Breathing is more important than reading

Besides breathing, there are some other things more important than reading—but not too many. Sadly, most students don’t read enough to do as well as they should. Many years ago I realized that in school, students do whatever they do to earn grades, and if I wanted my students to read, I would have to give them grades for reading.

I describe the system I worked out in my 2003 article An Independent Reading Program That Works!.

Teachers who would like to give this a try may also want to download copies of my introductory handouts and book-rating sheet, which can be found in the Public Folder where I keep many of my handouts and podcasts for students (and colleagues).

2 thoughts on “Breathing is more important than reading”

  1. Hey Mr MacKnight…

    Your site is very professional. With lots of things about English and teaching…hehe! You must spend a lot of time on it…

    I think there are lots of other things that are more important than reading…hehe…but reading is important to gain knowledge!

  2. Ooh… amy’s here as well! 😀

    This is interesting… I wonder to you Mr MacKnight, what else is more important than reading, other than breathing?

    To me… hmm… let me think…. what about getting married?

    Haha.. joking :p I know reading is important, but it still depends… to some artists, seeing art is more important to them . . . I guess.

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