The Egg

This story made me feel all kinds of emotions. At first, it references the fear of death that most people have, it made me think that if that is the way they receive you when you pass away. My whole life I have been a Christian and I never imagine that they receive you like that when you die. At first, I thought the man was a bad person and that is why he wasn’t sent to heaven with all the angels and clouds as when you die. But it ended up being a completely different story.

This story made me reflect a lot. What would happen if I die? Of course, I have my beliefs but that doubt is always there, maybe heaven is an interpretation and it depends if you live a good life, the reincarnation will be better. Or if it’s just clouds and angels and pure happiness.

I didn’t expect the ending. Imagine being everyone every time. I truly believe that’s not true, but I keep thinking what if it is? What if my friends aren’t real or if this world is made just for me? We never really know. It made me think for a while but in the end, it’s not worth worrying about that stuff. There is always someone superior to us that is planning our path no matter what religion we believe, I’ll just leave the worrying part to them.


It Ens With Us, a novel by “Colleen Hoover” this quotation is when Lily of the past was spending time with Atlas, they were actually making cookies, Atlas was very good at cooking, lily was very impressed. This moment for both Lily and Atlas was very important, this marked their relationship to another thing.

He smiled and shook his head, then held out a fist, i lifted my hand and he dropped something hard in the palm of my hand. It was a small, flat outline of a heart, about two inches long, carved out of wood

I rubbed my thumb over it, trying not to smile too big, It wasn’t an anatomically correct heart, but it also didn’t look like the hand -drwan hearts. It was uneven and hollow up at him

This quote was very special for me, because it was a special moment that they shared although the harsh moments they’ve been through, I admire although they had their difficult times they get through it, this makes me anxious and the same time sad.


In It Ends with Us, by Colleen Hoover, in this case Ryle is asking Lily if she’s bothered that he works too much and Lily answers with this warm response:

No. I worry about you sometimes because I don’t want you to burn yourself out. But I don´t mind that I have to share you with your passion. I actually really like how ambitious you are. It’s kind of sexy. It might even be my favorite thing about you. (p.173)

I love the way this two don’t really care about other stuff they have in life, they just focus on themselves and their relationship, something other couples should try out. I feel lik they have a very stable relationship because they just look in the good things, they fall more in love each day that passes, they have their ups and downs just because of work but it’s not their entire problem, they know how to manage it their own way and not let anyone get in their way. In conclusion Lily accepted that one of the things that made her love him more, was him wearing scrubs to work.

The Man Who Planted Trees- Fiction

What does the story mean to you? Is it less or more? Knowing the fact that it is fiction? Why?

“The Man Who Planted Trees” turned out to be a fiction story, and being completely honest I couldn’t be more disappointed, the story was too strong for it to be a fiction story. The meanings the story leaves you throughout the story are very hard, and they are harder once you realize you can’t base your life in it or at least compare it. It was too good to be real, people trying to do good to Earth and supporting their communities.

Elzéard Bouffier a invented character, who could make a big change by accomplishing actions such as planting trees, those type of actions that helped in the war. I think this character was an uncomprehended one since he went through so much things and he covered them with planting trees just like he didn’t just loose both his wife and son. In conclusion, for more that I would like to go back to when I didn’t know it was fiction, it sounds a lot more real knowing it’s fake.



In All the Bright Places, by Jennifer Niven, Finch is in his room, it is day 15 of staying awake, Violet has made it easier for him. He got home and like usual he started thinking about ways someone can kill himself. He thought about hanging himself and it reminded him about how he got the nickname of “Theodore Freak”, when he told his then good friend Gabe if  he ever wondered what could happen if he jump in front of a train or bus, if that would be enough to make everything stop, Finch then asked him if he would do it with him, and Gabe went and told his parents.

It’s growing out of a label that’s hard.

Which is why it pays to pretend you’re just like everyone else, even if you’ve always known you’re different. It’s your own fault, I told myself then-my fault I can’t be normal, my fault I can’t be like Roamer or Ryan or Charlie or the others. It’s your own fault, I tell myself now. (pp.141-142)

Since then Finch has days where he pretends to be normal, because it is easier than having to explain yourself to others when you know they would not understand. It is difficult to find people similar to you, where you can truly be yourself, which is why I like the that Violet and Finch found each other, because they distract themselves with the presence of one another.


After spending all the night together in Harper’s house, because of the fourth of July, she and Declan went to see the fireworks in the Carson Water Tower, where they had a moment, finally, after all that time and distance between them, they were alone, and Harper was telling him all about how she felt about her mother cancer situation.

“Hey, shh… it’s okay, Harp. You and me, we can get through this. I promise.”  Declan said

I’ts always been him and me, And I can’t deny how good it feels to have him here now. Only Declan undertands this feeling of being tied to the rails, helpless against the train bareling toward you. Nothing I do will make any difference. I can’t change the outcome of my mom’s cancer any more than I can bring Natalie back form the dead.

“It’s going to be okay”, he says again

Hearing it in his voice brings so much closer to believing it.

I think that this moment for Harper was very important, after all, that she had to go through, she was able to be calm for a few seconds in the company of one of the most important people for her, Declan. And it also served as a bonding moment in their relationship, they showed that despite everything and everyone, they are still there for each other.


The love of hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood. In this fragment of the book, we were able to learn a little more about the personal life of the main character and how much talking about the subject affects her.

“Why pancreatic cancer?”

“It’s one of the most lethal, and we know so little abour how-»

No, Tom interrupted. “Most third-year Ph.D. students are too busy infighting over the centrifuge to come up with their

vated. Did someone close to you have cancer?”

on line of research. There must be a reason you’re so moti.

Olive swallowed before reluctantly answering, “Yes.”


“Tom,” Adam said, a trace of warning in his voice. His knee was still against her thigh. Still warm. And yet, Olive felt her wad turn cold. She really, really didn’t want to say it. And yet she couldn’t ignore the question. She needed Tom’s help.

“My mother.” (P.90)

This fragment allowed us to learn more about Olive’s personal life and we can see how talking about her mother affects her a lot. It seemed to me an important fragment since it is a relevant fact in the life of the main character that can be dealt with in the plot later.


PR on The Man Who Planted Trees-Fiction

Does the story mean more to you, or less to you, knowing that it is fiction? Why?

From the beginning of the reading, I realized that the story was fiction, but I don’t think it really changed the meaning of the reading to me. Elzéard Bouffier is a fictional character created by Jean Giono, the author of the story. By creating this character, Jean Giono really made us feel like the story was real, transporting us into a place to bring back a little bit of faith in humanity, but, when realizing that the story is fictional, it takes out a lot of ‘weight’ in the good actions during the story, because that means that they never actually happened.

Overall, I don’t think that realizing that the story is fictional takes out the purpose that the story is trying to portray. So again, yes, Elzéard Bouffier is a fictional character but the actor made him that way so the readers of the story can feel inspired and motivated by the different qualities that you can find in him, even if they know that he doesn’t really exist in real life.