Elie Wiesel, He has a Close-Knit Family


Elie Wiesel, is part of a close-knit family. Elie Wiesel the protagonist of the novel “night”. He is a young Jewish teenager, living in the holocaust of the second world war, but despite everything, he tries and decides to stay with his family. Even if he and his family are running in the middle of the chaos, they try to stay together(pg.19). Another clear example of how they want to be together is when they are separate, in that difficult moment; they still try to support each other (pg.29). but the clearest example of their union is:

“The ghetto was not guarded.one could enter and leave as one pleased. Maria, our former maid, came to see us. Sobbing, she begged us to come with her to her village where she had prepared a safe shelter.

My father wouldn´t hear of it. He told me and my big sitters. “If you wish, go there. I shall stay here with your mother and the little one…”

Naturally, we refused to be separated” (pg.20).

I am not completely sure if Elie know where is he is going, but he definitely knows that is not a good place. Probably he knows that he and his family are going to an awful place. He has the opportunity to scape of that awful future, but he refused to be separated of his family.

Personal Writing, a Good New Habit


I still remember my first personal writing, and how strange was to make it. When I was in Mexico all my writings were very specific; most of the time they were essays, and rarely I had the freedom to write a short opinion. It is not a surprise that at the beginning was very difficult to make a personal writing, but with time it started to be easier and more enjoyable. Now I really enjoy the personal writings, it is like a great freedom feeling, and they are excellent to reorganize my mind. In multiple occasions I have written about concerns or thoughts in my head, that kind of thoughts that do not let me sleep, and after writing about them, they disappear of my mind. In conclusion I am very happy for start to make personal writings, they have helped me to think and concentrate. I hope that they will become a habit, and that I will keep writing them in Mexico, because they are one of the most helpful things that I started to do in Canada.

Holden, a Good Big Brother


In my previous IRJE I have talked about more characteristic of Holden, and they were not precisely good, but is evident that he is a good big brother. In all the book Holden has an impulsive attitude and being rude with most of the people, but he is nice with his little sister. Some examples of his nice attitude to her sister are: he invited her to dance, and he accepts that she is a good dancer (pg. 193). Think that is weird because we can see him criticizing people’s dancing in all the opportunities he has (pg., 82). Another beautiful example of Holden being a great brother is when he tries to make his siter happy and forgive him (Pg, 229). There are many more examples of Holden being a good brother, but in my opinion the most important is when his little sister stops him of making an impulsive decision.


“Please, Holden. Please let me go. I’ll be very, very, very- You won’t even- “

“you’re not going. Now, shut up! Gimme that bag” I said. I took the bag off her. I was almost all set to hit her. I though I was going to smack her for a second. I really did.

She started to cry (pg.227).

I have a complete IRJE talking about how impulsive Holden can be and how nobody can make him stop, and is unbelievable how a little girl stops him without even trying. His sister was trying to join him because she loves him, and he leaves his crazy idea of run away because he loves her. Holden is impulsive, rude and has a big necessity of attention, but we can not deny that he is a good big brother.

One Loved, and One Hated Poem


The poetry can be very complicated, specially if do not understand or you do not feel identified with the poem. One poem that I liked is “The Road Not Taken” (pg. 26). I feel that it is a good poem written by Robert Frost that represents the decisions of the life, and in a way, it gives the message that if you take a different decision that everyone else, you will have a different life. That little difference in the decisions of your life, could make a big difference in your future, and that is why you need to be careful when you take decisions. It is a nice poem and many people can understand it or feel identified with it, that is why is one of my favorites.

It is very easy to like a poem when you understand it, and easy to hate it when you do not understand it. “The Read Wheelbarrow” (pg.29) is the clear example of a poem that I do not understand. It is very weird for me, it just does not make sense, it seems more like someone describing a scene than someone writing poetry. I am not sure if the author William Carlos Williams tries to represent something or if what makes it poetry is the way in which is written. I won’t say that I hate the poem, but I can not like something that I try to understand and I can not do it.

Time to think about universities

The time goes very fast, even more in a pandemic. It is weird to see that I do not have as much time as I though, I still remember when I entered to high school and everyone was doing comments like; “you have many years to choose a career and university” or “do not worry about that, you are too young” and right now many people tell me things like; “you still have a year to choose” or “a year is more than enough time”. if I needed sixteen years to choose a career, how am I going to choose a university in a year? I do not know what I am going to do, because I need to analyze many things. I already thought in a few universities and it is not an easy decision, specially because all of them are far from my home city. There is only one university where I can go by car, in the rest of them I would need to take a flight if a I want to see my family. Sadly, I do not only need to thing about distance, I need to think about the level of the university too, thing that is not easy, because higher the level of education, higher the amount of people that will apply and lower the probabilities of being accepted. In these moments that my mind is completely busy thinking in the university stuff, I try to relax my self and think that I still have time, because I do, but time goes fast and soon I won’t have anymore time. In conclusion; maybe is time to think about universities.

Holden, A Teenager Looking for Attention.


Holden is a teenager that seems to have many emotional problems, and probably he does, but may be most of his problems could be solved with attention. If I am not mistaken Holden is around sixteen years old, and he is alone in a big city drinking and looking for attention. We can find the first great example of his need of attention in the page 65; he lied to the woman in the train station about his health. he made her think that he was going to have a brain surgery. That was not the only time that Holden lied about his health, he did the same thing with the prostitute that he hired just to be heard (p.101).  In the book are many more examples of this attitude, so is evident that Holden always tries to be heard or just to have a talk with someone (specially with girls, some clear examples are in the pages; 78,117,122). It is very evident in all the book that he just needs attention.

“Have just one more drink” I told him. “Please. I´m lonesome as hell. No kidding.” (p.165).

I choose this quotation, because is the first time that Holden accepts that he feels alone, and that he needs attention, and curiously he says this to Old Luce, and not to a woman. If I am not wrong, this is the first time that he really asks for attention.

Time Goes Fast


I still remember when I was little, everyone used to tell me that I was young, and that my only responsibility was to enjoy. When I entered school, I had a new responsibility; study. My mother has always been a little demanding, specially with me, so for her the good grades were something very important. In my attempts to please her I used to study a lot, I was kind of obsess with it, and she was okey with it, so I was too. My father always used to tell my that I needed to enjoy more, that I shouldn´t be very worried about school, because I was little, and that elementary school was to learn and get fun.

When you are in elementary school the high school looks very interesting. In a way you are very excited because you are not a little kid any more, but stop being a kid is something scary too. Now your only responsibility is to have good grades, so you can apply to a good university and have a good work for the rest of your life. You do not have to worry about that, right? Because you have six years to choose what you want to do the rest of your life. Almost five years ago six years seemed to be a long time. Now I have less than a year to choose a career and an university, and I have no idea of what I am going to do. I was too busy with my studies, always trying to learn science, math, history etc. that I forgot to learn what I liked, and sadly a feel that I forgot to enjoy too. I need to discover what I like, I need to study hard so I can have good notes and apply to university, because that is my responsibility. I miss when my responsibility was to enjoy, and when my biggest concern was to have enough space for my teddies. Probably in the future I will miss the responsibilities that I have now, because the time goes fast, and when you realize that you forgot to do something, is going to be late to do it.

No ideas


Almost a year here, and to be honest is the first time that I do not have any idea. I had a long weekend, and I did not do nothing interesting, so I am a little disappointed of myself. I did not take advantage of those four free days, and now I am here doing my homework with nothing in my mind. I hope that by the next personal writing I will have a great story to tell.

It feels weird to have my mind in empty. Most of the time I am thinking in something interesting, or remembering great stories, but in this moment, I can not think in something good, so I am just writing what comes into my mind. I do not know if it is a good idea to write about that I do not know what to write about. but it helps me to concentrate so maybe it is not as bad as I thought. In conclusion, was a good idea write about that I do not have any idea? I do not know. Would I write about this again? Probably yes, but not for a task, it is very helpful to clear my mind and to concentrate, but I do not think it is a good work. Am I going to have a bad grade in this task? I hope that I won´t.

Holden, an impulsive teenager

Holden is the protagonist of the novel “the CATCHER in the RYE”. I haven´t read enough of the book to give a good description of him, but he seems to be a teenager that will be involved in many problems thanks to his impulsive attitude. He is not a bad person, probably he is just looking for attention, but it does not justify all the questionable decisions that he takes in the book.

““relax,” I said. “nobody´s making any cracks about your goddam religion.” I got up off Ely´s bed, and started towards the door. I didn´t want to hang around in that stupid atmosphere any more. I stopped on the way, though, and picked up Ackley´s hand, and gave him a big, phony handshake. He pulled it away from me. “what´s the idea?” he said (p.57).

Holden is definitely an impulsive person. The quotation shows how fast he takes decisions without thinking about the consequences. He decided to leave the dorms and mock Ackley in a very short time. The examples of his impulsive attitude continue; He sold a ninety dollars typewriter for twenty because he wanted money to leave (p.59). It is very probably that if it were not for his attitude, he wouldn´t fought Stradlater (p.50), and he wouldn´t have had to go through all the situations that followed it. He makes bad decisions and actions because he can not control his emotions, and it makes him an impulsive person.

A Brookes ballad

A Brookes ballad



Almost all the mornings I wake up

And I go to the dinning hall

Aija is there always with a happy face

And Brenda is doing the recall.


In the first class I see mister MacKnight

He is waiting with a big smile

In his class we always read and talk

And we learn with his nice style.


The lunch is a very good time

We can relax and talk

After lunch we leave the dinning hall

And in PE we take a little walk.


Now I am in geography class

Hopefully is the last block

I wish we not go to the river this time

I detest be there until three o´clock.


Finally, we can return to the dorms

Sadly, the rooms are locked

These kinds of accidents always happen

And that is why nobody is shocked.


In the free time go to London is a good idea

We can go there and buy snacks

After that the C2 is an amazing plan

There we always have good talks.


Usually, the dinner is a great moment

We are together and enjoying

After the dinner I return to my dorm

And I make a little reading.


When the study time ends, is time to relax

After reading many books

I can say that is the end of a nice typical day

The end of a nice day in Brookes.

Much Practice, And a Few But Important Improvements


It is incredible how fast the time pass, I guess that all those works kept my mind busy, but it was not the only thing they did. Reading my old works I realized about the improvement I did in these two terms, the most evident are the run-on sentences, I consider that a did a big improvement with them, but probably I still need practice. Another thing that I improved is the clarity of my ideas, probably this is related with the run-on sentences, but I though that was important to mention it. The third improvement I noticed is my vocabulary, it is better and less repetitive than before, what is very helpful; it helps my to do good transitions and make my ideas easier to understand and to write. The last improvement and the most important for my is the fluidity; at the beginning I used to think a lot of how to write or express something, now I feel that is much easier and faster, I no longer overthink about every thing I write, and that is amazing and very satisfying for me.

Three Questions, Six Texts and Personal Answers

Sharon Serrano

Literary studies


Three Questions, Six Texts and Personal Answers

In this term I read many texts, almost all of them make me think, but there are two texts that made me think more that the others. The texts are; “A Man. A Woman. Just Friends?”  (Deresiewicz) and “Down the mine” (Orwell), both are great, but they make me think for completely different reasons. Deresiewicz text has a big question in the title, but it doesn´t has a real answer in the text, so everyone can have their own answer for that common question. He mentioned that the Hollywood creates a problem supporting the idea if that a man and a woman can not be just friends, and I agree with him. Since a was a little girl, I could not be playing alone with a boy without hearing comments like “oh they are a cute partner” or “they are going to be a great partner when they grow”. Those comments were confusing when I was little, but now I understand what they mean. Now my question is why the society thinks more in a relationship and sex than in a friendship? That question has been in my mind for a long time. There is another important question, but it was not in my mind until I read “down the mine”. The text does not show a question like the last text mentioned, but it really makes me think. In the text is mentioned how important was the coal and the complicated that was to get it, and it just make me reflect about all the things that I consume, and that I do not now how difficult was to get or make them. Now I can not even eat a chocolate without asking myself “how many people had to work to make it”. Thanks to these two texts I think of everything I’ve heard, gone through and consumed in my entire life, I don’t know whether to be grateful or stressed by all that reflection.

Many texts have the power of make you think, but not all of them can touch your feelings. The two texts that I felt that they touch more my feelings are; “The Man Who Planted Trees”(Giono) and “Enough Is Enough”(Bates). “The Man Who Planted Trees” touched me for an easy reason; I want to be that man; I want to wake up with that admirable will that could make me plant trees for thirty years and transform a dessert into a forest. It is one of those stories that could change your way to see the things or that could even make you change your life. Giono´s text touched my feeling because I want to be like that man, but Bates text did it for an opposite reason. It is easy that something with which you feel identified touch your feelings, and “Enough Is Enough” is the clear example of it. That text describes the reality of most of the women around the world. I mean, it describes my reality so I feel really identified with it. All the situations and insecurities that she mentioned are real, and a have been through a lot of them. I am tired of listening that I need to cover my body or that if something bad happens to my is going to be my fault. so yes, I can say that these two lectures touch my feelings because they make me want to change my life, and probably they will make me change it.

No text is efficient if it does not know how to express its ideas, some writers learned that with practice and passion, but there are others that have something else: this is the necessity. In this world share your opinion or problems talking is not always a good option, specially when you can be murdered or hurt for do it, so write is a very formal and efficient way to do it. Two examples of texts that are excellent expressing ideas because they need to do it are: “Letter From a Birmingham Jail”(King) and “Enough Is Enough”(Bates). Both texts have many similarities, so I thing that is possible describe them together. Both of the texts have a similar purpose, which is change the society. That is a very difficult thing to achieve, more if not everybody accepts that they are wrong. Blacks and women have a long history of seeking equality and being heard, sadly be heard I something complicated, so I guess that being read is much safer and efficient. These two texts are full of examples, experiences, opinions, and emotions that are clearly expressed. The necessity and the practice make them perfect to be understood. It is sad and amazing see what necessity can achieve.

Snow and Ski a New Experience for Me

Sharon Serrano


Literary studies


Snow and Ski a New Experience for Me

Last Saturday was an amazing day, it was full of new experiences that I am excited to live again. I am from a dessert, so the snow is not something common for me. When I saw that mountain completely covered of snow, I was incredible excited, the experience of walk in the snow and watch it, is something unforgettable. Everything was amazing, until I tried to ski, but do not get ne wrong, I really loved the experience of skiing, it is just that is very complicated at the beginning. I fell many times, and in some of them the snow got into my clothes, that was not a pleasant experience. I would like to say that I learned to ski, but I did not, I mean, I am much better than at the beginning, but I still need to learn many things, I hope that I will learn them this weekend, and so I can enjoy more the experience.

Down The Mine

Sharon Serrano


Literary studies

Down The Mine Personal Response

This lecture reminds me all the ignorance that the human has. Almost every day we go to the supermarket to buy food or snacks, but we rarely think in where they come from. Most of the days we use the bus or a car that uses fuel, but we never think all the process that is necessary to make it. we just enjoy to use many things, and we never think in all the hard work that was necessary to do it, or in all the exploitation that is behind it. Recently I saw a woman that hates the chocolate, and of course many persons asked her why she hates it, and she confessed that when she was little, she worked recollecting cacao, she recollected ten kilograms and she only received an euro for it. Every day many people and environments are exploitered to produce something, something that we are going to use without appreciating all the hard work that it has. I can only thank this reading for remind me to appreciate everything.

From a Desert to a Forest

The Man Who Planted Threes

This is a beautiful story, that shows how an old mas changes the world doing what he wants to do. Definitely the man is a great example of persistency and hard work. Who would say that one person would turn a desert into a forest. All those years of hard and lonely work saved that land, and the only reason to wake up every day and planted threes for more than thirty years was that the man wanted to do it. The story helps to remind me that the only reason that I need to do something is to want to do it, sadly the most important reason to so something is the one that we usually ignore.

Searching for Home Personal Response

Searching for Home Personal Response

I need to accept that it is an interesting essay. The author expresses the difficult to can be to grow between to cultures, because in a way you are not completely part of them. It may create a cultural shock and much confusion too. it should not be easy to grow with two completely different cultures.

I like the way in which the author talks about the Chinese culture, I can feel all the curiosity that is expressed in the stories, but the thing that I most like was the way to talk about laoija, the author was all his life trying to find it, and it was always with him, just that he realized about that too late. It is interesting how someone can be part of something listening and enjoying stories. I liked the essay, especially the reflection at the end.

A Man.  A Woman. Just Friends? Personal Response


honestly, I don´t really like that the essay used a old romantic comedy as a reference, the movie used as a reference was made in 1989 and the essay was wrote in 2012, so we can see a big change in the mentally of people since then. The last century the only reason for a man and woman be together was biological or religious, but now the human has progressed enough to open its mind and see more reasons, and the most important part be able to ignore the instincts, because is true the sex is something biologic and necessary to reproduction, but now the human mind is more than able to ignore the instincts when it wants to, yes may be in a friends relation with two heterosexual friends of different sex might be tension or sexual feelings, but they can choose what they want to do, it is not something inevitable, if the humans can challenges the instincts and the biology controlling how many kids have, why they would not be able to control a relationship?

So, in conclusion, do I think that is possible to a man and a woman to have a friend relationship? In my opinion yes, now the humans have more needs than the reproduction or pleasure, the society does not depend any more in instincts, our mind is stronger than the biology and the instincts, we can do what ever we want and when we want, the instincts do not control us any more, the mind does.

websites, a real solution to sexism?

Personal response

Definitely sexism is a topic with many points of view, some people thing that it is a lie, meanwhile other persons fight with it every day, that is why I liked the website, every person can give a different point of view, what is just amazing, in a good and in a bad way. It is sad to see all the women that are scared and that they struggle with this awful reality that is common in many countries, but their experiences can help many women that are desperate for help and compression.

This website opened my eyes, I never realized about all the sexism that was around my daily life, who would say that a short sentence or comment can be so harmful in a very silent way, sadly a grew up in a country that is very sexism, of course not all the people is like that, but there are enough people with that oppressive and sexism mentality to limit the life of many women. I wish that this website will open the mind of more people around the world, and make them thing about the real meaning of equity and empathy, because is not enough with a “I understand you”, those three words are very easy to say, but not really to feel. In this society is a lack of understanding and communication that can be fixed with websites like this one, nowadays we can change the world with just one click, we already have the media to change the world, we only need more people willing to do it, it will take time, but I want to think that in the future people, specially women, will be able to express their opinion and they point of view without fear, so they can say it in public and not depending in a web site that is very helpful, but I do not consider that it is a real solution to the sexism.

Chapter 3 opinion

Sharon Serrano

Literary studies


Chapter 3 Opinion and Reflection

Did the chapter 3 change my opinion? Honestly , yes, but no completely, the first two chapters in my opinion does not have a new meaning, they still are a typic love story of two young persons in love, but thanks for the three chapter I realized that in spite of the typic plot, they were people living and enjoying, and they did not notice about that, in the same way I didn´t realize of it, because I was concentrating in the typic and boring plot of the first two chapters, so, in  a way I consider that the fact that I didn´t pay attention in the first two typic and boring chapters represents how sometimes we don´t pay attention in all the amazing things in our lives, because we are thinking that is something common and boring. In conclusion the first two chapters continue being typic and boring, but probably they represent the most of the days of our lives, that are days that we should by enjoying and we don´t, but probably we won´t realize about it until we are dead, just like Emily did in the third chapter, showing that we didn´t appreciate the first two chapters until we saw the last one, when was too late to enjoy them. If someone ask me if it is a good story, I would answer that is a typic love story with a good reflection at the end, and may be the person who watch it would try to appreciate and enjoy the first to chapters even if they are boring.

Our town personal response

Sharon Serrano

Literary studies



Personal Response of Our Town

Our town, it seems to be a romantic history ubicated in a town. I will try to avoid talk about the plot and the book in this part of my personal response, and center my comments in the interesting way that the story is tell in the movie, because it is a movie that looks like a play, I am not sure if someone else noticed that we were not watching a play in class, it was a movie imitating the style of a play, and it is amazing, I had not seen something like that before, is incredible the way that they tried to mislead the audience and made them think that they are watching a play; the actuation, props, improvisation, background, music, absolutely everything screams play, but it is a movie ,and I can confirm it for the way that they change of scene, when they want to do it of course. I can not deny that I like this way of tell a history, and sadly is the only thing that I liked.

I already talked about the amazing way of tell a story that is presented in the movie, and now I will talk about the book; I am aware that I can not talk too much about the book, because is the first time that I read a book that is a theater script, and that is why is complicated for me to understand it, so I am not sure if I do not like it or if I just do not understand it, but one think that understand is the plot, it seems to be the typical romantic story of two young persons that fall in love, but considering that the play was wrote in 1938, it is not that bad, probably it was a very good plot in that moment, but nowadays it is just the romantic love story that we have been watching for many years. So, in conclusion and in my opinion; is it a good plot? No in nowadays, does it have an interesting way to tell a story? The movie does and the book I am not sure. Would I recommend it? Of course, but only to a theater fan.

Personal writting

Sharon Serrano

literary studies



English personal writing

Finally, back to school, to be honest I don´t feel that I enjoy enough my holidays, I mean they were fine, but they could be better, never is enough fun, I guess. I will miss my family but I won´t deny that I missed Canada, I like to be here and traveling is always an adventure, definitely this time was easier than the first one, but it still was a little complicated; my flight was canceled so I had to stay another day in Mexico City, and that was just the beginning. When I arrived to Vancouver I lost my cellphone fortunately I only lost it for ten minutes or may be less, but they were the longest ten minutes ever, when I got it back, was the best feeling ever, I thought that I was not going to have more problems after that, but I had the surprise that my cards didn´t work when I tried to pay my luggage, so I had to buy a gift card, yes, I paid 40 dollars for 32, but it was the only solution so I had to do it, after that everything was easy, of course my flight to Victoria was delay, but it was fine, I was traveling for four days, so a little break was great. I am excited to be here again and I hope that I will have more stories to tell when I return to Mexico.



Shadowhunters is a book that I just started to read, it is a fiction book so it will be difficult to me to empathize with some situations, and I will appreciate the situations that could happen to me just like this one;

“The dark prince sat astride his black steed, his sable cloak on his back. a gold hoop fastened his blond curls, his handsome face was frozen with the fury of battle and …

-And his arm looked like an eggplant- clary mumbled to herself. Exasperated”

Shadowhunters (p.29)

This is a common situation that can happen to everyone, who would say that clary sees things that everyone else does not.


Carmen a New And Confusing Way of Tell a Story

Carmen, a kind of adaptation of another movie with the same name, it was directed by Carlos Saura, who did a good and confusing job. I need to accept that it is an interesting movie, the way to tell the story is very original and different, the film script and the actuation are good enough to confuse the spectator, and the same with the choreography and costumes, so we don´t really know what is happening, and the music and the dance just make it more difficult, what is fine considering that, is the propose of it.

In conclusion is a good and original movie that achieves the propose of confuse the spectator, and that is fine in a way, but in the other point of view, see how all the interesting parts were part of a play inside the movie makes it boring and repetitive, I won´t deny that the end let me thinking about the movie, but I am not sure if I would watch it again.

Romeo and Juliet, a Interesting Fusion of Hate and love

Romeo and Juliet, a Interesting Fusion of Hate and love

Today I will write about Romeo and Juliet, a cinematographic adaptation of the book of the same name written by Shakespeare in 1597. This adaption is one of the best, we can see all the work that it has in the backgrounds, costumes and even in the actuations, which are great considering the age of the protagonists and the dramatic style of Shakespeare which is amazing in a book or in theater, but difficult to adapt in a movie, but nevertheless the director Franco Zeffirelli did a good job representing the beautiful young love and the hate between families, that at the end these two would end in tragedy and forgiveness.

This is definitely a good adaptation of that old and great book, with a tragedy-dramatic style, and  a incredible plot that inspired thousand of movies and stories so as consequence this plot is overexploited , and considering that this movie is a very literal adaptation, everyone knows the plot, which at this point is boring  and predictable, but how I already mention is a good adaptation of a book that was wrote in 1597, in a time that was normal to see teenagers getting married, and of course before the  movies, so that very dramatic style does not work as well as in the books or theaters for consequence the actuations look very exaggerated and the same with the dialogues, probably this movie worked in 1968 but nowadays it would be just another movie inspired or adapted from a good and overexploited book.

Canada, a Great Adventure in a Pandemic

Literary studies

Sharon Serrano



 Canada, a Great Adventure In a Pandemic

A cousin always told me that I should come to Canada, she was always telling me her stories and the great time that she spent here, so I always had clear that I wanted to come here, but it was more complicated than what I though. I had to fill out many papers, I had to travel to get some permits, and of course I had to convince my parents, and that was not as easy as I though, specially with my mom, she was very worried about the pandemic, but I can not blame her; when my sister went to study abroad, she had many problems to return to Mexico, I hope I don not have the same problems to go to Mexico or to return to Canada. It is weird, sometimes I feel that I just arrive here and now I need to decide where I want to be in Christmas, the pandemic is complicating the situation, I really want to see my parents and my friends, but me and my parents we are worried about the closing of the borders, what would happen if I go to Mexico and I can not come back? What would happen if I decide to stay here for Christmas? I wish I had the answer to these questions, but I do not, and I do not have time either so I need to take my decision fast, but I have no idea of which is better.



Sharon Serrano

Literary studies

El amor reconciliado



Por algún accidente no pensado          A                          for some unintended accident Suele quebrarse un vaso cristalino;          B                          a cristal glass tends to break, Trátase de soldar con barniz fino              B                     try to Weld it with a tin varnish Y lógrase por fin verle pegado;                  A              and finally maneged to be repaired;


Pero por más que apure su cuidado   A   but no matter how much you take care of it El ingenio más raro y peregrino,               B      the weirdest and most pilgrim engineer, Dejarlo sin señal es desatino,                    B      Leaving it without a signal is folly,            Siempre quedan señales de quebrado.   A          there are always signs of failure


Así es una amistad que mucho dura:           D    a long friendship is like that. Quiébrase la amistad que hermosa fuera,   D  break the friendship that was beautiful,   Suéldala el tiempo con su gran cordura;        D    fix it with the time and great sanity;

Cierto es que la amistad se mira entera, D   its true that the friendship looks  complete                                                                                                                                     Pero con la señal de quebradura            D            but witn sign of breakage            Nunca puede quedar como antes fuera.       D            it can never be as before.

Autor: Pérez Manuel María

Cuba XIX

This sonnet talks about the friendship, it compares it with a crystal glass, showing that if any of those is damaged, it won´t matter how much you tried to fix it, the damage will be always visible, and nothing will be how it used to be.