School reform: you want ideas? we got ideas

In September Tom Whitby proposed that educational bloggers counterbalance the negative press in the U.S. about schools and school reform by agreeing to post their positive suggestions for improving education. All the posts were to be published on Sunday, October 17, with links added to a Wallwisher page that Tom created. Below are almost all of those links—I omitted one from a company touting their goods—over 100 in all. If I missed a link or made some other error, please let me know so that I can make the correction. —Eric

13 thoughts on “School reform: you want ideas? we got ideas”

      1. Thanks. The Wallwisher was a great idea for the actual day. It was motivating to see each blog get posted. Your list will be a great help to read each blog in a an organized manner. Thanks for your time in this project. Much appreciated!

  1. Cool list of blogs. I got the idea for mine. Once I have developed one of my blogs, will submit to the list.

    Thanks for sharing great info

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