Robert Frank, “The Americans”

Bar, Gallup, New Mexico
Bar, Gallup, New Mexico
With brilliant insight and economy, Frank revealed a country that many knew existed but few had acknowledged. He showed a culture deeply riddled by racism, alienation, and isolation, one with little civility and much violence. He depicted a society numbed by a seemingly endless array of consumer goods that promised many choices but offered no real satisfaction, and he revealed a people emasculated by politicians who were fatuous and distant at best, messianic at worst.
—Introduction to Looking In: Robert Frank’s “The Americans”
by Susan Greenough, Senior Curator of Photographs
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

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  1. Robert Frank taught many of us how to see. One of his disciples is photographer Bill Dane. Bill has a 50 year collection coming out soon by KOPA press. He has been fascinated for a long time by the endless ways to communicate through photography. See Bill’s instagram account or on the internet.

    Bill Dane’s photographs of found images (ephemera, long-gone advertisements, store window displays) explore mostly American cultural subtext and narratives hidden in plain sight.

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