Edublogs Challenge: great school blogs

The other day my English 9A class blog was named by Mrs. Burton and her class as one of their favourite ten school blogs, and now it’s my turn to pass on the accolades as part of the Edublogs challenge. So here’s my list of 10 great school blogs, in absolutely no order whatsoever:


YHS Junior Community Book Discussion Wiki

2.  Larry Ferlazzo’s TOK class blog

A great resource!

3.  TOKTalk

Oliver Kim’s TOK site, with lots of audio material.


Greg Clinton’s Gr. 10 English class blog.

5.  Secrets of Teaching Writing Revealed

Linda Aragoni’s great writing site


Grace White’s Grade 6 ning.


Jabiz Raisdana’s blog with links to his students’ work.


Doug Noon’s Grade 6 class blog in Alaska.


Susan B. Anthony Middle School’s service learning site.


Miss T’s Talented Texans (Grade 4)

I urge you to check them all out.

3 thoughts on “Edublogs Challenge: great school blogs”

    1. Ah! I was a bit confused about this, but now it’s clear. In the end, if more people hear about good school blogs, it’s all for the better, so no harm, no foul, eh? Thanks for taking the time to clear that up for me.

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