So long, Charlie!

Charlie McBride

Charlie McBride is leaving SSIS to teach in Nanjing. Charlie’s energy and vision are responsible for the SSIS Garden Project. A true leader, he got out in front, inspired others by his example, and called on them to follow. Everyone at SSIS, and especially those of us involved in the Garden, will miss him terribly. Nanjing, you don’t know how lucky you are!

2 thoughts on “So long, Charlie!”

  1. I will not forget SSIS either. In fact I will come back in early autumn to see how the garden is growing. I hope all the gardeners are resting over the summer and thinking about what they will plant this summer. I should tell everyone that even in the United States, I spend much time taking care of yards and working outside on landscaping projects.

    My Dream: That ten members of the gardening club pick up some seeds from their home country (or from China) and come to Mr. MacKnight in August and say ” Mr. MacKnight, I want to plant these seeds, take care of the plants and harvest in November.” Out of these ten students, seven actually prepare a bed, plant their seeds and harvest their crops. This is my dream.

    Mr. McBride

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