Leo Borlock

When Leo was 12, his family moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona. At his high school in his new state, Leo and his friend Kevin are the creators of their school’s popular TV program, Hot Seat. Leo is the producer of the show because he is shy, and he is much more comfortable coordinating behind the scenes than being in the spotlight. In the book, he doesn’t share much about his interests, other than his interest in Stargirl herself

“I had never realized how much I needed the attention of others to confirm my own presence.”

The phrase speaks of the fact that Leo needs validation from other people and that he is quite insecure with himself, that is why he needs the approval of other people. He also talks about how he is a person who wants everyone’s attention.



In three weeks I’m going to Mexico, it’s my graduation. school in mexico and i’m also going to go and invite sergio to my other graduation so i’m going to see him a week after i leave canada. I am very sad because I do not want to leave here, I am having an incredible time and I feel that I do not take advantage of it enough, I feel that I need more time here to process that this experience of coming to study is over. I remember my first day here vomo its was yesterday and I feel like it was a very short time but the truth is that it was a year. This year I met too many people that I want to have in my life forever and that I never imagined the friendships that I would have here, that is the most beautiful thing about coming to study, the people you meet, the places you know, the language you you learn and the differences of cultures that exist.

Mr. Antolini

In Catcher in the Rye, a character that caught my attention was Mr. Antolini. In his first encounter with Holden, He was surprisingly kind and considerate with him. Even though he was in his free time he invited holden to his home to chat, showing that he cared for him and wanted to see what was up with him. In that period of time, in a way, he acts like the parent holden wished he had.

“Many, many men have been just as troubled morally and spiritually as you are right now… You’ll learn from them—if you want to. Just as someday, if you have something to offer, someone will learn something from you. It’s a beautiful reciprocal arrangement. And it isn’t education. It’s history. It’s poetry.”

He gives holden thoughtful advice and encourages him to feel important, not like his parents who always made him feel like a failure or a lost case. He shows kindness towards him and ultimately helps him get through all the trouble he endures through the story. I feel that he impacted me the most for this support that he gave him and showed few instances of kindness and true care for holden that the novel has.

Famous poems Opinion

Do not go gentle into the good night

I really liked the poem because it displays how life isn’t a paragraph, rather a sentence. Basically that life is short and and you have to live it to the fullest in the lifespan of a sentence. It shocked me because although I’ve always kept in mind that my time is limited on this earth, I never really stopped to enjoy the little moments that forge me. I interpreted the line “kisses are a better fate than wisdom” as a reference to the saying that an idiot enjoys life more than a philosopher. The author wanted to show us that wisdom although its good and powerful, wont bring you any joy like a simple act of a kiss which doesn’t bring anything more than pleasure. To really live life with pleasure as it is short.


We are going to see the rabbit

I didn’t like this poem because I felt that it was too long and took way too much time to get to the point or at least evoke something in me. I didn’t really understand the message that it was trying to communicate and a fraction of the vocabulary confused me. It repeated the words frequently and what this would do to me is that I would get stuck on a stanza thinking the same thing and basically slow my reading. I felt that in the third quarter of the poem it was getting a bit odd and added elements that  only confused me more. They really had no relevance to the story and it wasn’t an enjoyable reading.

Next Step

In 15 days is my graduation and I am very excited because I feel that it is another achievement in my life and that encourages me to set new goals, although going to university scares me a little because it is a very big step in my life and deciding that I want to study and dedicate the rest of my life is a very big decision for me, I am not ready to decide what to do with my life, one that in 2 months I will enter university, which basically is already a very short time. I’ll do the university in Mexico and I’ll do a few semesters outside of Mexico, maybe I’ll do a semester in Milan or Florence because in those places there are good fashion design courses, which is something that I like a lot, I still see yes, yes. I will go or not.


Holden is a rather peculiar boy since he was a good boy until his brother died and after that, he became very rebellious, but the more you read the book you realize that everything he does and says is to look good with everyone and that he didn’t really want to say or do what he does. He makes it seem like he doesn’t care about anyone but he constantly thinks of everyone and how they feel and how he tries to help in his own way but at the same time he doesn’t. The sentence I’m going to put was when he was talking to his teacher at the beginning of the book and his teacher told him an inspiring sentence or did holden screw it up completely and said..

“Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules.”

“Yes, sir. I know it is. I know it.”

Game, my ass. Some game. If you get on the side where all the hot-shots are, then it’s a game, all right—I’ll admit that. But if you get on the other side, where there aren’t any hot-shots, then what’s a game about it? Nothing. No game

In my opinion, Holden is a misunderstood person but he also does bad things, I feel that it is his age and what he has been through that has never healed him well. But he is a very well-developed character and I love that because he is so entertaining.



Last week a case of femicide has gone viral on the internet in Mexico, in Monterrey that an 18-year-old girl was killed and they have not solved the case because the only thing that is known is that she was in a taxi and got off in the middle of nowhere and out of nowhere they found her dead in a well, in the search for this girl they found 5 more girls who had not come out. Right now Mexico is horrible, insecurity is horrible and really nothing can be done because there are cases of girls who even leave school and are raped.


I will talk about my vacations, first I went to Kamloops, which I did not love, I went to Banff, which was incredible, it was the place that I liked the most, and there I also went skiing and it was beautiful, then we went to Edmonton and I went to the largest mall in Canada and I was very nice and had many things, I went to Calgary and I did not like anything, it almost has nothing to do and I did not love it, and finally we went to Jasper that there is almost nothing to do and literally it is a town that had three hotels and 4 stores and we’re only back for one day in Vancouver.

The Character in the RYE

I will analyze Holden’s positive qualities. Specifically, care for Mr. Spencer. Even
though he is expelled from his school and has no reason to visit his old teacher,
he still decides to honor his request and go. Just this shows that he cares for him
even though his internal dialogue is rude towards him. “I mean it sir. Please don’t
worry about me. I sort of put my hand on his shoulder. ‘Okay*I said (p.18).” The
motion of putting his hand on his shoulder while assuring him shows natural
care for his feelings. He could’ve just told him in a rude way but decided to
deliver it in a way that seemed grateful for the advice and really assuring him that
he was alright.

The Catcher in the Rye Character Analysis

I will analyze Holden’s positive qualities. Specifically, care for Mr. Spencer. Even though he is expelled from his school and has no reason to visit his old teacher, he still decides to honor his request and go. Just this shows that he cares for him even though his internal dialogue is rude towards him. “I mean it sir. Please don’t worry about me. I sort of put my hand on his shoulder. ‘Okay’ I said (p.18).” The motion of putting his hand on his shoulder while assuring him shows natural care for his feelings.  He could’ve just told him in a rude way but decided to deliver it in a way that seemed grateful for the advice and really assuring him that he was alright.

Ballad of distractions By Fernanda Cordero

It starts at the grey and gloomily Brookes.

Nothing to see, with little to no light.

Everything was boring, nothing to see,

just simple uniforms, in black and white.


So I decided to bring some laughter, some joy for everyone,

To make everyone smile, for it is their right.

I started to make funny noises and faces,

until out of nowhere, Miss kinsella exclaims “here comes Mr. Mcknight”


“Off you go to the princpial’s office fernanda,

There is no room for silliness and laughter.”

“But Mr. McKnight, there should be smiles and happiness,

Otherwise everything will be a disaster.”

“Shush and leave, miss bayes will be waiting for you.”

And indeed she was, with a frown in her face

Waiting like a judge ready to convict a felon

“Come fernanda, let us talk by the fire place.”

“Miss bayes, I did absolutely nothing wrong,

My classmates were so bored, so out of life,

That I decided I should cheer them up

Yet Mr. McKnight makes it sound like I was holding a knife.”

What’s wrong with a little laughter?

What’s wrong with little smile?

What’s wrong with a little light in the dark?

Shouldn’t we all have fun once in a while?

“No, we’re here to study and learn, there is no room for happiness.

What you are doing should be done at home,

I don’t want to see students smiling in class,

Because of you making faces like a garden gnome.”

Miss bayes, laughter is everyone’s right abs it cannot be denied,

I will keep making everyone’s face bright and happy,

And if you want you can join me

And make this school a little more wacky.

My opinion about the essay

The one that made me think deeply was enough is enough, because since they are things that they do daily about sexism, you already get used to it and you no longer realize the sexism that is lived day by day. This story made me think a lot about all the sexism that exists in Mexico and in the world. The other story that made me think a lot was the one about down in mine, because I feel that we live in a part of the world that we do not realize the privileges we have and we complain about everything, orwell went out of his comfort zone to see the quality of life that the miners had, he realized that the quality of life is unpleasant and I help them as little as I can. These two stories make me learn that not everything in life is easy and that some suffer much more than others and that we must learn to enjoy the advantages that life gives us.

The next story that touched my feelings the most was searching for home, which left me learning that you are always looking for something more because normally people are like very ambitious and we always look for more and we never settle, that’s why he wanted to look for his family. But until the end he realized that his family was always with him and he didn’t have to look for anything else to realize. The second story that touched my feelings the most was the man who planted trees, that story touched my feelings; because he alone made an entire forest by himself and he always did what he liked the most and that’s how he should live, because apart from having lived happily he also helped others a lot and that inspires me a lot.

For me, the best story that he gave as very good examples was that of terrible teens, because he gave good references of how all the stages that adolescents live, it was also quite well written, everything was backed up with some reference or good information about the stages of the teenagers, I liked it a lot but the one I didn’t like was Just Friends, the idea of the story is good but it has nothing to prove that best friends don’t know how to be best friends without putting feelings, the only thing that didn’t matter reference was a television series and in my opinion a series is nothing to verify a story.


My Weekend

I am going to talk about my ski trip that was on Saturday, we woke up at 4 am to go skiing, we arrived at the mountain around 8 am, we started skiing early. I learned to ski on that trip because I didn’t know how to ski, I’m not that bad, I thought it would be worse, then we went back to school. The next day was my birthday and he turned 19, that day I went to dinner with my friends, it was fun, the truth is, I had a great time this weekend.

Down the Mine PR

The man left his comfort zone to see the quality of life that other people had and to continue as with the experiment he went to live as if he were one of them to understand the living environment and everything that happened. This seems to me to be a super good social experiment, going to live like one of them because it’s one thing to do it for a day or two but then go live the same experiences for a long time.

The Man

I liked the story a lot because it teaches us to always do the things that make us happy or that we like because I feel that we are used to doing things that never fulfill us and this story talks about all that we should always do to live happyily and how to have a reason to live and not just survive because when you lead a life doing things that you don’t like or don’t fulfill you are basically surviving, and dying happy.

The man had an enormous ability to plant his own forest and well, the man also helped others a lot and that was what I liked the most about the story that was the message that came to me the most and I liked it.


The story is very beautiful since she wants us to understand many things about our origin because she wanted to know where she came from, but since her mother died and went to live with her father, she does not know much about her home.
In my opinion, I liked history because of what it gives you by teaching about the home and how to investigate your family roots because sometimes I feel that I don’t care about my ancestors, after all, I feel that I don’t Know about my roots or where I come from did not contribute anything, but now with this story, I realized that it is good to investigate where you come from and to know well about your home.

Just Friends??

I think those best friends cannot exist if they do not always end up feeling something between each other, and if not, in most cases, if a friendship is made, one of the two ends up having feelings for the other, sometimes they are reciprocated and other times well friendship is ruined.

I feel that if you can have a best friend without ending up having sex because we are already in a fairly advanced society to think that we cannot control ourselves but in my opinion, I feel that if you can not have sex with your best friend why What matters is friendship, because you only see it with a friend and not with other intentions.

In the movies, they always put this couple of best friends who end up either being a couple or having sex and ruining the friendship but I feel that there is another side of the story where a friendship between a man and a woman can be carried out well just by having one nice friend but they don’t put that on TV because it doesn’t have that unexpected twist where best friends become boyfriends or where they end up having sex.

The Reality That Women Live

In class we saw sexism and we read about it, it is a very sensitive subject at least for me because in Mexico and in the whole world there is too much sexism but I can only talk about Mexico because it is what I have experienced. Sexism in Mexico is horrible and there comes a point where women are no longer aware of the sexism that we live day by day, we are so used to living it that for some women it seems so normal that we reach the point that even in their own homes they do not feel sure, there are quite a few cases in Mexico in which husbands, boyfriends or partners hit women or physically and verbally assault them, but I feel that this does not have the impact it should have, if a woman hits her partner there are thousands of women who they don’t do anything because they think that’s the way it is or that they are the ones who are fine and who deserve it but let’s not go too far let’s start with things that are experienced daily in a typical family in mexico let’s start with a man in the house At mealtime, the man or the men of the family do not lift a finger, the wives normally serve them food, they pick up the plate, they wash whatever is dirty, and in fact in Mexico it is quite a common phrase more than it should be, which is ” woman It’s for the kitchen” and that’s nothing, they say many more things that are much more sexist, but it’s just to give an example.

In Mexico, the only thing we women are good for is to be housewives and a woman must always clean, cook and take care of her children and that is the mentality of the majority of Mexicans, there are careers where women still cannot enter because They are only men’s careers, there is also the simple fact that women in many cases or if it is not that in most cases they are not given great positions for the simple fact of being a woman even if they do the work of one more position tall one who is there does not get paid the same as his male colleagues and this is very normal in Mexico and I suppose also in the whole world.

These are a few examples of things that happen every day in Mexico but it is horrible the fact that because we are a woman or were born a woman we have to put up with comments like don’t dress so vulgar because it provokes men or that we are already destined to have to fighting more for the things we want and having to put up with macho comments and actions are just as macho and then when we complain about simple things that are macho they tell us that we are lying and that this never happens to us and so that they say that all feminist marches they are for nothing and that they do not make any changes in society but I feel that men are not even aware of everything that women have to endure just for being women and that is why they say so many nonsense but well I think I extended myself a lot but this is a small part of all the things that women live day by day in Mexico.

Act 3

What act 3 gives was quite interesting to me because it gives as a lesson or so I took it, that emily clung to seeing her parents again after she died and when she saw her mother at the beginning that if she knew She was emotional but later she understood that something was not right her mother treated her as if it were a normal day and she tried to explain that she was dead and how more than anything she wanted to say goodbye well and her mother did not pay attention to her it was that only her I looked weird and ignored her, so at that moment, Emily realized that nothing could be done anymore and I feel that learning was like we have to move on and not cling to the past.

This act made me quite sad and creepy as if this act makes you think about what happens after death. It made me quite creepy because it makes you see things from the other side because normally they teach you only when the person dies and the story of how the vibes miss the one who died but here they teach you how the person who died spends which in this case is emily and I find it super interesting to see this side of the story but at the same time it is very creepy to see how the dead feel when they die and that they also miss their lives.


In this paragraph I will talk about the things that I liked the most about this movie that he put us in last class and that I also read because I liked the acting and that the actors are quite good also the dialogue the story is quite strange but I liked it and I liked the movie more than the book because in my book there are only the dialogues.

What I didn’t like about the movie and the book is that it’s too confusing that it talks about the present after the past. The production of the movie doesn’t have scenarios either, but until later I understood that this is how the movie should be and that was what it didn’t. I like that it is appropriate.


My Vacations

I am going to talk about my vacations and what I did, because I went to San Diego with my cousin and the first few days I did nothing but rest, I went shopping for clothes, after that my parents came to San Diego and they were also my friends from surprise and the truth is that I did not expect anything from them coming to visit me.

We did a lot of things we went to the snow just one day later we only did shopping and it was new year and I had an incredible time we had a super delicious dinner after new year we went to LA and we went two days to disney one day to disney and another day to california adventure and We also went to the third largest mall in the world, which is in LA, and we also went to eat at super delicious places, and well, I’m back in Canada.


Gossip Girl

This scene happened because gossip girl spoke badly of Blair and Blair tried to change so that they no longer said anything about her and serena said that phrase to help her. One of the themes of Gossip Girl is how much external perceptions create an image for someone. The Gossip Girl blog, and explosions, has the ability to make even the smallest detail of someone seem outrageous. Serena, as the blog’s perennial target, knows this better than anyone. Serena may not always be the nicest person in situations, and she may have a lot on her record, but she is always authentically herself. Whether people love her or hate her, that’s a point of hers in her favor, and something that she tries to convey to her friends as well.

Don’t let people tell you who you are. You tell him. – Serena

I liked this phrase very much because it serene that I do not let people say who she is if not that she herself say who she is, she tries to say that it is not what people say about her and that she does not let herself be guided by what the people say. others if not that she herself says what she is and I liked it a lot because it makes enough sense, never let others tell us who to be or what to do if not to be what you want to be.


Romeo & Julieta

This has been one of the best films I have seen in this class. I love the whole movie. It makes me a very beautiful story of how people can be who can love so much but also hate so much and for things that are irrelevant. I love the movie, which is like the romance movie that all the other movies are based on. I feel like this is like the original and it teaches you what love really is. I feel that it is a story too well done for the times where they were made because this movie was a long time ago because I loved the whole movie, the plot, the actors, the costumes, and the time in which it was made.

There are not many things that I did not like because I actually liked the whole film but then there are details that for example the English they speak is quite old and formal English and nothing is understood if it were not because I know the story and because the teacher was telling us about it, I would never have understood the scripts and also the acting is quite exaggerated and sometimes I felt that the only thing Julieta was doing was screaming about everything.


My experience in Canada

My experience when I arrived in Canada was when I arrived and from the first week that I began to know everyone about how they were and that they took us everywhere and when I made my friends from here that I love them very much although I have known them recently I have an appreciation for them. When we went to the center for the first time we encountered an anti-vaccination protest and I had never seen a protest about this and the experience of getting to know new places with totally unknown people was great and I was getting to know a place and new people at the same time. that unites you much more with the place and with the people because I know that it is not easy at all like connecting to a new place without your family without your lifelong friends and that now you have to live with strangers than at some point friendship What you have becomes a brotherhood since you know everything very well with so much time that you have lived in boarding school and it is super nice when they go from being strangers to being your sisters and brothers. This is one of the best things that I have experienced and I am really enjoying the experience, obviously, as there are good experiences, there are bad ones, but you fit in because the truth is, nothing is like your home, here they don’t do everything to you, here you have to do it for yourself. And it’s the hardest thing to do but I’m still working on it.

Nací para quererte

Por un tiempo, tu amor he descuidado,
sin fijarme en el dolor producido,
pero el mensaje de ayer, recibido,
me hizo volver a ti, enamorado

No hallé felicidad, solo a tu lado,
la dicha buscada, tiene sentido,
por yerros del ayer, arrepentido,
ahora que retorno, perdonado,

pido tu indulto amor, por ofenderte,
que mi mayor error, fuera dejarte,
y mi mayor acierto, conocerte,

mi corazón amor, quiere expresarte,
que vine a este mundo, para quererte,
y mientras siga en el, es para amarte.

The sonnet tells of a person in love moving away from their partner and realizing that they have caused their partner too much pain. Then his partner sends him a message and as he falls in love again and realizes that he is only happy by his side and like he wants to return but does not know how, he apologizes for the damage he has done and says that his biggest mistake was to abandon him and that his greatest success was meeting him and he tells him that while he is still alive he will continue to love him.