Great resource: Word of the Day

Students in Grades 8-12 and even university students can benefit from the “Word of the Day” feature at A good vocabulary programme features words not often encountered in casual reading, but which occur often enough in academic reading to be useful for students. has hit this spot perfectly. In the week beginning June 28, for example, their words were venal, timorous, aficionado, plaudit, depredation, complaisant, and emblazon.

Definitions are followed by quotations from published writing and an explanation of the word’s origins.

To visit the Word of the Day web site, go here: To have the Word of the Day delivered to your email inbox daily, go here: To subscribe via RSS, copy and paste this link into your RSS reader:

Students, here’s a painless way to learn a new word every day! Even if you do no more than read each day’s entry, you will benefit. Teachers looking for an easy way to incorporate regular vocabulary work into their classes should take a look at this great resource, too.

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