Elie Wiesel, He has a Close-Knit Family


Elie Wiesel, is part of a close-knit family. Elie Wiesel the protagonist of the novel “night”. He is a young Jewish teenager, living in the holocaust of the second world war, but despite everything, he tries and decides to stay with his family. Even if he and his family are running in the middle of the chaos, they try to stay together(pg.19). Another clear example of how they want to be together is when they are separate, in that difficult moment; they still try to support each other (pg.29). but the clearest example of their union is:

“The ghetto was not guarded.one could enter and leave as one pleased. Maria, our former maid, came to see us. Sobbing, she begged us to come with her to her village where she had prepared a safe shelter.

My father wouldn´t hear of it. He told me and my big sitters. “If you wish, go there. I shall stay here with your mother and the little one…”

Naturally, we refused to be separated” (pg.20).

I am not completely sure if Elie know where is he is going, but he definitely knows that is not a good place. Probably he knows that he and his family are going to an awful place. He has the opportunity to scape of that awful future, but he refused to be separated of his family.


Thwaites is Ronald Dahl´s friend from when Ronald was 7-9 years old, He was a kid who liked to mess around with the people around him making jokes, pranks and lying to people as well, as He did with Ronald telling him that some candies such as Liquorice Bootlaces were made of dead rats, as well that the Gobstoppers changed of colour while you lick them because “It´s your spirit that does it”(p.32), which of course, what Thwaites said in a normal basis was false but he even thought that it was true just because as it is stated in the book “As the son of a doctor, he considered himself to be an authority on all things that had to do with the body.”(p.32).


The most unique and strange girl in Mica High. Star Girl’s personality is indescribable. She plays the ukulele for special occasions and makes everyone feel good about themselves. Even though people find her strange and don’t want to be her friend. she remains herself despite all the insults. She is the one who dares to be different.

“She laughed when there was no joke. She danced when there was no music. She had no friends, yet she was the friendliest person in school. In her answers in class, she often spoke of sea horses and stars, but she did not know what a football was

Leo Borlock finally realized how special is Stargirl for him, and how different from others is she, so he realized how important is her.

Farm life on the great depression

In the book “Mice and Men” written by John Steinbeck, we are presented the life of Lennie and George. They both start working on a farm in Califronia during the great depression period. George and Lennie aspire to open their own farm, but first they have to collect a certain amount of money. They tried working in several places before, but they don’t last long. Lennie is mentally retarded, and people usually don’t have any patience towards him. Our main characters get to make some friends in the farm, which eventually start aspiring to be part of Georges and Lennies dream.

“George has to take care of his big, special friend Lennie, he keeps his bus ticket and work card, because he knows Lennie would lose them.” (p.4)

“I thought you was mad at me, George.”
“No,” said George. “No, Lennie, I ain’t mad. I never been mad, and I ain’ now. That’s a thing I want ya to know.” (p.82)

I choose this quotes, because I consider the most important meaning of this story is friendship. Through out the story we’re able to appreciate besides all the things Lennie does, George never leaves him alone. He supports him, and helps him develop in a society were people would judge him because of his mental disability.



Kate and Anderson have been friends for a long time, Anderson is such a quiet and shy person, she is a bit more outgoing, they are of those friends who are together the whole time, and it would be weird to say the feel something else for each other, until they kiss, after that kiss, a tension began to be felt between they both.

I could tell him I´m not interested in Matt. I could offer to be Andy´s wingwoman. I can´t make Matt Olsson like boys if he doesn´t, but at least it could stop feeling like a competition. Everything could just be normal. Like a normal crush and a normal lovesick Andy and a normal best friend Kate.


Apparently, he liked the kiss with Kate, that when they were watching a movie together he asked her for another one, but he was weird, it looked like if he hadn´t like it, and she realizes that she has a platonic love on him, but there was a problem, he confesed her that after that kiss, he realized he is gay, and that was not the worst part, he had a crush on Matt, but Kate also has a crush on him, she gives up.

Leo Borlock

When Leo was 12, his family moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona. At his high school in his new state, Leo and his friend Kevin are the creators of their school’s popular TV program, Hot Seat. Leo is the producer of the show because he is shy, and he is much more comfortable coordinating behind the scenes than being in the spotlight. In the book, he doesn’t share much about his interests, other than his interest in Stargirl herself

“I had never realized how much I needed the attention of others to confirm my own presence.”

The phrase speaks of the fact that Leo needs validation from other people and that he is quite insecure with himself, that is why he needs the approval of other people. He also talks about how he is a person who wants everyone’s attention.


Holden’s Phases

Holden has a distracted, angry, and escapist personality. He derides most other people as “fake”, but longs for closeness with another person. Instead of facing his problems, he prefers to run; tragically, running doesn’t solve his problems. However, Holden is also sensitive and caring.

“I’m just going through a phase right now. Everybody goes through phases and all, don’t they?” (p. 15)

Holden says this phrase. He has experienced very strong things since childhood. One of the strong things that he experienced as a child was that his brother died of cancer at a very young age, and since then he has had many humor problems, and he’s been through a lot of hard phases.

Juana the Brave

In “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck. A short story, with a great plot. Today I am going to talk about Juana, one of the main characters. She is the mother in the family. Composed of her husband Kino and her son Koyotito. I also haven’t mentioned that he’s my favorite character. I define Juana as a brave person. She becomes very important at various times in the story because of her courage. For example…

Juana quieted him as she would quiet a sick child. “Hush,” she said. “Here is your pearl. I found it in the path. Can you hear me now? Here is your pearl. Can you understand? You have killed a man. We must go away. They will come for us, can you understand? We must be gone before the daylight comes.”

“I was attacked, ” Kino said uneasily. “I struck to save my life.”

As we can see, Juana would do everything for her family, and to save it. This is a clear example of one of the qualities that this character has, and how he develops it during the story. I liked the book a lot, and I admire the role they gave Juana. Great Book with Mexican development.


Stargirl a different person

Stargirl is a very strange girl. She has a different personality than everyone else. At every game, she would cheer for every team no matter what. She would also play her ukulele at lunchtime and sing people happy birthday whenever she could. At first, everyone thinks that Stargirl was the coolest thing that ever happened to Micah High, but as time moves on everyone starts to realize Stargirl isn’t a “miracle” anymore. People start to stop wanting to be friends with her, and everyone wants to exclude her. But even though everyone has put down Stargirl she doesn’t get upset and she doesn’t stop her daily routine.

“The earth is speaking to us, but we can’t hear because of all the racket our senses are making. Sometimes we need to erase them, erase our senses.  Then–maybe-the earth will touch us.  The universe will speak.  The stars will whisper.” (p. 91).

Stargirl says this because she thinks that sometimes we think way too much about what makes sense and that we do not focus on what is around us and what is important to us.  She also says this because she is able to understand some things we don’t and she thinks we should become more connected to nature. Also, Stargirl noticed that anything bad that happens to her she does not pity herself. This girl is a Tigger meaning she is always happy looking at the positive.  She never seems sad.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank is a girl who despite the circumstances, she was always cheerful and positive about the situation she was passing through. She always hope that one day everything would be fine. She is a girl who was becoming a teenager who just wanted to have fun and live her childhood as any teenager want.

“Would anyone, either Jew or non-Jew, understand this about me, that I am simply a young girl badly in need of some rollicking fun?” Friday, 24 December, 1943, pg. 111

The Quote we see here shows that Anne Frank mentions how she really needs her life to be the way it used to be, she wants to live like any other girl of her age, because she wants fun since she is Jewish, she cannot have it.

Mateo Torrez

In the book, They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera, Mateo Torrez is kind, when he was with Rufus they saw a homeless man on the street asking for money and Rufus didn’t want to give him money, but Mateo did he said they were dying anyway. He thought they could do good actions for people who need them, after giving the man the money he smiled and thanked them, Mateo said it seemed a lot of people acted like he was invisible, but they didn’t and that made the man really happy, that’s why Mateo said:

I think we made his day by not pretending he’s invisible.

When he said that, you can see how caring he is for others, even if he doesn’t know them, that reminds me of when you’re having a bad day and some random people can make your day by doing little actions, by just smiling or being friendly and polite. In the same way, everyone can make a day better if it’s just doing those kinds of simple things.

Harald Dahl

Harald Dahl from Boy (Ronald Dahl,1984) is a hard-working man of ingenuity because he broke his arm and had to amputate it to the elbow, having to work with the other arm, but because of his ingenuity, he managed to transform objects so he could use them in a more efficient way as it is says in p.12.

“…So they simply amputated the arm at the elbow, and for the rest of his life my father had to manage with one arm. Fortunately, it was the left arm that he lost and gradually, over the years, he taught himself to do more or less anything he wanted with just the four fingers and thumb of his right hand. He could tie a shoelace as quickly as you or me, and for cutting up the food on his plate, he sharpened the bottom edge of a fork so that it served as both knife and fork all in one. He kept his ingenious instrument in a slim leather case and carried it in his pocket wherever he went. The loss of an arm, he used to say, caused him only one serious inconvenience. He found it impossible to cut the top off a boiled egg.”(P.12).

Stargirl IRJE

Stargirl is a new girl who arrives at school who is noticed among people for her peculiar personality, way of dressing and thoughts.
That makes everyone in the school realize that she exists since she is not like the rest of the other students and she doesn’t care what others think of her.
The truth is that he is a great character since he teaches us a beautiful life lesson, and that is that it doesn’t matter what others think about how you look, act, and think. Because the only thing that matters is your own happiness, and it is very foolish to want to change your way of being to want to fit in or be liked by a certain group of people. Stargirl is a very positive person who never sees the bad side of things, and she is a kind-hearted person. And due to not being like the rest of the people little by little she gained the affection of the people and then everyone wanted to meet her and get along with her, that is why Kevin and Leo wanted to invite her to their program and that is why Kevin insisted a lot to Leo to invite her and that’s when he says …

What do you mean, no? Don’t you want to sign her up? (page 13)

Mr. Antolini

In Catcher in the Rye, a character that caught my attention was Mr. Antolini. In his first encounter with Holden, He was surprisingly kind and considerate with him. Even though he was in his free time he invited holden to his home to chat, showing that he cared for him and wanted to see what was up with him. In that period of time, in a way, he acts like the parent holden wished he had.

“Many, many men have been just as troubled morally and spiritually as you are right now… You’ll learn from them—if you want to. Just as someday, if you have something to offer, someone will learn something from you. It’s a beautiful reciprocal arrangement. And it isn’t education. It’s history. It’s poetry.”

He gives holden thoughtful advice and encourages him to feel important, not like his parents who always made him feel like a failure or a lost case. He shows kindness towards him and ultimately helps him get through all the trouble he endures through the story. I feel that he impacted me the most for this support that he gave him and showed few instances of kindness and true care for holden that the novel has.

Holden, a Good Big Brother


In my previous IRJE I have talked about more characteristic of Holden, and they were not precisely good, but is evident that he is a good big brother. In all the book Holden has an impulsive attitude and being rude with most of the people, but he is nice with his little sister. Some examples of his nice attitude to her sister are: he invited her to dance, and he accepts that she is a good dancer (pg. 193). Think that is weird because we can see him criticizing people’s dancing in all the opportunities he has (pg., 82). Another beautiful example of Holden being a great brother is when he tries to make his siter happy and forgive him (Pg, 229). There are many more examples of Holden being a good brother, but in my opinion the most important is when his little sister stops him of making an impulsive decision.


“Please, Holden. Please let me go. I’ll be very, very, very- You won’t even- “

“you’re not going. Now, shut up! Gimme that bag” I said. I took the bag off her. I was almost all set to hit her. I though I was going to smack her for a second. I really did.

She started to cry (pg.227).

I have a complete IRJE talking about how impulsive Holden can be and how nobody can make him stop, and is unbelievable how a little girl stops him without even trying. His sister was trying to join him because she loves him, and he leaves his crazy idea of run away because he loves her. Holden is impulsive, rude and has a big necessity of attention, but we can not deny that he is a good big brother.

The biggest fear of growing up

Holden is afraid of growing up, he still looks for attention, he still wants to have problems like the other kids, and therefore he strongly resists growing up. More than anything else, Holden fears adulthood: sex, old age, and death.

“What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff…That’s all I’d do all day. I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only thing I’d really like to be” (p.173).

As we can see Holden tries too hard to preserve childhood innocence. What he doesn’t understand is that part of growing up is losing that innocence, and that he’s the one headed for the fall, and that there’s nobody there to catch him.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a young girl who wanted to live her life like any young girl of those times. She was a lovely and she dreamed that one day she would be able to get out of this nightmare. Anne Frank was a very intelligent and she took the situation very calmly and patiently.

“If I just think of how we live here, I usually come to the conclusion that it is a paradise compared with how other Jews who are not in hiding must be living” pg.71

What I understood from this quote is that Anne Frank knows what is happening with the Jews that are in the concentration camps, and that she is living her best life compared to what they are going through.

STARGIRL by Jerry Spinelli

Leo is very sensitive because of the phrase that he said.  He says that Stargirl is unique and he was afraid to be close to her.

“We had no one to compare her to. No one to measure her against. She was unknown territory. Unsafe. We were afraid to get too close.”  (p.26)

When Leo talks about them having no one to compare her to. He means that there was no one like her. She was unique and one of a kind. There was no one else in the school who acted like that so that would mean she is unknown territory because they are not used to her.


Living alone at 16

The Catcher in the Rye- J.D. Salinger

The character I’ve chosen to talk about is Holden. The main character in the book “the catcher in the rye”. Holden is a teen leaving alone in New York City. After he got expelled from the wealthy school Pency Prep. Our main character is set into living basically in a hotel room by himself for several time. Without his parents approval or supervision. This delivers me to talk about the characteristic I see the most in this character; Independency. Mostly because of the loneliness that surrounds him. But still I consider this is an attribute that distinguishes the main character.

“So what I decided to do, I decided I’d take a room in a hotel in New York. Some very inexpensive hotel and all. just take it easy till Wednesday. I figured my parents probably wouldn’t get old Thrumer’s letter saying I’d been given the ax till maybe Tuesday or Wednesday” (p.58)

In my opinion, the fact Holden has this quality doesn’t make it precisely correct. He is still on teen years, having a lot to learn not only academicly speaking but mostly in life path. The fact he is over independent at 16 forces him to enter the world of adults. Not precisely on the clearest path. Holden ends up making lots of bad decisions. Some of them thinking with depression and loneliness feelings. The fact he is so independent, I would say is negative and mostly for someone like Holden. He is basically a child trying to play the role of an adult.

Holden and one of his qualities

Holden, has been a pretty sad person. On many occasions in the book we can see that he has had a lot of difficulty finding happiness. This can be due to many factors, such as not being able to have many friends, or perhaps not achieving his goals. It got to the point that he started drinking, until he got really bad.

“Sally? That you?”

“Yes- stop screaming. Are you drunk?”

“Yeah. Listen. Listen, il’l come over Christmas Eve. Okay? Trimma  goddam tree for ya. Okay? Okay, hey, Sally?”

“Yes. You’re drunk. Go to bed now. Where are you? Who’s with you?”

“Nobody. Me, myself and I.” Boy I was drunk! I was even still holding onto my guts.

“Hey, Sally! You want me trimma tree for ya? Ya want me to? Huh?”

“Yes. Good night. Go home and go to bed .”

As you can see, Holden, is a person full of  qualities. But full of flaws. What he has had to live through has been very difficult, and well, I understand it. I feel like I could improve and learn from his mistakes.


Lidia is a character that appears in the book They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera. She is a very caring person. She used to have a boyfriend who died when she was pregnant, she’s also one of the few friends Mateo has. Lidia got out of school to take care of her daughter, even when she is scared of her future like when she said:

This is Penny’s beginning. And one day she’ll find herself on the terrible end of a Death-Cast call and it sucks how we’re all being raised to die. Yes, we live, or we’re given the chance to, at least, but sometimes living is hard and complicated because of fear.    (p. 89)

I understand her because her daughter is the only thing she has left of the person she used to love, and only thinking her daughter will die can make her feel anxious, but these days she only thinks of giving her the best life she can have.


Kate is an actress in process, she is studying acting an she´s taking some courses at her school to achieve it, Anderson, Kate´s best friend, they both are inseparable, he is gay, but she doesn´t know it, Matt is the singing coach, she is in love with him, but she doesn´t know he is in love with him too, even though they are in love of the same guy, he has been so loyal at her, but she doesn´t recognize it, she says he´s the person who knows her the best.

“He knows when I´m in my period” -Kate (p.43)

Sometimes I think we don´t value people thareally worth it, he left for Kate an opportunity of go along to a next level at acting, just to stay with her, because she wasn´t accepted at that level, I like how he is with her, he knows when she is not ok, but she doesn´t see it.

Next Step

In 15 days is my graduation and I am very excited because I feel that it is another achievement in my life and that encourages me to set new goals, although going to university scares me a little because it is a very big step in my life and deciding that I want to study and dedicate the rest of my life is a very big decision for me, I am not ready to decide what to do with my life, one that in 2 months I will enter university, which basically is already a very short time. I’ll do the university in Mexico and I’ll do a few semesters outside of Mexico, maybe I’ll do a semester in Milan or Florence because in those places there are good fashion design courses, which is something that I like a lot, I still see yes, yes. I will go or not.


A new student arrives at school who has a very particular name and is called Stargirl, she arrives at school and the first thing that happens is that everyone begins to notice her since she dresses and acts in a way that is not so common and his attitude was so peculiar that people could not believe it and that is when Hillari said.

“She is not real ,she is an actress. It’s scam”

In my opinion, most adolescents always want to fit into a group or situation and do not give their true opinions or are not themselves for fear that others will judge them or begin to see them as weird, but the truth is that all of that it’s very dumb and boring. So there is nothing wrong with Stargirl, the only thing wrong with her is that she wants to be herself without fear of being judged.

Angelica Pabst in David Lodge’s Small World

Angelica is one of the main characters of this book, the first appearance of her in the book is when Persse sees her for the first time. (Page 8), Chapter 1.

There, hesitating on the threshold, was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. She was tall and graceful, with a full, womanly figure, and a dark, creamy complexion. Black hair fell in shining waves to her shoulders, and black was the colour of her simple woollen dress, scooped out low across her bosom. She took a few paces forward into the room and accepted a glass of sherry from the tray offered to her by a passing waitress. She did not drink at once, but held the glass up to her face as if it were a flower. Her right hand held the stem of the glass between index finger and thumb. Her left, passed horizontally across her waist, supported her right elbow. Over the rim of the glass she looked with eyes dark as peat pools straight into Persse’s own, and seemed to smile faintly in greeting. She raised the glass to her lips, which were red and moist, the underlip slightly swollen in appearance, as though it had been stung. She drank, and he saw the muscles in her throat move and slide under the skin as she swallowed.

After we get to know a lot more of the character of the story, we get to find out that she possibly lied to everybody that was in the conference because Persse finds out she is related to adult movies as an actress and who also teased him to go to the room 213 to probably have sex, where our first character is lied by Angelica giving him the room number of Dempsey, who had been teased and invited to the same room with her as it is described in page 55, chapter 1.

Also, on page 56, chapter 1, Persse goes to look for where She was staying when he finds out that she didn’t have a room, she wasn’t registered with any university, and they didn’t know how did she enter the conference when she also said in (Page 10), Chapter 1 .

…I’m still working on my PhD…

which is even something to suspect by now that is something reliable to believe that she was inside any university at all.



The dark path of dark decisions

Holden is a teenager who passed through something dramatic which changed his life forever. When Holden’s brother passed away he began to have lots of emotional changes. At first he began to experience rebellious attitudes/conducts, which deliver him of being expelled from Pency Prep, a wealthy boarding school in New York City. Even though it’s not written physically on the book, the author wants to transmit that Holden becomes a lonely human being.  We can realize about this through his actions around the story. He starts to drink alcohol, smoke and move around a dark environment in society. As an example when he accepts the offer from the elevator operation man of having sex with a sexual worker. When the prostitute arrives to his room seems like Holden has a 180º change of mind. Instead of having sex with her, he repents from loosing his virginity that way. Instead he begins to talk to her, and describes her as “depressive”. He ends up by not doing anything rather than a small talk with friendly questions like her name and stuff. Noticing how depressive and looking for attention he was. (Page 102-111), Chapter 13.

I felt more depressed than sexy, if you want to know the truth. (page 107)

I choose this quotation because, I think its a reflection of what Holden is going through. He is facing depression and loneliness trying to go over it choosing a dark path like the one of smoking and getting drunk. A reflection of feeling lost in the path of life.