About ready to go 'live'

The Good Habits, Good Students site is still not ready, but that will take a while, so I think I will go ahead and start using this new site.

If you’re here for the first time and you use an RSS reader, please subscribe, as I expect my updates to be rather infrequent—one or two per month. The RSS link is in the sidebar, near the bottom.


Welcome to the new site

I have maintained a .Mac web site for several years now, but decided recently to divide my projects among several sites to make things easier for readers. I was also inspired by Jon Udell to re-imagine my homepage as a blog.

Laughing Squid is hosting, WordPress is responsible for the blog software, and I’m learning how to manage it all. I expect to update every couple of weeks or so, and encourage you to subscribe via RSS so you don’t have to remember to check the site regularly. (If you haven’t started using RSS yet, I highly recommend it.)

If you have a question or comment, drop me an email!