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When you bookmark a web page, you save its location for yourself. When you ‘social bookmark’ a web page, you save its location for yourself and, if you wish, everyone else. Social bookmarks are saved on sites like Digg, Technorati,, and Rojo. People who view such sites can then check the pages you’ve bookmarked, and you can see the ones they’ve bookmarked. Result? The best—or goofiest—pages on the internet are seen by more people.

The other advantage, of course, is that your bookmarks are stored on the web, not on a computer, so if you are at work or at school or traveling you can find your bookmarks on any computer with internet access.

At the bottom of every post on this blog—after you are logged in—you’ll see a link, ‘Social bookmark this post’. If you use a social bookmarking site, just click the link. You’ll be taken to the Socializer site, where you can find a link to the bookmarking site or sites you subscribe to and add the link.

If you aren’t social bookmarking yet, you’ll find a long list of possibilities, each with its own flavour. Some emphasize technology topics, for example. Try out one or two and see what you think. My own favourite is

And thanks for your clicks!

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