Anne Frank

Anne Frank is a girl who despite the circumstances, she was always cheerful and positive about the situation she was passing through. She always hope that one day everything would be fine. She is a girl who was becoming a teenager who just wanted to have fun and live her childhood as any teenager want.

“Would anyone, either Jew or non-Jew, understand this about me, that I am simply a young girl badly in need of some rollicking fun?” Friday, 24 December, 1943, pg. 111

The Quote we see here shows that Anne Frank mentions how she really needs her life to be the way it used to be, she wants to live like any other girl of her age, because she wants fun since she is Jewish, she cannot have it.

Reasons why I like fat dogs

I love fat dogs, since I was little. I have had a great fascination for dogs, but the dogs that most attract my attention are fat dogs. My fascination with fat dogs arose at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother is a dog woman, she has 5 fat chihuahua dogs. Being honest, I don’t like chihuahua dogs, but if the dog is fat I’ll love it. The only bad thing about this love for fat dogs is that dogs can get sick if they are obese and that is really sad. In conclusion I love fat dogs.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a young girl who wanted to live her life like any young girl of those times. She was a lovely and she dreamed that one day she would be able to get out of this nightmare. Anne Frank was a very intelligent and she took the situation very calmly and patiently.

“If I just think of how we live here, I usually come to the conclusion that it is a paradise compared with how other Jews who are not in hiding must be living” pg.71

What I understood from this quote is that Anne Frank knows what is happening with the Jews that are in the concentration camps, and that she is living her best life compared to what they are going through.

Poem that I liked the most and poem that I didn’t like

The poem that I liked the most was “On His Blindness” by. John Milton.

What I like the most about the poem was not the poem, it was the story behind the poem. “On his blindness”, this poem speaks of Milton’s faith in God when he loses his sight. It talks about Milton’s fear, frustration, and acceptance in the process of going blind. The poem marks a turning point as Milton moves from fear of punishment to fulfillment. Without a doubt this is a poem that makes you think what would become of us if we lost our sight, how would we react? What would happen to us? etc. This is a poem that I enjoyed reading and talking about with the teacher since Jhon Milton’s life is very interesting.

The poem that I didn’t like was “The Red Wheelbarrow” by. William Charles Williams.

I didn’t like this poem because it’s too short, and what it says almost make no sense, I know it talks about the importance of agriculture and day laborers. But it took me a long time to understand what the poem is talking about. I am sure that if the poem had been longer, I would liked it since the idea is good, but it is very short.

I love onion

The onion is my favorite vegetable. Many people hate it but I love it, the onion is a vegetable that adds flavor to any meal. There are many types of onion, for example white, purple, red and cambray onions. My favorite type of onion is cambray. I like onions so much that I can add them to any meal, and I can even eat them on their own. The only bad thing about onions is that they have a strong flavor that stays in your mouth all day, and the only way to remove it, is brushing your teeth very well. The onion is a very good vegetable since it gives you vitamins such as A, B6, C and E. It also provides minerals such as sodium, potassium, iron and dietary fiber. They are also a good source of folic acid. Without a doubt, onion is a vegetable that, in addition of being delicious, is good for your health.

The star-shaped sticker

In the kindergarten that I went to, at the end of classes they used to give you a star-shaped sticker if you behaved well. I was a girl who didn’t really behave that well. I liked to bite, hit, and cry. So they never gave me  a sticker. So one day I wanted a sticker and they didn’t give it to me as usual, so I saw a boy with a sticker, so I hit him and took the sticker off and ran away. My dad was waiting for me outside so the first thing I did was show him my sticker. He was the happiest man in the world when he realized that I behaved well that day. The teacher arrives and tells my dad that the sticker I had was because I hit a boy and stole him his sticker. My dad started laughing, and from then on they started giving me stickers every day.

Vancouver day trip

This Sunday Fernanda, Regina, Camila, Andres and I planned a day trip to Vancouver. The plan was somewhat tired and it was almost impossible for us to go. It all started on Sunday at 5:00 am, we left the dorms to take a taxi and that taxi can take us to the ferry. We arrived at the ferry very early and we were very sleepy, we arrived at Vancouver at 9:00 am. So we took a taxi to the boy’s apartment. We arrived at the apartment and the children were already awake waiting for us, we got ready and went downtown with the boys, we were starving so we decided to go to a Mexican restaurant where they sold chilaquiles, I enjoyed it so much. Finishing breakfast we decided to go downtown to take pictures, and walk. We ran out of time walking and it was 6:00 pm so we decided to take another taxi to the ferry and that’s it. We got to school on time, and we had a great time.

Anne Frank the diary of a young girl

Anne Frank was a girl who despite the situation was always joyful and positive towards the situation, and she always hope that one day everything will be ok. She was a young girl that was turning into a woman, she was in Love and wanted to live her life like any young person in those times but sadly she couldn’t. She was a lovely girl and she dreamed that one day she could go out. Anne Frank was very intelligent girl and she took the situation very calmly and patiently. But frequently she was scare of been discovered and in spite of that she was courageous and always tried to keep high hopes for herself and everyone around her.

“Still,” she writes, “what does that matter? I want to write, but more than that, I want to bring out all kinds of things that lie buried deep in my heart.” Saturday, 20 June, 1942, pg. 2

My Ballad

Once upon a time here at Brookes

our class was worried because they couldn’t find any books

Macknight asks us to choose a book to read

As the girls and I start to lead


The girls and I didn’t want to read, so Macknight took us with Mrs Base

The girls and I waited for our report on the staircase

The next class was Math

And Mr. Hernandez was mad


So he make us do a quiz

And I needed to make it quick

because I need to go to the bathroom

Finishing the quiz, I ran out of the classroom


Leaving the bathroom I went to the dining hall

And going down the stairs I fall

I hit myself hard so I went to the nurse

And Camila was crying because she lost her purse


The nurse gave me a pill

But my leg was really ill

I was hungry so I went for a banana

And Rocky made lasagna


My next class was Biology

And today Mrs Kinsella let us use Technology

I finished my homework

So I went with Regina to the firework


Regina and I sleep

really deep

Fernanda woke us up screaming

While I was freezing because of the airstream


I went to my room

And I decide to broom

I finished my eternal homework

I hope Macknight likes my piecework.

Has my writing improved?

Since I got here I thought my English writing  was good, but I realized that I made a lot of mistakes that got corrected, mistakes like “not using punctuation marks” and “using very repetitive words”, which little by little I have improved. My English writing has improved in a certain point for better, because I know that before I wrote my essays, I only wrote what I thought and uploaded my works without reading them and I did not realize the mistakes I made. Now I take my time to write and I know that right now I have a lot to improve, but I know that I am improving.

“Enough Is Enough”, “A Man. A Woman. Just Friends?”, “The Terrible Teens”, “Life Is Short”, “Why Are We Cruel?”, “Searching for Home”, “Identity Papers”, “The Man Who Planted Trees”, “Down the Mine”, “Letter From a Birmingham Jail”

“Enough Is Enough” undoubtedly is one of the texts that hit me the most, since it was gabout the sexism that exists in society, and also tells us experiences that women have had every day about sexism. “A man. A woman. Just friends?” It is another text that made me reflect a lot since it talks about a very true topic that is the friendship between a man and a woman, and if in that friendship they do not end up together in another way that is not friendship, nor sexual tension between both people, i really enjoy reading this text.

 One of the stories that touched my feelings was “The man who planted trees” since it talks about a man who spent his whole life doing what he liked, that was planting trees, but this is when the story asks you, are you doing what you like? “The Terrible Teens” is a story that also touched my feelings since it talks about the reality of adolescents and that adolescence is not painted like in the movies, but rather that in adolescence you go through many things, and that all that stage of your life teenagers are painted as “rebels”, the story told us how a “rebellious” teenager acts.

All the stories gave their point of view, and expressed their ideas clearly, but “Life Is Short” is one of the ones that expressed the ideas more clearly to my point of view, since this story talks about life is very short for not doing what we want or be happy. And another story that the narrator was a key piece is in “Down the Mine” since the narrator told us about his experience going to some mines to find out what the miners’ quality of life was like and thus be able to improve it.


Today I am going to talk about my ski trip or how I lost my ski. It all started this Saturday, it was my first time skiing, but I learned quickly. So Regina, Sodi and I got on the ski lift, we came with another group of people we didn’t know. Arriving my ski fell and get lost in the snow. Sodi and Regina asked me what was wrong with me, and I didn’t want to take their time because of me, so I told them to leave thinking they were going to stay, but they didn’t. I was left alone in a place I did not know, so the only thing I had to do was ask the service people what to do, so they told me to get on the chairlift alone, and that someone from security was going to be waiting for me. To take me to the other side of the mountain. When I get out of the chairlift a woman was waiting for me with a snowmobile to get me up to the beginning of the mountain so I could go with service so they could give me other skis.

Down the Mine

In this story, George Orwell leaves his comfort zone, and goes to a coal mine to see what the quality of life have the miners, and to see what their working conditions and the mine are like. George Orwell goes to the mines to see what it feels like to be in the place of the miners and thus improve their quality of life. The truth is that this essay seemed very boring to me, since they are topics that personally do not attract my attention, but I know that a person who is interested in this topic will like this story since it is very interesting to see how George talks about the mines and the life of the miners.

“The Man Who Planted Trees”

This essay is about an old man who spent his entire life planting trees and he finished having a forest. This story got me thinking about a lot of things. One of those was that the old man died happy, but how can you die happy if the only thing you did all your life was plant trees. Very easy he did what made him happy and he died happy. So what this story left me was that if you are happy doing something in your life, do it because in the end you will not left anything, only you, your memories and your happiness remain.

Searching for Home

Searching for Home is about a girl who wanted to find her home, she had a confusion in her head because she didn’t know where she belonged, or she didn’t feel like she was in a home. She always went to school and her friends asked her where her home was and she didn’t know what to answer because she always moved from place to place and couldn’t find her home, she wanted to know where she belonged. Her father is English and her mother was born in Singapore but she lives in China, she didn’t feel like she belonged in one place so she started researching her roots. Until she finally looked for her place in the village where her grandparents were born. In the end she realized that she has always had her own home. What this story left me was that any place can be called home as long as you have your memories, happiness, feel comfortable etc. And that it is always good to know where you come from and to know more about your past.

A Man. A Woman. Just Friends?

          The text that we read “A Man. To Woman. Just Friends” I liked because in certainly way it talks about the reality and the differences between the friendship of a women and a man and that does not necessarily have to have a sexual tension.

          I liked it, since I felt identified with the text, because at some point I have been in that situation where I have to let go a friendship since at the moment of going closer to him we started to feel some tension o start catching feelings. Normally a friendship between a man and a women is very “cliche” since in a pretty friendship between both sexes you will listen to comments such as “are they dating” etc.

           And maybe you can like him in a way, but as a friend, not as another way. In this text we can see that the friendship through the years, it has been normalized more, and that it does not necessarily will end up feeling something for that person.

“The sexism in the world”

Sexism is a discriminatory attitude of who undervalue people of the opposite sex or makes distinction of people according to their sex. Women throughout their lives have suffered from sexism, an example that some girls may feel identified is at the time of cleaning the house, for example sweeping, washing the dishes, cooking etc. To the woman’s they always ask him to do that and why men do not?, and only use the excuse and the “macho” phrase that says “you are a woman is your duty”, living being a woman is an annoyance since constantly gelates comments like, “thaSho short”,” Do your works such any man will love you” etc, it is an endless list, I almost do not go out alone to avoid a bad time.

Women daily suffer from sexism choosing our future, when is your moment to choose what you want to study, choosing a career is difficult because it also affects sexism enough in the fact that there are races that are only for men is going to Receive comments for example “You are going to power with this race because it is very difficult for a woman.”

The text of Laura Bates “Enough is Enough” I definitely loved since I felt super identified with what she wrote, since some moment of our life we ​​have suffered all including sexism in society, and on the page I loved since it is a page that can help other women to be heard since although it seems foolish some women do not feel listened, and that page can be used as venture for the woman’s that in some moment have suffered from sexism and don’t feel comfortable. I feel that education should change from the house because every sexist behavior begins from home and the education they bring you in it.

It ends with us

In the book, it ends with us, Lily the protagonist, moves to a new town and meets a guy called Ryle. They instantly click and they find out that they have a lot in common. Lily and Ryle spent a lot of time together, and they became closer and closer each day. They build a strong bond and trust. They promise  one thing, “to never lie or conceal your feelings to eachother” One day when they were out with their mutual friend Mathew, Mathew mentions something that Ryle didn’t want to tell lily , and was actually hiding it from her. This resulted in angry lily. She feels betrayed and most of all, she was disappointed and sad because ryle had did the one thing he promised not to do. This  made llily distance herself from ryle, and they went to being best friends to not talking to eachother anymore. They bump it to eachother 1 year later and have coffee together.

“There is no such thing as bad People. We’re all just people who sometimes do bad things.” By. Coleen 

This quote means; There are no bad people in this world, people are all good people, who sometimes do bad things unintentionally.

How has Act III changed your response to Our Town?

What surprised me the most about the movie was that it was the least I expected, because emily died and the act 3 was too sad and it was also too creepy because Emily die out of nowhere and shows you the other side of death and that everyone was sitting on some chairs but they pretended to be the tombs because when emily’s funeral was a man took a flower from emily’s tomb and left it for the lady next door then he implied that they were simulating tombs and the people who were sitting on the chairs were the people who were dead and already buried.

Emily gave us a message in this third act since she wanted to see and take advantage of her family again and when she saw her mom she was telling her that she was already dead and wanted to say goodbye and her mom didn’t listen to her. It was a normal day and emily understood that she has to focus on the present and not on the past and that she has to take advantage of her family that not everything is forever. I really liked this act a lot because it has a good teaching.



“Our town”

What I like about “Our town”

In my opinion this story is good, at first the story was somewhat complicated to understand since they were only scripts and I didn’t understand what was happening, but since I saw the play I began to understand it. I really liked that the actors know how to act very well, since it is very difficult to understand what the actors explain when there are no props and they only using their hands. I also really liked that the stage manager gave us a context of what was going on. Without a doubt it is a different play from the others or for me, since I am not used to see them. (play)

What I did not like about “Our town”

What I didnt like about the story is that the scripts confused me a lot, but I saw the play and I already understood it, something that I would liked to see is that the actors used tools not only their hands, but everything was fine. (play)

My return Mexico to Canada

Without a doubt that day was the most tired of my life, it all started on January 14 when I left my hotel at 4 am in the morning to check my bags, I woke up very hungry and a little nervous about the flight, I finally arrived to check my bags, and I went to have breakfast with my father, it was delicious. When I finished my breakfast I found Félix and Regina saying goodbye to their parents and I took the opportunity to say goodbye to my dad. I was sad but it’s part of growing up, we go to the flight, which is 5 and a half hours, and I had to sit behind two babies, who cry a lot..

After that, I took advantage and changed seats with Regina, after changing we tried to sleep the whole trip since the screens did not work, and we really couldn’t, after arriving we had 1 hour to pass migration and take the covid test. And in the end we missed our flight, we spent 2 hours in immigration, and then we went to the covid tests and we waited an hour and a half, but finally we did, then we went to see our flight and they gave us the flight but even in 5 hours , I felt tired and hungry, so Regina had the great idea of taking us to a VIP lounge with her card, we crossed half the airport to go to the VIP lounge so that in the end the card would not be read.

In the end I ate and fell asleep until our flight arrived, which was 15 minutes of flight. We arrived to Victoria and spent an hour waiting for Evelyn’s bags to arrive. I arrive to school at 10 pm and i slept, without a doubt it was a really tired day for me.

Carmen 1983

The first time that Mr. Mcknight put Carmen’s movie on us, the truth is that I didn’t like it at all, it’s not that it was boring, on the contrary, it was quite entertaining to watch but what I didn’t like was that the movie was in a language I don’t understand. That the music was very repetitive, and without leaving behind that I don’t like musicals and I’m not used to opera, but if you like opera a lot, this movie is for you.

I like this version more of “Carmen” because I understand the language perfectly, the story is undoubtedly very good, and without a doubt it is a very entertaining movie to watch. What I liked the most about the film is that everyone danced very well and expressed what was happening without having to speak. I also liked that the film did not know if they were acting or if it was in real life, so basically you did not expect nothing of what was going to happen, and something that I would have liked is to know if Antonio really killed Carmen on the spot or in real life. The film is good but as I said before I am not used to this type of film.

Romeo & Juliet

This movie became one of my favorite movies, I really enjoyed watching the movie a lot, I loved the story since I was a child, I love the actors, the costumes were beautiful and I really enjoy the ending from the Capulet family and the Montangue family ended up on good terms. The movie felt like you were living it, it’s a very good movie. Romeo and Juliet looked like they really loved each other not like other movies that they look acted. Without a doubt one of my favorite movies.



My semester in Canada

It all started as a dream. I was 13 years old when I insisted to my parents that they give me an opportunity to be a boarding student. It all started with some friends who had gone to study in Switzerland, they spoke wonders of their school, they said that it was an experience that at least once you must live, they said that without a doubt that year they went to study was the best year of their lives, and that in that year they made friends who would be for life.

Getting to Brookes was a challenge, and more because of the covid, I remember having meetings with several interns to see which ones I liked the most, and I ended up here at Brookes Westshore. I remember that the first day I arrived at Brookes they sent me to quarantine because they did not vaccinate me, those days passed very slowly, and I already wanted to go out to meet my friends and the city. When I came out of quarantine I went to a camp where almost the entire generation attended, the camp was more to meet and connect the day students with the boarding students. That weekend was one of the best of my life. I had a great time and we all got to know each other.

The weekends and the months go by and my friends and me grew closer together, basically we became like sisters. I can’t believe that all this time it went so fast, in the blink of an eye we are going to return to Mexico. I want to go back to Mexico but I really like Canada, the good thing is that I still have two months to enjoy Canada.

Soneto “violento”

Un soneto me manda hacer Violante A

que en mi vida me he visto en tanto aprieto; B

catorce versos dicen que es soneto; B

burla burlando van los tres delante. A

Yo pensé que no hallara consonante, A

y estoy a la mitad de otro cuarteto; B

más si me veo en el primer terceto, B

no hay cosa en los cuartetos que me espante. A

Por el primer terceto voy entrando, C

Y parece que entré con pie derecho, D

pues fin con este verso le voy dando. C

Ya estoy en el segundo, y aún sospecho D

que voy los trece versos acabando; C

contad si son catorce, y está hecho. D

Lope de vega


This poem reflects and plays on the poetic composition itself. The poetic self announces that a certain “Violante” has ordered him to make a sonnet; she pretends that she doesn’t know and that it is very difficult. But in the transmission of this information, she is already composing the poem, which is progressing in its construction with her eyes. In the first stanza he reports on the circumstances of the birth of the poem. “Violante” tells him to do it, for him it is a bad drink because she senses that it is difficult. He remembers that there are fourteen verses and he already has four. He thinks he won’t find the right words to rhyme, but while he’s dreading this one, he’s already finishing the second foursome, and his fears dissipate. The first triplet expresses that, which begins it, with everything in its favor, and thus, ends it. In the last triplet he also communicates that he is right in that verse; he realizes that he already has thirteen well-done verses. He now he addresses to the readers: to make sure if there are fourteen verses, as it is, and the sonnet is already complete and correct. The poem therefore conveys the message of the difficulty of its creation while it is being created, which creates an evident paradoxical and festive effect.