Juana the Brave

In “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck. A short story, with a great plot. Today I am going to talk about Juana, one of the main characters. She is the mother in the family. Composed of her husband Kino and her son Koyotito. I also haven’t mentioned that he’s my favorite character. I define Juana as a brave person. She becomes very important at various times in the story because of her courage. For example…

Juana quieted him as she would quiet a sick child. “Hush,” she said. “Here is your pearl. I found it in the path. Can you hear me now? Here is your pearl. Can you understand? You have killed a man. We must go away. They will come for us, can you understand? We must be gone before the daylight comes.”

“I was attacked, ” Kino said uneasily. “I struck to save my life.”

As we can see, Juana would do everything for her family, and to save it. This is a clear example of one of the qualities that this character has, and how he develops it during the story. I liked the book a lot, and I admire the role they gave Juana. Great Book with Mexican development.



This weekend I had a lot of fun. But the main reason why I am writing this “Personal Writing”, is because I want to talk about what my first experience in Canada was like playing paintball. So on Sunday I woke up, to have breakfast and regain strength, which I would need later. I went to my bedroom, changed my clothes and brushed my teeth. To then be ready to take the bus and move to the Paint-ball area. When we got there, my friends and I got really excited, just being there and having fun. While there they explained the rules to us, they gave us the weapons (compressed air gun, bullets, mask and vest). To then be able to enter the battlefield. The teams were divided into two, blue and yellow. I was part of the yellow. Pretty happy to be able to be with my friends. At the end of the first game the yellows had won and that put me in a good mood. And so it went for another three games. Since the school had bought a lot of bullets, he gave us money for more games. At the end of the day, honestly I ended up full of bruises but I felt that every second was worth it as I had so much fun.

Holden and one of his qualities

Holden, has been a pretty sad person. On many occasions in the book we can see that he has had a lot of difficulty finding happiness. This can be due to many factors, such as not being able to have many friends, or perhaps not achieving his goals. It got to the point that he started drinking, until he got really bad.

“Sally? That you?”

“Yes- stop screaming. Are you drunk?”

“Yeah. Listen. Listen, il’l come over Christmas Eve. Okay? Trimma  goddam tree for ya. Okay? Okay, hey, Sally?”

“Yes. You’re drunk. Go to bed now. Where are you? Who’s with you?”

“Nobody. Me, myself and I.” Boy I was drunk! I was even still holding onto my guts.

“Hey, Sally! You want me trimma tree for ya? Ya want me to? Huh?”

“Yes. Good night. Go home and go to bed .”

As you can see, Holden, is a person full of  qualities. But full of flaws. What he has had to live through has been very difficult, and well, I understand it. I feel like I could improve and learn from his mistakes.


This term has been quite different from the others. Entering the world of poems is being a great experience. Is that his is a huge controversy on this issue. Many people may misjudge this type of writing, and others may think otherwise. Today I’m going to talk about the best poem I’ve read so far and which one I hate the most.

“Passing Through the Woods on a Snowy Night” by Robert Frost. This poem was one of my favorites. I like it because of the way it is written. As you can see, it looks so simple and it’s easy to understand. But if you dig deeper, you can see that the poem has a bigger meaning and an interesting plot.

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. I miss him about this. It is that I have chosen the same writer. His best poem, and his worst, for me. I feel like this poem is not as great as the other one. I find it very boring. The main reason, I’m not too sure about it. But the way he tries to express it, it’s something that bothers me. When I first read it I had a hard time understanding it and I don’t see any sense in it.


Yesterday I went paddleboarding. We were very lucky because the day was very beautiful. The sun was nice, accompanied by a fairly hot breeze. When we arrived at the lake, our instructor was waiting for us with the paddles ready to enter the water. When I got on the paddle, I could feel the water, and instantly I realized that if I fell I was going to die of cold. We went all the way around the lake until we reached the other end, and then we turned around and went back. When I arrived I realized that all my pants were wet, of course I went to the bathroom to change so as not to die of cold.

We took the paddles to the beach to dry, we took off our vests and we went to the bus to go back to school. I really liked it a lot, it’s an experience that I can’t enjoy in Mexico. Looking forward to the next class.


The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger. Jim Steele, the main character, was talking to Maurice, to see if he could get him a hooker. Since he felt quite lonely and bitter. Maurice did what he could, and finally succeeded. She was a rather disrespectful young woman who was just going to do her job. In that the young lady, is taking off her coat and her shoes. Jim begins to realize that what he wanted was to talk to someone to have a conversation. But she just came to do her job.

“Don’t you feel like talking for a while.” I asked her. It was a childish thing to say, but I was feeling so damn peculiar. “Are you in a big hurry?” She looked at me like I was a madman.”What the heck you wanna talk about?” She said. “I don’t know. Nothing special. I just thought perhaps you might care chat for a while (pg.106).

Jim, is definitely a person with. which still does not know how to decide clearly. On many occasions he does not have a clear mind. I suppose that as his years go by he will learn and he will be able to choose his actions well.




My weekend

Finally Friday was there. I was very happy and cheerful. I went to the gym around to or three hours. After that I had my day free, so I decided to take the bus and go to downtown. In downtown I met some some Italian, and Mexican friends. We waste some time in the park talking about everything, until I had to get back at school. Once in school, I went to see my friends, which we spent a few hours in a common room. Finally, was the time to get into our dorms to get some rest. On Saturday, I decided to wake up early, to go to the gym. After the gym, I found myself a bit tired, so I went to buy a coffee to be able to gain strength, and continue the day. The day was beautiful. The sun was shining, and for the first time here in Canada I didn’t have to wear a jacket. The day passed, and as on Friday I went to sleep knowing that I had a productive day. On Sunday I choose to get the day free, and make some homework I had to do for the next day.

That was my weekend, kind of boring, but productive. Now the week is on, but if I want to be honest, my mind is already thinking in the next weekend. Just the fact, I can sleep all the time I want, it puts me in a good mood.

My Spring Break

My spring break. The twenty-one days that I stayed in Mexico were incredible. To say that I almost missed my flight due to a delay at the airport, but after that I was in the heat, with my family and my friends. I felt very happy. I went to the beach very often, where the water was found with impressive colors such as turquoise and various types of blue between light and dark. I met new people, I went to eat in various places that I had never been before, and in the end I felt like a tourist.

Several months had passed since the last time I had gone to Mexico and that is why I wanted to take advantage of everything as if it had been the first time. My last days of vacation were pretty sad and boring as I had to start saying goodbye to everyone again, and start my bags to go back to school. Honestly, after having told you all this, what I liked the most was to go to my room and turn on the air conditioning so that my room gradually cools down. It was an amazing spring break that I will never forget.

The Catcher In The Rye

“In the catcher in the rye” by J.D Salinger. Holden, the guy who is pretend to be the main character, is the same guy who I think is a gentle boy. From how little I’ve been reading this book,  noticed a great quality from him. I understand that this is just the beginning. But I’m sure if I continue to read this book I will find more qualities from his part. In the book he explains how he tries to be gentle with the people who surround him, and that makes me think good things about him. For example…

“The other reason I wasn’t down at the game was because I was on my way to say good-by to old Spencer my history teacher. He had the grippe, and I figured I probably wouldn’t see him again till Christmas vacation started” (p. 6).

So, after reading a bit of this book I found that his major quality at the moment is being gentle with other people, like his history teacher. I will continue to figured out what other qualities he have, by continuing this book.

“Down the mine”

 After reading this essay. You understand how difficult it was for people to extract coal. Coal it serves us for cooking, generating electricity, in the production of steel, fuel production, and steel production. The ratio of coal reserves to production is about 2.6 times that of oil and 1.9 times that of natural gas. That is why it can be said that coal is a very important material for our daily life. The serious problem with this material is or was how it was extracted several years ago. Coal hides in man-made mines. But back then the men’s work to extract it was like torture, what they had to go through inside those mines was not some kind of game. For many people it cost their lives to work there, and in many cases they were not compensated. Today things have changed and security measures are used to prevent things that may happen. For example, today machines are used that do everything manually and other safety measures are used, such as masks so as not to inhale the gases that are formed in the mines themselves.

Reading this essay, I learned a lot. In a small part you understand that when people worked to extract coal, they did it but at a very high cost. A hell.

The man who planted Trees…

A fantastic essay. The man who planted trees.

An old man who ended up dedicating himself to planting trees for the rest of his life, leaving aside his social life, his family, and other types of needs. Without rewards or merits, by his own ego he managed to plant an entire forest of trees. What the man got – written by “Jean Giono”, is something that is impressive. Just the fact that you did something good for the common good and society is something that describes you as a person.

This old mand was happy doing his job. He always thought of others and leaving a better world for future generations. He did something he loved to do, and I feel like he would never regret doing it. I do something that makes you happy, it’s something you never want to stop doing.

Reading this, at first I didn’t understand why he did it. But after reading, I realized that he loved his job and that he was not going to leave it, because it was what made him happy. I hope to find someday something that really excites me and that when I do it I feel happy.


I was born and raised in Mexico as many know. My family comes from the old European continent, my father from Switzerland and my mother from Italy. “Home”, I have many and I know I will have many more. But there is a special place that when I am there, I feel calm and relaxed. I think this is due to many factors, such as where you were born, your friends, the environment and many more factors. A big part of me understands the confusion of this girl, who tries to understand and, to know what her true home is.

I liked this essay. I was very interested to know how the girl felt looking for her house. I think it is very important to know your family’s past. It would be nice to appreciate all the moments you live with your parents and grandparents. and that they tell you about the past generations of your family that is sure to be very interesting.

William Deresiewicz’s essay, “A Man. A Woman. Just friends?”

The text that we read was “A Man. A Woman. Just friends?”. It was quite interesting as it gave me a new perspective on how friendship and its possible problems are viewed. Argumenting that men and women can be just friends is an idea that i feel is just right.

In the article, the author uses the example of Ross and Rachel and Monica and Chandler from Friends to show how hollywood has romantiziced these friendships. Yet from there the idea of “platonic friendship” is already present, as Ross liked rachel way before there was  a friendship, so that doesnt count. Besides, in the show two characters called Phoebe and Joey never dated and they state on multiple occasions that they are just friends. This example shows that men and women can be friends.

From my own experience, ive had a mix of both. Ive had female friends that at some point thought i might have feelings for them and decided it was best for me to lock out those feelings as to not ruin a friendship. Yet i also have female best friends who ive never looked any other way than the relathionship we already have.

I really liked the article because in a way it showed and reassured me that true friendship can exist and not everything has to be looked at in a sexual way. It also informed me about different topics like feminism and the transformation of women after the movement. This article helps people realize, that having a “Frienship” between men and women, it dosen’t always need to be in some way sexual.  So “Men and Women ” can be just friends? I tottaly agree.

Independent Reading

Professor Willard. Explain the anthropological data, of the early Ameridian stock, written by Thorton Wilder. Is the first Chapter, and we can see that, he was asked to tell a little about the Early Ameridian stock, and about the Cotahatche tribes, since he was very wise and good educated. To which he replies… no evidence before the tenth century of this era, just possible traces in three families. After that, with great curiosity, the Stage Manager asked him about the population of the town they are living in, to which Professor Willard gladly replied.

Professor Willard- Within the town limits 2,640.

Stage Manager- Just a moment, Professor.

Professor Willard- Oh, yes, indeed?- The population, at the moment, is 2,642. The postal District brings in 507 more, making a total of 3,149.-Mortality and birth rates: constant.

Stage Manager- Thank you very much, Professor. We’re all very much obliged to you, I’m sure.

Professor Willard- Not all, sir; not all.

Stage Manager- This way, Professor, and thank you again.

I choose this quote, because the truth is, I am a person who likes to know the exact data, and that is why when I read p(27) p(28), I identified myself with Professor Willard. It also made me realize that even if it is a completely invented city, it is possible to tell a beautiful story and that is why I like it.


Blog-Post Sexism

First of all, the truth is that I really liked this website, which makes people, especially women, a place where they can express themselves openly, and where each woman can get all kinds of feelings and clearly where people can see this type of problems and realize what happens around the world. It also reflects a lot and it would be good for all people in this world to know about this great problem that happens to women and men.

Since I come from Mexico, I wanted to express about the harsh reality that happens there today, many women and men are not respected as they should be, and that is a big problem. And in a certain sense that is what society teaches every day. This not only happens to women, but also to men where each gender is taught to be either “feminine” or “masculine”. This means that women have to be thin and always have good makeup, and men have to be strong and never have to cry.

To solve this problem, I think that it is by changing society, although I know that it is almost impossible to do that, but there is always a small opportunity, which is by doing your bit, like teaching the next generations or your own children, to respect and love themselves, because that is the most important thing you can do so that things begin to change. Many people live in fear and do not know how to face it, that’s why it is very important to think things twice before saying or acting on them.

Act #3 “our Town”

Well, this last part of the book, meaning act 3, I don’t know why, but it tottally change my perspective and my opinion, basically I just made a 180 flip with my mind, and start to thinking in a different way. The first two acts, were really basics and boring in my opinion, and I didn’t had a great expectation of the last act, but when we strted to watch it I was really intresting, with a new trama and a new way to act. In this last act, I noticed that a lot of emotions were exposed, like love, sadness, fierd, and happiness, so  I feel that the act it was much looser than the previous two and there was more confindence, and in a way I begin to enjoy it.

In fact, not all the third act was so intresting, I also find some parts really unecessary and boring, but with a different view to see things, like when Georgia realized that return to life was not easy and was much harder. Finally she was stubborn and she did go, and see how it felt to “re-born”. But of course, it was to fast and all the people  is ignorant.

My personal opinion about “Our Town”

What I like about the book

To be clear, the book is not my type but there were parts that I did not dislike, like when Emily try to help George, giving him the ansewrs of the math task and making him look stupid, because the math problems were really easy, but for Geroge were more than complicate. That part of the book was funny for me in a sense, because I started to remember when I didn’t  understand anything in math, and well my friend helped me. This scene happens in the page (37-38)

What I did not like about the book

First of all, honestly I think that, this book is boring,  I just dont understand the whole context of the story, and in the page (27-28) there’s an example of a part that I dind’t like about the first act. The context that I didn’t like was, when the “Professor Willard” start to talk about evidence and statistics of the imaginary town, so I felt that the secne was just unnecessary, and was there just to refield the story (my opinion).

Personal Writing

Today im going to talk about my day. Well first of all I woke up in the morning at 8 oclock, I was really tierd so I decided to stay 5 minutes more in my bed, then when I was ready I went to the shower to get a fresh start, after that one of the dorms parents knock the door and entered to my room to tell me that the breakfast was going to close, so I dressed up and wrnt to breakfast, it wasnt an easy desition but finally I decided to eat some cereals accompanied by an orange juice. After my breakfast I went to my room wash my teeth and put my uniform to get to my first class at 8:50,

My first class was economics, where I learned new things while the teacher explained to us, after an hour and a half of class, I went to a 10-minute break where they served me carrots that I finished all of them without any problem. At 10:30 I had English class only in a different room, since our 12th grade classmates were occupying the room we normally use thanks to their final exams, the English class was fun we read our book and then we continued watching the last week’s movie Finishing English I went to eat to resume classes 40 minutes later, where I had biology one of my favorite classes to see a new topic accompanied by a new project where the miss gave us the opportunity to start in class. When there were 5 minutes left until the end of the class, I started packing to prepare for my last class, which was art, where my teacher let me continue my project since I had finished the task that she left us. To end my day I tell you that I stayed in my room watching my series until 6 o’clock where I went out to dinner with an exquisite salmon.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet, a great story with a great plot written by someone recognized all over the world thanks to his works of art like this one. This movie proved to have character, and it showed the difference between love and hate, two things completely different and at the same time the same, if we talk about performances, graphics, all kinds of details such as the visual to how the film was made, well I can be Honestly and tell you that it is not the best I have seen but if we talk about history in general I can tell you in my opinion that I am fascinated, it made me laugh, and even sadness but well I always knew that it is a movie.

I liked many things about this movie and today I decided not to criticize it, the truth is that because I can’t, the main actors did a great job like everyone else, I can say that I would have liked it even more if it had been a story based on reality, too. I had the opportunity to witness live the balcony of these two lovers in the city of Verona where I could see a large number of tourists sticking their chewing gums or putting their locks on the walls around the gardens with a meaning of love like these 2 they had and as in the movie you can see.

My personal writing


Francisco Tapparel

My trip in Mexico was great, I had a lot of fun and had new experiences around me. To get there, it was not easy, I traveled for almost a day through Canada to return to my safe and warm place. When I got there, I was really amazed that a lot of things were different and obviously I was different. I was happy to see my family, my friends and my former teachers, they were all happy to see me, they all asked me about my experience in a new country where everything was new to me, such as school or people with different personalities.

Back in Mexico, I did a lot of great things, like hanging out with my friends, going to soccer games, going to the beach, going to the pool, getting my driver’s license, and the funniest thing coming back to parties was … I can live and talk with other people that I have never met.

Other interesting things that I experienced that month in Mexico was that I eat many delicious things like tacos, chilaquiles, spicy fries and other great things.

Sure I had homework to do, but that wasn’t a big deal because it was so easy and I just needed to upload everything in Managebac.



Poem by Gabriel Alvarez de Toledo

La muerte es la vida- Gabriel Alvarez de Toledo

Francisco Tapparel

Esto que vive en mí, por quien yo vivo,
es la mente inmortal, de Dios criada
para que en su principio transformada,
anhele al fin de quien el ser recibo.

Mas del cuerpo mortal al peso esquivo
el alma en un letargo sepultada,
es mi ser en esfera limitada
de vil materia mísero cautivo.

En decreto infalible se prescribe
que al golpe justo que su lazo hiere
de la cadena terrenal me prive.

Luego con fácil conclusión se infiere
que muere el alma cuando el hombre vive,
que vive el alma cuando el hombre muere.


Death is life

This that lives in me, for whom I live, It is the immortal mind, of God created so that in its transformed principle, long for the end of whom I receive.

More from the mortal body to the elusive weight the soul in a buried lethargy, it is my being in a limited sphere of vile material miserable captive.

In infallible decree it is prescribed that at the right blow that his tie hurts I deprive myself of the earthly chain.

Then with easy conclusion it is inferred that the soul dies when man lives, that the soul lives when man dies.

The firts 8 line – A, B, B, A, A, B, B, A.

The last 6 lines- C, D, C, C, D, C.


IRJE- “I want to read”

Francisco Tapparel




Richard Wright, He asked himself how he could get books from the library, since in those times a black person could not enter, he kept asking himself who could help him get it, until he thought that the Jew could be a great idea, but no, the position of the Jews in those times was not much better than that of black people, he kept thinking and thinking, until he came to the conclusion that he was going to ask the “pope lover” was a Catholic Irishman who was hated by the whites southerners, but Richard knew he read since he was a very cultured person.

“I want to ask you a favor”

“What is it?”

“I want to read. I can’t get books from the library. I wonder if you’d let me use your card?”

He looked me suspiciously

“My card is full most of the time,” he said

“I see,” I said and waited, posing my question silently.

“You are not trying to get me in trouble, are you boy?” he asked, staring at me.

“Oh, no, sir.”

“What book do you want?”

“A book by H.L. Mencken.”

“Which one? He has written several.”

“I didn’t know that”

“Oh, I just saw his name in the newspaper,” I said.

“Its good for you to want to read,” he said

“I’ll figure out something” (P.246)

Richard finally entered, to the library as he had always done when on errands for whites, but he felt that that he would somehow slip up and betray himself.