Kate and Anderson have been friends for a long time, Anderson is such a quiet and shy person, she is a bit more outgoing, they are of those friends who are together the whole time, and it would be weird to say the feel something else for each other, until they kiss, after that kiss, a tension began to be felt between they both.

I could tell him I´m not interested in Matt. I could offer to be Andy´s wingwoman. I can´t make Matt Olsson like boys if he doesn´t, but at least it could stop feeling like a competition. Everything could just be normal. Like a normal crush and a normal lovesick Andy and a normal best friend Kate.


Apparently, he liked the kiss with Kate, that when they were watching a movie together he asked her for another one, but he was weird, it looked like if he hadn´t like it, and she realizes that she has a platonic love on him, but there was a problem, he confesed her that after that kiss, he realized he is gay, and that was not the worst part, he had a crush on Matt, but Kate also has a crush on him, she gives up.


Last Saturday, I went to Vancouver, I could say it was my first time, walking, knowing all around the city, I bought some things, I think I made an inecessary waste of money, but anyways, I don´t regret about it, that day I woke up at 5 to get ready and leave the school at 6:30 and be on time to the ferry station to take the second ferry of the day, we spent the whole day there, was such a tiring trip, but i think it really worth, it, cause it´s part of the experience of being in Canada, I wish I could have stayed there more time, cause I liked the city, it´s what I´m used to, since Vancouver reminded me to my home, that is Mexico City, both are big cities and they have similar things.

A Good and A Bad Poem

Ah! Sun-Flower

Short and nice poem, it makes me think about those moments, when you really want something and you never give up until you find it, and despite how tired it may be, you only continue because you know that it is where you want to be, and in this poem the only thing the sunflower was looking for and wanted was to be close to the sun.

The Red Wheelbarrow

I didn´t find any sense in this poem, which has just a few words that give no sense to the poem, I read it several times and couldn´t find any message or a story behind it. In my opinion too short and with no sense or any history.

What´s next?

I can´t believe this is almost finishing this adventure that started 1 year ago, the adventure of living in Canada, I remember a was so nervous but excited at the same time of living a new experience for me, something completely new and different from what I had lived my whole live, I could say this year is gonna be one of the years, I´m gonna remember the most for all the experiences that Canada has given me, Canada has always been a dream for me, and that dream came true, sometimes a cannot realize I´m living alone, so far away for my country, but it´s something that has made me grown and mature mentally and as a person, but now, what´s next? Well when I just came in September I didn´t think about staying in Canada after Brookes, my plan always was to go back home, but now my mind has changed, should I go back home, or should I stay here? that´s a good question I´m wondering in this moment, I love Mexico, it´s my home, my country, I got a lot of reasons to go back home like my family and friends, and just for being Mexico, but as I said Canada is a dream for many people, and shouldn´t go wrong to get the opportunity to be here and get opportunities that maybe my country cannot give me.


Kate is an actress in process, she is studying acting an she´s taking some courses at her school to achieve it, Anderson, Kate´s best friend, they both are inseparable, he is gay, but she doesn´t know it, Matt is the singing coach, she is in love with him, but she doesn´t know he is in love with him too, even though they are in love of the same guy, he has been so loyal at her, but she doesn´t recognize it, she says he´s the person who knows her the best.

“He knows when I´m in my period” -Kate (p.43)

Sometimes I think we don´t value people thareally worth it, he left for Kate an opportunity of go along to a next level at acting, just to stay with her, because she wasn´t accepted at that level, I like how he is with her, he knows when she is not ok, but she doesn´t see it.

Kate in waiting

Kate Garfield, she is in love with Matt Olson , her vocal counselor, she is obsessed with him, she is victim of cyberbullying, victim of a group called the f-boys, and Noah is part of that group, but he is also in love with her. And Kate loves Matt, but she is jelousy because Anderson starts dating Matt.

Something negative about Kate is that once she becomes such a close Matt´s friend and she gets his trust, he confesses her he´s gay, and then she find out Anderson is dating her, and instead of getting mad because her friend is dating the guy she likes, she gets mad because he´s gay.

“Anderson´s words hang in the air the whole way home.  -Kate, I really like him. I think I really, really like him.

I swear every friend bone in my body is screaming for me to suck the tension out of this situation, It would be incredibly easy. I could do it in one sentence. -Andy, this Matt thing-you should go for it.

I mean I can´t , make Matt like boys if he doesn´t, b ut at least it could stop feeling like a competition. Everything could be normal. Like a normal crush and a normal lovesick Andy and a normal best friend Kate.” (p.141)


Down the mine

I think sometimes we do things and we realize our day and life just thinking aboit us, and I think is okay, at the end our live is just about us, but we don´t think about the consequences of the actions we realize, and I don´t mean bad actions or wrong actions, but for example when we eat meat, we don´t think about the animal death; and thats what happens with the excess of coal we use indirectly, because as the lecture says, we depend of it, the machines we use or the machines that produce the things we use need coal, and rarely we think and aware about it.

Searching for home

Home, is not the place where you were borned, home is the place that raised you, where you have live your best and most important moments, where you will always feel comfortable, where you can find your secure place, and in this story we see that, he finds the way to know more about its culture, its family, and the place he comes from, though he wasn´t born china, is part of his culture.


This is not just a simply story, is a teaching, a moral, and a life advisor, when we started reading sincerely I didn´t get the main point and I was really bored about the story, but every time the story took you to the teaching of the story.

This man proposed hiself to plant trees, being that his life project, I think each of us we have a proyect of life and we are in this world and in this life because we have a mision but I think we have to chase all what we want to achieve in our lifes and never give up with what we really want to do, and I think this story was a reminder of it.

Our Town

Was a cute film, very romantic, I liked that every part of it was explained, so we didn´t get lost, the stage in some scenes was the same, and that makes it easier to get it, and it made the audience paid more attention to it, cause it caught their attention, almost what in included, like the music, the costumes, the cast, everything was important.

Was not good at all, but the stages, and the way it was represented, was what really cared, it’s a bit confusing because of the way the organize the scenes and the time they act it.

A Man. A Woman. Can be friends?

Can men and women be friends? this is a good question, but with an easy answer, the answer is yes, they can, why not? I mean, the friendship is a very important thing in our lives, friends make you feel loved, importante, they make you feeñ comfortable, to have someone to spend time with, and create a lot of memories together, they can turn a very important person in your live, in your heart, but does the gender cares?, why can be an impediment to be a friend or even the best friend of a man being a woman, I know that can be confusing for the people because it confuses them and they can think you can be something else with your friend, and I have had a lot of situations like those, I like to have friends, and the gender does not care at all, and people says you have a love relatrionship with that person, and its true that after the relationship love can come but its not always, after the convivence with that person you can fall in love, but you can be friend of whoever you want, obviously if there´s always respect between you and him/her and to live good moments with your friend.



“I don’t know what souls are made of, but mine and yours are one.”


This phrase is about this romantic book, called “After”, this book is about a new girl arriving to a new school, when she fell in love to the guy she hated. They hated each other, but after spending too many time together they fell in love, he fell in love deeply with her, after all the love story, she had a disappointment of him, and after that rupture, he realized how much he loved her he wrote a letter, and he wrote that phrase, that phrase means the love you can feel for another person, when you don´t love him/her, you are in love with that person, and you feel that connection and you feel that you and him/her are one.

Blog Post

Well, I really get the situation of Laura Bates, in Mexico is a situation that every mexican woman lives everyday, and yes, is a very awkward and sad situation, in my country, our president hasn´t done something to change that, every day more than 10 women die everyday in Mexico, we cannot walk through the street without feeling someone´s look in us, or without hearing an insult, a lot of women and girls dissappear, we cannot trust in any men, because even when you trust a lot in a boy, even they kill you or they make you something, the feminists have burnt important places, the national palace, where the president lives, and all the men argue and complain about it, but is because they don´t live with agression every day, and all those women that burn and destroy the most important places of the country are women that still looking for theyir daughters, or have lost a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, finding the justice, every march in Mexico, many monuments, many palaces are destroyed by the feminists.

I completely agree with Laura Bates, beacuse a live in one of the countris with more feminicides, and violence to the woman, I am lucky to say that I have never lived any violence, and any woman in my family has been victim of a man, but, I have been in problems of low self-esteem, one year ago, I stopped eating, losing 8 kilograms, in the middle school, a lot of boys judged me for my appearance, making me cross a situation of hate myself, now I still recovering of that, but I still stopping to eat, the men think that have the right to judge and change a woman, they are never judged by a woman, they are never violented, criticized, we live in a world, where men have preferencesn in the school, in the job, in the house, they have more rights than women.

Personal writing

Im gonna talk about a natural disaster happened in mexico city, if you dont know, Mexico is a country with a lot of natural disasters, but mexico city is in a sismic zone, where everyday are earthquakes, but the most of them are not destructive but on September 19th of 2017,  an unforgettable day for the country, a day when a lot of people died or lost their families and their houses, I remember that day with a lot of pain, I was at school I was doing an English exam when suddenly my glasses that were on my desk started to move, I was against the wall and it started to move really hard, was 1:14 of the afternoon, when the sismic alert started to sound, and the building of my school started to move, and it sound like it were breaking, and we had to get out the building the fastest we could, because we thought that the building was falling, when we were all out of the building we started to call our families, but there was not telephonic signall, we started to hear that a lot of buildings had destroyed with people inside, everyone was crying, I couldn´t call my parents, the fans of some classrooms had fallen, like 1 hour later, my mother picked me up, the traffic that day was horrible, every street had at least one building destroyed, with people finding people that had been trapped in the rubble, the city was destroyed, the news were just about that for 2 weeks, 1 week no one went to the school nor their jobs, the city stopped for some days, it took weeks to find people trapped in the buildings destroyed, rescatists of other countries went to mexico to help to find people, a school was destroyed, a lot of children of that school died, that is a day that marked mexican history forever as the eartquake of 1985.

Now everytime the sismic alarm sounds, even if its just a simulcrum, the people panic and some of them faint, because we all are traumatized with the earthquake of 3 and a half years ago. [Published 6 Feb]


I´m going to tell you a little bit about me, as you know, I´m Ana, I was born on January, in the best country, Mexico, I´m 17 years old, I have one sister, my dad is an engineer, and my mom used to do international commerce, but now she doesn´t do it anymore, my parents don´t live together anymore, that´s why I live with my mother and my sister, I have four dogs, their names are Camila, Gucci, Canela and Roberta, my favourite singer ever is Luis Miguel since I was a little girl I used to listen to his songs, and I have seen his concert like 100000 times, my favourite color is color red, I am a girl who is nice with the most of the people, but when someone treats me bad, or just I don´t like them I can be very mean and rude with those people, I am a little bit crazy, the people that really knows me, knows that I can be the craziest person, I love to make noises; I borned in Mexico City, but my parents are from other states of the country, my dad is from a place called Coahuila, and my mother from a place called Hidalgo, I am not very close to my fathers family, thats why I´ve been in Coahuila just a few times, but with my mothers family I´m very very close, and thats why I live in Pachuca almost the half of the year.

I used to go to singing and guitar classes, I went like 5 years, but I left the classes when I left Mexico, I did an audition 3 years ago and I sang in front of a mexican band called Matisse, but I didn´t win, also in my free times I love to sing, or go to the gym, I wanted to study nutrition because I liked a lot everything about the healthy life, I created my own diet, and I thought I could be a good nutritionist, but now, I have changed my mind and I would like to study Intenational business and commerce; I consider myself a little bit outgoing, because I can be very shy too, but it depends of the person, if the person gives me confidence I can be very outgoing, I am a very confident person, I trust a lot on people and I think its not the best option, because I´ve had a lot of problems because of that, and well thats me.

Soneto del Amor Oscuro

La otra noche, después de la movida,           A
en la mesa de siempre me encontraste         B
y, sin mediar palabra, me quitaste                 B
no sé si la cartera o si la vida.                          A

Recuerdo la emoción de tu venida                 A
y, luego, nada más. ¡Dulce contraste,           B
recordar el amor que me dejaste                   B
y olvidar el tamaño de la herida!                   A

Muerto o vivo, si quieres más dinero,         C
date una vuelta por la lencería                      D
y salpica tu piel de seda oscura.                    C

Que voy a regalarte el mundo entero          D
si me asaltas de negro, vida mía,                 C
y me invaden tu noche y tu locura.             D



The other night, after the move,
at the table you always found me
and, without a word, you took away
I do not know if the portfolio or if the life.

I remember the emotion of your coming
and then nothing more. Sweet contrast,
remember the love you left me
and forget the size of the wound!

Dead or alive if you want more money
take a tour of the lingerie
and splash your skin with dark silk.

That I am going to give you the whole world
if you assault me in black, my life,
and your night and your madness invade me.


In the first two paragraphs the first verses of each one rhyme, and it goes in that sequence in both paragraphs, the second, with the second of the second paragraph, and it goes that way in each verse of the first two paragraphs.

In the last two paragraphs is practically the same order, the first verse rhymes with the first one of the last paragraph, the three verses of the third paragraph rhyme with the verses of the last one.


Well, it´s very difficult to say what i liked about the movie, because for me it was not interesting, but I could say that what I liked about the movie is the opera, even it was what made the movie boring, I thit it was the best, because they sang very good, not very clear, beacuse they sang in French and I don´t even know french, but i can say, they sang pretty good, I liked the bulls show, it remembered me that traditional event in my country.

I didn´t like, as I´ve said, they sang in French, I don´t know French, at least it has English subtitles, all the dialogues were sung and that was really boring, I didn´t like like the idea of the director, I don´t know what he was thinking about when he did that movie, because I didn´t understand what was the main idea of the movie, not even what it was about, I niether liked the costumes, they were not original, basically, I didn´t like the movie.


The Book Thief

This story written by Markus Zusak, was developed in Germany, Liesel grew in Germany, during the World War II, she was adopted by a family, who tried to protect her, she and he friend Max, wnet to the library, and spent almost every day together, Max, looked Liesel as more as a friend, he was in love with her.

“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.”- Mark Zusak, The Book Thief´s

This text shows a part of the story,when both guys were playing outside in the snow, and Max confesses Liesel she loves her, later, he is killed by the Jews, she could never confess him her love.

West Side Story

I liked the movie because it remembered me to love, that feeling you feel when you are falling in love with someone, I liked the way Maria was, she was like very cute, and very nice with Tony, I liked how the sang, the sang very good, and that all the songs they sang, fit with each scene, I liked the costumes they were, very original, and very adapted to that epoch, the stages were very cool, I liked Maria´s room, I liked the plot of the movie, I think the movie was very well developed, the actors and actresses acted and sang very good, my favourite part of the movie was when Marie fell in love with Tony for first time in the party.

What I did not like from the movie, though I said I liked how they sang and the songs, I didn´t like that they were singing Almost every 2 seconds, any situation and they sang, it was funny, but a lot of songs were boring, I did not like that I didn´t understand a lot of things they said because the spoke very weird and very quick, I felt bad when Marie did not care a lot when she found out her brother had been killed by his boyfriend, and the caried more about his boyfriend than her brother