Personal Writing

Every other week you will be asked to publish a piece of personal writing on this blog.

This is an opportunity for you to write on a topic and in a form that you choose. It could be a short story, a poem, a scene of a play, a personal memory, something that happened recently—anything at all.

Your Personal Writing pieces should be around 200-300 words, as a general rule, but a poem, for example, might be much shorter than that. If you are writing a short story or a play, you can publish it in installments instead of publishing the whole thing at once.

The category for your Personal Writing posts should be “Personal Writing.”

Please note: “personal” writing is not the same as private writing. If you don’t want me and your classmates to read it, then don’t publish it.

I will share with you on ManageBac (under “Files”) a document of suggested topics, which might be helpful if you have trouble thinking of something to write about. These topics are suggestions only: you are completely free to choose any topic you like.