Let's Abolish High School

Apart from the fact that this idea would leave me unemployed, I am inclined to agree.

Robert Epstein, writing in Education Week, makes the case that compulsory education for teenagers is a bad idea. Before you dismiss this as the ravings of some burned-out Sixties radical, have a look. High school is not about to be abolished, so it’s safe. And it’s always healthy, I think, to re-examine our basic assumptions. If they are sound, they will bear up under scrutiny. If not . . . .

Thanks to Will Richardson for pointing to the Epstein article.

One thought on “Let's Abolish High School”

  1. Just for the record – and in spite the catchy title – my article doesn’t really call for the abolishment of high school. Rather, I say that we need to give young people incentives and opportunities to join the adult world. For many, this will mean quickly testing out of high school and pursuing work interests. High school is a waste of time for many or most young people, which is one reason the dropout rate is so high. For more info, see my new book, The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen.

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