Last Saturday, I went to Vancouver, I could say it was my first time, walking, knowing all around the city, I bought some things, I think I made an inecessary waste of money, but anyways, I don´t regret about it, that day I woke up at 5 to get ready and leave the school at 6:30 and be on time to the ferry station to take the second ferry of the day, we spent the whole day there, was such a tiring trip, but i think it really worth, it, cause it´s part of the experience of being in Canada, I wish I could have stayed there more time, cause I liked the city, it´s what I´m used to, since Vancouver reminded me to my home, that is Mexico City, both are big cities and they have similar things.

I highly dislike The Beatles

If someone would ever get to ask me if I hate or if any music band would annoy me or I would delete from history probably I would select The Beatles, a lot of people don’t understand or don’t get why do I get to hate a band such successful or great that always talks about happiness and peace and things that generally goes around “happiness” and “good vibes” when from my side, it is that it gives me a “too good to be always like that” feel, that instead of making me feel great makes me feel with an enormous want of puking colour orange in a radioactive level (even if this is not possible) as most of the members of the band are some people that I identify as not very good people to hang around as also they were highly toxic with the ones that were around them (especially John Lennon).

My weekend

This weekend we went on a Day trip to Vancouver with some friends, and we got up very early because we were going to take the ferry at 8 in the morning, so we all got up at approximately 5:30 am since our taxi passed for us at 6:30 am, because the way to the terminal is very long so it takes time to get to the station so that’s why we left very early.
We arrived at around 9:40 in Vancouver and went to a restaurant to have breakfast and it was really good, then  we were walking on Robson street and we were buying clothes in the stores and it was nice because I got some nice clothes. After that I went to see some friends from Mexico who study in Vancouver and I had a very good time time with them.  At the end we got back on the ferry at 9 pm and arrived at Brookes at 11 pm at night to sleep.

Personal Writing, a Good New Habit


I still remember my first personal writing, and how strange was to make it. When I was in Mexico all my writings were very specific; most of the time they were essays, and rarely I had the freedom to write a short opinion. It is not a surprise that at the beginning was very difficult to make a personal writing, but with time it started to be easier and more enjoyable. Now I really enjoy the personal writings, it is like a great freedom feeling, and they are excellent to reorganize my mind. In multiple occasions I have written about concerns or thoughts in my head, that kind of thoughts that do not let me sleep, and after writing about them, they disappear of my mind. In conclusion I am very happy for start to make personal writings, they have helped me to think and concentrate. I hope that they will become a habit, and that I will keep writing them in Mexico, because they are one of the most helpful things that I started to do in Canada.

My weekend

On Friday I went to a jumping park with my friends. I was so excited because it was my first time in one of those, but at the end I enjoyed it. On Saturday I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but Fernanda came to my room and she invited me to downtown. At first, we didn’t have a plan, so while we walked downtown we were deciding what to do. First, we went to dinner in nubo, and then we went to throw axes. When we arrive at the axes place I was so scared because it was a new thing for me and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be good at throwing, but it turns out that I´m good at doing it. I enjoy my Saturday too. Finally, on Saturday I decide not to go out, I only walk to London drugs to buy something that I need and then I walk to thrifty foods to buy some strawberries and cheese. In conclusion that was my weekend, I have a really good time and the most important thing was I tried new things.

Why I Love Cancun

I have a big love for Cancun, not only because I was born there. Because of how beautiful it is and for the good time you spend there. To begin with, the beaches in Cancun are one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Especially for the incredible views, you have of the sea. The sea has a mixture of blue colors, for example, turquoise blue. The weather is something that I love too. It has a very hot climate, but I love that so I really enjoy the weather. Other things that Cancun has are clubs and beach clubs. There you can meet more people, make new friends and have a good time.

Reasons why I like fat dogs

I love fat dogs, since I was little. I have had a great fascination for dogs, but the dogs that most attract my attention are fat dogs. My fascination with fat dogs arose at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother is a dog woman, she has 5 fat chihuahua dogs. Being honest, I don’t like chihuahua dogs, but if the dog is fat I’ll love it. The only bad thing about this love for fat dogs is that dogs can get sick if they are obese and that is really sad. In conclusion I love fat dogs.

three more weeks of a lifetime opportunity

My stay in Canada is about to finish. I’ve concluded this school year with lots of experiences, memories and learnings. It’s impressive to make a mental feedback, and think about all the stuff I’ve gone through meanwhile living in Canada. When I first arrived here, I wasn’t sure what sort of path was waiting for me crossing the Brookes Westshore gate. To be honest, the first two months were tough. I was taken away from my accustomed Mexican lifestyle. Taken away from my family, friends and girlfriend. For instance, my feelings were broken, and only thought about homeland. Until I switch the situation and began living the experience. Enjoying stuff I eventually could not do in Mexico. Like, play soccer in a a school league, go hiking into the woods, go snow skiing, go with my friends alone to Vancouver, improve my English by speaking to natives, etc. To be concrete, I took advantage of the nature beautys Canada has to offer. I definitely feel proud of my self about concluding the school year. Besides only taking academic learning, I’m also taking life learning. Sort as living alone, and the cultural mixture. But most importantly the domination and fluency of a second language sort as English.


In three weeks I’m going to Mexico, it’s my graduation. school in mexico and i’m also going to go and invite sergio to my other graduation so i’m going to see him a week after i leave canada. I am very sad because I do not want to leave here, I am having an incredible time and I feel that I do not take advantage of it enough, I feel that I need more time here to process that this experience of coming to study is over. I remember my first day here vomo its was yesterday and I feel like it was a very short time but the truth is that it was a year. This year I met too many people that I want to have in my life forever and that I never imagined the friendships that I would have here, that is the most beautiful thing about coming to study, the people you meet, the places you know, the language you you learn and the differences of cultures that exist.


This weekend I had a lot of fun. But the main reason why I am writing this “Personal Writing”, is because I want to talk about what my first experience in Canada was like playing paintball. So on Sunday I woke up, to have breakfast and regain strength, which I would need later. I went to my bedroom, changed my clothes and brushed my teeth. To then be ready to take the bus and move to the Paint-ball area. When we got there, my friends and I got really excited, just being there and having fun. While there they explained the rules to us, they gave us the weapons (compressed air gun, bullets, mask and vest). To then be able to enter the battlefield. The teams were divided into two, blue and yellow. I was part of the yellow. Pretty happy to be able to be with my friends. At the end of the first game the yellows had won and that put me in a good mood. And so it went for another three games. Since the school had bought a lot of bullets, he gave us money for more games. At the end of the day, honestly I ended up full of bruises but I felt that every second was worth it as I had so much fun.

Vancouver trip

So, this weekend I made a day trip to Vancouver. In the beginning, I thought it was going to be hard to get my parent’s permission and the school’s permission, but my parents said it was fine if I did it with friends so I asked two friends from the dorms and they said it was fine and Miss Thia was so helpful talking with Miss Bayes so we could get authorization from the school, she said yes. On Saturday morning I woke up at 5 in the morning so I could take a shower and get ready with no pressure. We left in a taxi at 6:30, we went on the 9:00 am ferry, we arrived at 10:30 so we went downtown and had breakfast, I meet a friend from Mexico and we separate from my other friends she showed me a pretty park, we sat there and talk. Then another friend from grade 12 from Brookes who was staying in Vancouver for a week, came. My friend from Mexico left and I stayed all day with my other friend, we went to the aquarium and Stanley park, then he showed me one of his favorite activities to do in Vancouver, after a long day it was time to go on the 9 pm ferry, so I said goodbye to my friend and we left, everyone was really tired, we arrived at school at 11 pm so we all went to sleep.


personal writing may 11

I have a dog called Kokoro and he is 11 years old and he is one-eyed, and he lost his eye on vacation, when my dad took him out for a walk at night, and out of nowhere a big dog without a leash came up and started attacking my dog ​​and bit his eye and ripped it out, but my dad didn’t realize that he had ripped his eye out because it was all dark, until he got home and turned on the light and saw that his eye was hanging . So my dad called my mom to see my dog ​​and the two quickly went to look for vets but no one answered because it was already an hour too late, in the end a friend of my mom got a vet but because they took in getting a doctor they could no longer make my dog ​​recover his sight in that eye, so from that day on he remained blind.

What´s next?

I can´t believe this is almost finishing this adventure that started 1 year ago, the adventure of living in Canada, I remember a was so nervous but excited at the same time of living a new experience for me, something completely new and different from what I had lived my whole live, I could say this year is gonna be one of the years, I´m gonna remember the most for all the experiences that Canada has given me, Canada has always been a dream for me, and that dream came true, sometimes a cannot realize I´m living alone, so far away for my country, but it´s something that has made me grown and mature mentally and as a person, but now, what´s next? Well when I just came in September I didn´t think about staying in Canada after Brookes, my plan always was to go back home, but now my mind has changed, should I go back home, or should I stay here? that´s a good question I´m wondering in this moment, I love Mexico, it´s my home, my country, I got a lot of reasons to go back home like my family and friends, and just for being Mexico, but as I said Canada is a dream for many people, and shouldn´t go wrong to get the opportunity to be here and get opportunities that maybe my country cannot give me.


I am starting to feel tired of doing this writing assessment because I usually have something to write about which at the moment I won’t find the words or find a way to express myself, but from what I am sure about is that I am also tired of how there is a lot of people which aren’t empathic with other people or even try to show some respect to them as also lying to them in their faces, which probably can be addressed as being a hypocrite, a non-honorable and a non-trustful person.

But in the end, I also cannot comprehend how are there some people that can feel proud of telling people what someone trusted you, without respecting their privacy, and I am tired of it.

Exploring the rainy city from the USA (Seattle)

My trip to  Seattle first began in the Victoria Harbour Bay. From there I took the Victoria Clipper ferry, a well known and classic connection method between the island of Vancouver and Washington State. The ferry trip lasted no more than three hours, and it ended up arriving at the ferry port in Seattle bay. When I finally entered the USA after passing immigration check, I walked out to the street and raised my thumb asking for a taxi cab. The ferry building is located in a very transited street, so lots of taxi cabs were going through. When I finally reached my hotel, I left all my stuff in the bedroom I was given. I went for a night walk under Seattle sky. I walked through the stadiums zone and entered a little bit to the downtown area. Since everything was closed I went on my way back to the hotel. In there I asked for some Uber eats food from McDonald’s.

On my second day, I explored the city downtown. I went to iconic spots like the Public  Market or the First world Strabucks Coffee. But honestly what I liked the most was walking through downtown Seattle, and being able to explore the city freely. If I was asked, I would say Seattle is a combination between San Francisco and Chicago. The streets shapes are steep like in SF, surrounded by tall corporative buildings like the ones in the Windy City. In the afternoon, I went to probably the most iconic building in the city. The space needle a tall observation building located outside downtown.

On my third day, I went for some more exploration. The real purpose was going to a soccer match. The match took place in the Lumen Field, between my Mexican soccer team Pumas and the Seattle Sounders. Even though, Pumas got defeated, it was a great experience. To finish with, the day I came back I arrived once again to Victoria Harbour Bay. Making it a perfect rounded trip.

Time to think about universities

The time goes very fast, even more in a pandemic. It is weird to see that I do not have as much time as I though, I still remember when I entered to high school and everyone was doing comments like; “you have many years to choose a career and university” or “do not worry about that, you are too young” and right now many people tell me things like; “you still have a year to choose” or “a year is more than enough time”. if I needed sixteen years to choose a career, how am I going to choose a university in a year? I do not know what I am going to do, because I need to analyze many things. I already thought in a few universities and it is not an easy decision, specially because all of them are far from my home city. There is only one university where I can go by car, in the rest of them I would need to take a flight if a I want to see my family. Sadly, I do not only need to thing about distance, I need to think about the level of the university too, thing that is not easy, because higher the level of education, higher the amount of people that will apply and lower the probabilities of being accepted. In these moments that my mind is completely busy thinking in the university stuff, I try to relax my self and think that I still have time, because I do, but time goes fast and soon I won’t have anymore time. In conclusion; maybe is time to think about universities.

How I Met Dina

Dina and I first met at the airport before we left for Canada. My first impression of Dina was that she was a bit weird and that she was part of the LGTBQ+ community. At first, I had no interest in meeting her because she looked a bit weird. Until she asked me to go to the subway with her so I went. There we began to talk about our ex-boyfriends and  I realized that she is very cool, we have a lot of things in common, and that we could be good friends. Since that day we have been inseparable and she has become not only one of my best friends and more like a sister. I learned to never judge a book by its cover and be more open to meeting new people because you never know that weird crazy girl you meet at the airport can be your next best friend.

My dreams

Everybody sleeps, but not everybody can remember their dreams. Sometimes I do, so I’m going to write what I dreamed of last night. Everything started in my house in Mexico, I was back from Canada, with my friends and we were getting ready to go out. Then we were at Pizza hut and we ate some pizza with Obama and he told us some funny jokes, finally we went back to my house and I woke up.

I love onion

The onion is my favorite vegetable. Many people hate it but I love it, the onion is a vegetable that adds flavor to any meal. There are many types of onion, for example white, purple, red and cambray onions. My favorite type of onion is cambray. I like onions so much that I can add them to any meal, and I can even eat them on their own. The only bad thing about onions is that they have a strong flavor that stays in your mouth all day, and the only way to remove it, is brushing your teeth very well. The onion is a very good vegetable since it gives you vitamins such as A, B6, C and E. It also provides minerals such as sodium, potassium, iron and dietary fiber. They are also a good source of folic acid. Without a doubt, onion is a vegetable that, in addition of being delicious, is good for your health.


Yesterday I went paddleboarding. We were very lucky because the day was very beautiful. The sun was nice, accompanied by a fairly hot breeze. When we arrived at the lake, our instructor was waiting for us with the paddles ready to enter the water. When I got on the paddle, I could feel the water, and instantly I realized that if I fell I was going to die of cold. We went all the way around the lake until we reached the other end, and then we turned around and went back. When I arrived I realized that all my pants were wet, of course I went to the bathroom to change so as not to die of cold.

We took the paddles to the beach to dry, we took off our vests and we went to the bus to go back to school. I really liked it a lot, it’s an experience that I can’t enjoy in Mexico. Looking forward to the next class.

My after school activity

Today I’m going to talk about my after-school activity. This Monday I have paddleboard and I like that activity because I’m in the water, with nature and for me, that is a very relaxing thing. It was very windy, so for me, it’s harder because you need to row more hard to keep moving forward. One thing that I don’t like about paddle it’s that you need to row on one side and then on the other to go straight, instead of just row to one side and go straight.

Another reason why I like that activity is that we can play music while we are on the boards. So, in the end, we can enjoy being in the water with the wind, rowing, and listening to music and nature. That is something very relaxing.

The mega city of Latin America

One of the biggest Mega cities in the continent and in the world is Mexico City. Located in the central zone of Mexico, what’s known to be the valley of Mexico. The city itself is gigantic having a population of over 11 million people. When combined with the metropolitan area from the state of Mexico the city gains a total population of 22 million people living on the urban development. The city has more than 600 years of antiquity. Being founded by the Mexicas with the name of Tenochtitlan in 1325, and being re founded by the Spanish conquers in 1521 with the actual name of Mexico City. The city is enormus, having to be divided into delegations. Every delegation has a delegate which is the main representative of that specific land of the city. Mexico City besides being the capital is at the same time the biggest, more populated, and more important city across the Mexican territory. Mexico City has the title of being the second city with more museums around the world, just behind Paris, France. To finish with Mexico City is world wide recognized for having one of the best and most extent gastronomic culture. Having the best gastronomy in all Mexico and also having the most extent International gastronomy inside Mexico.

The best sunset I’ve ever seen in my life

During my spring break vacations, I went to see my brother in Switzerland where He was studying for a semester for his Industrial Engineering career in the city of Geneva, I stayed with him in his apartment for three days and I went to several places in the country, but one of the ones that I liked the most was the city of Montreux, where I walked all over the city for the day, and I would say that is one of the best experiences of my life because I saw the best sunset I’ve ever seen in my life, where the sky had a foggy look with some kind of cotton candy pastel palette colors, with the Chateau de Chillon at aside and the water perfectly reflecting the sky because of how clear it was, making the Lake Geneva look like a part of the sky, and I feel that it something I would never be able to erase of my mind.

Personal writing

My spring break started on March 15th, I left school at 4 am but before that my friends woke up at that time to say goodbye before I left to Mexico.
I arrived at the Vancouver airport at 6 am and my flight to Cancun left at 9 am, so I arrived to Mexico early at 5pm. I enjoyed my  vacations a lot because I went to Tabasco to see my friends who I hadn’t seen in a couple of months, and the rest of the vacations I spent with my family in Playa del Carmen enjoying the sea and the sun. I also saw my kitten and dog who already missed them a lot. And finally my vacation ended on April 13 when I returned to Canada.
The good thing about when I returned to Canada was that there was a long weekend so my vacation lasted 4 more days, arriving here again I realize that in just in a few months we have to leave in this country and that all these months went by really fast, but I took Lots of new things and good memories.

My Day

Today I woke up at 8 in the morning. I washed my face, and my teeth put on my uniform, and went down to the dining hall for breakfast. Then I went upstairs, combed my hair, brushed my teeth again, painted my face, and went to my first class which was Geography. My second class was math, where we learned a new subject. Then it was lunch, then Career ed, and at the end, we had PE on the roof of the 6th floor. Leaving school I played a game on the iPad with Fernanda and Dina while we listened to music and ate popcorn. Time passed quickly and it was time for dinner. All my friends and I went down to dinner. After I went upstairs, I took a shower, washed my face and teeth, and went to sleep.

Time Goes Fast


I still remember when I was little, everyone used to tell me that I was young, and that my only responsibility was to enjoy. When I entered school, I had a new responsibility; study. My mother has always been a little demanding, specially with me, so for her the good grades were something very important. In my attempts to please her I used to study a lot, I was kind of obsess with it, and she was okey with it, so I was too. My father always used to tell my that I needed to enjoy more, that I shouldn´t be very worried about school, because I was little, and that elementary school was to learn and get fun.

When you are in elementary school the high school looks very interesting. In a way you are very excited because you are not a little kid any more, but stop being a kid is something scary too. Now your only responsibility is to have good grades, so you can apply to a good university and have a good work for the rest of your life. You do not have to worry about that, right? Because you have six years to choose what you want to do the rest of your life. Almost five years ago six years seemed to be a long time. Now I have less than a year to choose a career and an university, and I have no idea of what I am going to do. I was too busy with my studies, always trying to learn science, math, history etc. that I forgot to learn what I liked, and sadly a feel that I forgot to enjoy too. I need to discover what I like, I need to study hard so I can have good notes and apply to university, because that is my responsibility. I miss when my responsibility was to enjoy, and when my biggest concern was to have enough space for my teddies. Probably in the future I will miss the responsibilities that I have now, because the time goes fast, and when you realize that you forgot to do something, is going to be late to do it.