Holden’s Phases

Holden has a distracted, angry, and escapist personality. He derides most other people as “fake”, but longs for closeness with another person. Instead of facing his problems, he prefers to run; tragically, running doesn’t solve his problems. However, Holden is also sensitive and caring.

“I’m just going through a phase right now. Everybody goes through phases and all, don’t they?” (p. 15)

Holden says this phrase. He has experienced very strong things since childhood. One of the strong things that he experienced as a child was that his brother died of cancer at a very young age, and since then he has had many humor problems, and he’s been through a lot of hard phases.

Why I Love Cancun

I have a big love for Cancun, not only because I was born there. Because of how beautiful it is and for the good time you spend there. To begin with, the beaches in Cancun are one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Especially for the incredible views, you have of the sea. The sea has a mixture of blue colors, for example, turquoise blue. The weather is something that I love too. It has a very hot climate, but I love that so I really enjoy the weather. Other things that Cancun has are clubs and beach clubs. There you can meet more people, make new friends and have a good time.

STARGIRL by Jerry Spinelli

Leo is very sensitive because of the phrase that he said.  He says that Stargirl is unique and he was afraid to be close to her.

“We had no one to compare her to. No one to measure her against. She was unknown territory. Unsafe. We were afraid to get too close.”  (p.26)

When Leo talks about them having no one to compare her to. He means that there was no one like her. She was unique and one of a kind. There was no one else in the school who acted like that so that would mean she is unknown territory because they are not used to her.


Famous Poems

The poem that I liked the most was “Not Waving but Drowning”. From Steve Smith (1902-1971). Because it was the one that I understood the meaning the most and I liked the meaning. What I understood from the poem speaks of isolation and the pain of being misunderstood and is a kind of parable about the distance between internal feelings and external appearance. And the one that I liked the least was that of “Kubla Khan” by Samuel Taylor (1772-1834). Because the truth is that I did not understand the meaning behind the poem.

How I Met Dina

Dina and I first met at the airport before we left for Canada. My first impression of Dina was that she was a bit weird and that she was part of the LGTBQ+ community. At first, I had no interest in meeting her because she looked a bit weird. Until she asked me to go to the subway with her so I went. There we began to talk about our ex-boyfriends and  I realized that she is very cool, we have a lot of things in common, and that we could be good friends. Since that day we have been inseparable and she has become not only one of my best friends and more like a sister. I learned to never judge a book by its cover and be more open to meeting new people because you never know that weird crazy girl you meet at the airport can be your next best friend.

My Day

Today I woke up at 8 in the morning. I washed my face, and my teeth put on my uniform, and went down to the dining hall for breakfast. Then I went upstairs, combed my hair, brushed my teeth again, painted my face, and went to my first class which was Geography. My second class was math, where we learned a new subject. Then it was lunch, then Career ed, and at the end, we had PE on the roof of the 6th floor. Leaving school I played a game on the iPad with Fernanda and Dina while we listened to music and ate popcorn. Time passed quickly and it was time for dinner. All my friends and I went down to dinner. After I went upstairs, I took a shower, washed my face and teeth, and went to sleep.

Spring Break

During spring break I was in Cancun with Dina and Camila. We were so excited because we got to go to the wave runner, but there was only one problem. The wave was only for 3 people, and we were 4 because I invited a friend. We didn’t think it twice and we all went thinking there was not going to be an accident. We were in the middle of the ocean when suddenly, I noticed something strange. The wave was unstable but I didn’t care much.

We were on the lagoon when suddenly we turned around and the wave turned upside down. We were very scared because there were many crocodiles and they could eat us. After 2 minutes we managed to flip the wave runner. We got on, but it was full of water, we started to go fast so that the water would come out of the wave until we made it. After 30 minutes we arrived at the marina safe and sound, but very scared.


Stargirl Caraway is a very happy, charismatic, and kind girl. From the little I’ve read the book is what has given me to understand. It gives me a very positive vibe because it conveys a lot of happiness and enthusiasm.  “She was smiling at a pudding-bodied senior named Alan Ferko. The lunchroom was dead silent. She started strumming the ukulele. And singing. It was “Happy Birthday”. When she came to his name she didn´t sing just his first name, but his full name: Happy Birthday, dear Alan Ferkooooh” (p.9).            That´s when she gave me such a great vibe.

Writting Skills

Yes, I think that I improved a lot in my writing skills because I see what I uploaded to the blog at the beginning of the year and I realize that I didn’t feel like it at all. I also didn’t know what I was writing because I didn’t pay attention either. But I feel that now I write much more and better. Something that helped me improve my writing skills is that I started to read what my classmates wrote and got ideas from what the others wrote. I also asked my doubts to the teacher, which at first I didn’t do. And that helped me improve my work a lot.



The one that made me think deeply was “Enough Is Enough” because I live in a country that unfortunately suffers from a lot of sexism, a lot of violence, sexual abuse, etc… I was very interested in reading it because it opened my eyes. Before, I didn’t really care about those things until I read this essay.   The other one that made me think was “A Man. A Woman. Just Friends?” because I have friends and I maintain a good stable relationship of friendship. But there are people who do not believe that this can happen. I do believe that friendship between man and woman

The one that touched my feelings the most was “The Man Who Planted Trees”. It is about a man who spent his whole life planting trees until he created his own forest. It touches my feelings because I realized that life is about doing what YOU like and without caring what others think. It gave me tenderness that he dedicated his whole life to doing what he likes. The other that touched my feelings was “Enough Is Enough” because I hate sexism and is something that I suffer every day.

A story that I think has the most effectively used storytelling to express is “The Terrible Teens” because it talks about studies they did on adolescents and they narrate some events about the reason for the behavior of adolescents.  The other story that came to me the most effectively used storytelling to express is “Down the Mine”. It is a man who goes down into the mines and sees what life is like for the miners and what they do in the mines. He tells us everything that the miners do in their work and what are the benefits that their work has for us.

My Skiing Experience

On Saturday, February 26, we went skiing with the school to a mountain called Mount Washington. It wasn’t my first time so it wasn’t too bad. There are many things to learn and improve but at least I don’t keep falling down. The truth is an activity that I love and I would like to practice more often. We woke up at 4 am and left at 5:15 for the mountain, it didn’t feel heavy because I slept almost the whole way. Arriving the first thing we did was go for the boots and then for the skis. Then we went out and went to the magic carpet. It wasn’t difficult for me because I had already skied, but I’m not as good as the others so I stayed with those who didn’t know. In the end I went with Sodi and we were able to ski well but Sodi liked me. I have a great time and I love skiing.


Down The Mine

At first I found this essay not interesting because it is not a topic that really catches my attention because it seemed slow and boring. George Orwell spoke about his experience going to the mines and seeing how miners work and do many things so that we can have electricity. It taught me to value what we have, and that there are people working very hard for us to have and fill our need. He went out of his comfort zone to learn new things and show us the hard work they do. In the end I realized that everything can be boring but it leaves us with a lesson to value the work of others.

The Man Who Planted Trees

The essay we read in class was about a man who lived his whole life planting trees. Until he came to make a complete forest. The man died happy doing just that. But how is it that you die happy if only in your whole life you dedicated yourself to planting trees? And I didn’t understand that. Until I reflected and realized that everyone is different. For example, I would die happy if all my family were with me and my friends. But planting trees made him happy in life, it was his passion. In conclusion, do what makes you happy no matter what others think of you because we all think and feel differently.

searching for home

I found the essay we read in class very interesting. We were taught as children that our home is where we grew up as children. And that it’s not the way of thinking.

When I started reading this, it made me feel kind of confused because I still thought that our home was where we grew up, but I realized that it is not. It made me realize that we create our own home, on the environment in which we are, the people we are with, the attitude we live on it, and the love we feel for it. 

A man. A woman. Just Friends?

In the article we just read in class, he talks about the friendship of a man and a woman, and how it has evolved over the decades. In my opinion, I believe that friendship exists between a man and a woman. No sexual tensions or physical attractions. For example, I can like a friend, just to have him as a friend. Not that I’m attracted to him.

For men I feel that it’s a little bit  backwards. From what I’ve seen most of the time, when I get closer to a friend, I start to feel that tension from him. And then he confesses that he likes you. This is something that happens to most of us women. For what I have lived and my friends have lived too. For my part, I have always tried to be very close with a friend, but without people saying “they like each other” or “they would make a nice couple”. But at the end of it all, they are still men, and even more so at my age, they don’t think and they take a long time to mature, they do silly things, and they can’t maintain a friendship; Not always, but in general.

In conclusion the friendship between man and woman exists, but both experience it in a very different way, the specialists concluded. Men overestimate the attraction that a friend can feel for him, while women underestimate the same possibility with their friends of the opposite sex.

everyday sexism

In Everyday Sexism, Laura talks about what a woman suffers every day. Both physically and mentally. I liked it a lot, because women who suffer from sexism can express themselves there. And people can listen and welcome them.

Personally, this topic is too strong for me, as much as me and many people I know, my family or friends. They have experienced things that she talks about in the essay. Unfortunately I live in a country that is in the top 10 of the countries with the most sexualism. Thanks to that, I am closer to living everything he talks about in the essay.

In Mexico, men are very macho, because the mentality is retrograde and misogynistic. Men think and believe that women are useless, that they should not study or work, they should only be taking care of the house and doing housework for their husband, father, brother or even their children.

Act 3

In this paragraph I am going to talk about act three and what surprised me and made me think about the play.
I was very surprised by the play, because it is something that I never expected, Emily’s death.
She just had a child, she just got married. She was beginning to shape her life, she died very young.
At the same time, what happened made me emotional because it made me think that one day our loved ones would die, and that death exists.
It also taught me that we have to take advantage of every day, every hour, every minute and every second of our lives because we don’t know what is going to happen.
I was surprised that those who had already died accepted her death. They were relaxed and happy to be dead. They even told Emily that one day she would accept it and that she feels good.
She made me a little creepy because it made me think about what comes after death. Nobody knows what happens. Nobody has died and come back to life to tell about it and that’s what scares me and makes me creepy.
I felt bad when her parents cried for her, because I feel that sometimes I don’t take advantage of my parents and that makes me feel bad because they do everything for me.

Our Town

What I liked the most about the play is that it deals a little about love.
As far as we go, two people fall in love, then they get married and I guess and hopefully continue their story, because I love love stories.
Something that I also liked that the actors acted very well, since they managed to make the stage forget and you will only pay attention to them and what is happening.

What I didn’t like about the play esque, some parts went to the past and suddenly returned to the present, that confused me a lot.
Another thing I didn’t like about the play was that there weren’t any materials to use, for example if they had a coffee without cups they acted as if they were drinking, although I know that’s how the work is, but that caused me a bit of conflict.


To begin with, I went to Cancun on December 19th. I came as a surprise to my brother and the person who works in my house. I had a great time because it was hot and I spend it on the beach every day.

I saw my my grandparents and all the rest of my family, every day we went out to eat and then we went back to my grandparents´house to spend the rest of the day. I also saw my friends, and we went to a lot of parties.

I also went to the wave-runner with my best friend and we were trying to look for sharks, but we accidentally found a turtle and I went into the sea to see it.

At the end I had to say goodbye to everyone again, but i´m getting used to it again , and I miss them a lot.

Romeo And Juliet

What I liked about the movie is that i love movies and this one became one of my favorites because it made me feel that the characters really loved each other and I don’t like them falling in love at first sight but in this movie I liked that feeling and like me if i believe in love i would like to feel that.

What I did not like very much is that in some parts they exaggerated their performance a lot and I feel that they did not come out very well, but other than that I loved it and I do not have much to say about something that I did not like.

My Experience In Canada

It all started when my grandmother explained to me what it was like to study abroad for a year.
When I was in second year of high school, my brother and my cousin went to Canada. They both told me that it had been the best experience of their entire life.
And that’s when I said that I wanted to go, but everything about the coronavirus started, so that year I couldn’t go, until two years later I could come here.
I chose Victoria because it was the warmest place in all of Canada.
Also my cousin told me that she came to Victoria and recommended many places which I can visit.
When I started to see everything to come to Brookes, I loved the school and decided to come to it, because it was very modern.
The first day I arrived here, I met Dina and Camila. I started taking them with them and we became very good friends, but dina was quarantined for two weeks. Later when classes started I became friends with Veronica and Fernanda.
At first I did not get along very well with my roommate, because there was no trust, but after a while we became very good friends and we are getting along very well right now, and we have a lot of trust right now and I love her very much.
Then I began to take with the boys  like Sergio, Sodi, Alonso, etc …
And until now we continue to get along very well and we have super good friends.
Regarding school, I feel that I am doing well but since English is not my first language, it is very difficult for me to express myself.
But until now I have loved this school and all my friends and it has been the best experience of my life to have come here.

Retorno Fugaz

Retorno Fugaz, Juan Ramón Jiménez

Mientras por competir con tu cabello, A

oro bruñido al sol relumbra en vano; B

mientras con menosprecio en medio el llano B

mira tu blanca frente el lilio bello; A


mientras a cada labio, por cogello. A

siguen más ojos que al clavel temprano; B

y mientras triunfa con desdén lozano B

del luciente cristal tu gentil cuello: A


goza cuello, cabello, labio y frente, C

antes que lo que fue en tu edad dorada D

oro, lilio, clavel, cristal luciente, C


no sólo en plata o vïola troncada D

se vuelva, mas tú y ello juntamente C

en tierra, en humo, en polvo, en sombra, en nada. D



It describes a woman when she was younger.




I liked the movie because it was the first time I saw an opera musical, I had never seen one like this and I feel like it was a new experience. I also liked it because I don’t like the opera, and I have never listened to it so much and my family will like that I listened to opera.

I did not like the movie because there are almost no dialogues and they only sing, if I liked that they sung, but that they have done the whole movie and there is no dialogue was what I did not like. Nor did I like that they have put a bull as they mistreat. I also did not like that the characters fall in love so quickly, it gives me a lot of cringe because it cannot be that they have known each other for 2 days and they already love each other.

Nikki’s Diary

In Nikki's diary, written by Rachel Renée Russell, Nikki very much wanted a new cell phone, the one everyone had. But her mother wouldn't let her have it because she said it was too expensive and that she was too much to have. She didn't understand it because all her friends had it and wore and use it in to school, and they were already in high school and she felt old and mature enough to have it and use it. "Getting what you want is as difficult as not getting it. Because then you have to figure out what to do with it, instead of figuring out what to do without it". Her mother gave her this advice to make Nikki appreciate and value what she has. And teach him that all humans are very nonconformist. When we get what we want, we want more. I chose this phrase because I liked the reasoning, because it reminded me when I wanted a phone when I was very little, and my parents told me the same thing they said to her and it made me reflect and remember my childhood. 

West Side Story

Something I liked about the film was that it is a musical and I love musicals, I love the way they sing, since they have a very soft voice. At first I thought the movie was going to be boring but on the contrary, it was very entertaining to see the actors in their role singing.


Something I didn’t like about the movie was that Maria was still in love with Tony after he had killed her brother Bernardo. It makes me something super illogical, since if they had or dating time, it would be accepted a little because then you do not fall out of love in a second. But they had known him for two days.