How to lose weight

At least, here’s how I lost 25 lbs:

  1. I quit drinking coffee. Then I got the flu, aching from head to toe for two weeks until I realized I didn’t have the flu: I was going through coffee withdrawal. Half a week later I was cured.
  2. I changed my diet. At the time (mid-July) it was extremely hot, which made it a bit easier. I ate rice and vegetables. Soy sauce. Fruit for dessert. Once in a while, a small bit of lean meat or fish. I drank water. No sugar, no dairy products, no processed foods.
  3. After 3 months or so I had lost 10-15 lbs. I then began exercising a little: push-ups and a bit of stretching.
  4. After about 9 months I had lost 25 lbs. and was down to my normal weight from 15 years ago. Without all the extra weight, exercising became possible, even pleasurable. I started to feel physically fit for the first time in years.

My conclusions: After a certain age, the metabolism slows down so much that it’s impossible to exercise your way out of obesity. The only solution is to put less food into your mouth, and better food. I had a craving for coffee, and I had a craving for cheese. I didn’t think I could live without either of them; I didn’t think I wanted to live without either of them. I was wrong. My new rule of thumb: if I have a craving for a certain food, it’s not good for me.

It’s been almost a year now since I quit coffee and changed my diet. I’m exercising every day and feel great. I don’t miss the coffee or the cheese.

Pretty simple, eh?

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