Some essential questions . . .

. . . for our secondary school:

  • Is our MYP curriculum rigorous enough? Does it prepare students to succeed in the Diploma Programme?
  • How are we dealing with the ‘Areas of Interaction’? Is our approach effective? Can it be improved?
  • ‘Approaches to Learning’: are we teaching students how to learn? Are we helping them to cultivate habits that will lead to success in school?
  • What are we doing to encourage students to become ‘lifelong learners’? Is that phrase just empty rhetoric? If not, what do we do, as a school, to encourage ‘lifelong learning’?
  • Where and how do we as a faculty engage in professional discourse? Could we benefit from more professional discourse? If so, how can we promote professional discourse both within the school and with our peers in other schools?
  • What is technology good for in a school? Are we getting maximum benefit from the technology we use? If not, how can we do better?

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