3 thoughts on “Bricks & Potting Shed”

  1. Eric, I like those bricks around the gravel. They look good as does the potting shed. It’s a joy to see the garden keep growing.


  2. Thanks, Charlie! It’s great to hear from you and know you’re cheering us on. Yesterday Mr. Yu went to the old school and brought back more bricks, so we’ll see how far they go. I biked in this morning and worked for about an hour before it got too hot and I had to quit. You’ll also be glad to know that one new teacher and one spouse have expressed an interest in joining the CCA, and several spades and forks are reportedly on the way. Looking good!

  3. Eric, Greetings from Nanjing. I was wondering when you are going to update your garden project newsletter. I am a faithful member of this project and I want to follow your development.

    Hope the new year is going well….and that you are taking time out of your busy life to smell the yellow flowers of the guihua shu..
    (the cassia tree).


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