Thwaites is Ronald Dahl´s friend from when Ronald was 7-9 years old, He was a kid who liked to mess around with the people around him making jokes, pranks and lying to people as well, as He did with Ronald telling him that some candies such as Liquorice Bootlaces were made of dead rats, as well that the Gobstoppers changed of colour while you lick them because “It´s your spirit that does it”(p.32), which of course, what Thwaites said in a normal basis was false but he even thought that it was true just because as it is stated in the book “As the son of a doctor, he considered himself to be an authority on all things that had to do with the body.”(p.32).

I highly dislike The Beatles

If someone would ever get to ask me if I hate or if any music band would annoy me or I would delete from history probably I would select The Beatles, a lot of people don’t understand or don’t get why do I get to hate a band such successful or great that always talks about happiness and peace and things that generally goes around “happiness” and “good vibes” when from my side, it is that it gives me a “too good to be always like that” feel, that instead of making me feel great makes me feel with an enormous want of puking colour orange in a radioactive level (even if this is not possible) as most of the members of the band are some people that I identify as not very good people to hang around as also they were highly toxic with the ones that were around them (especially John Lennon).

Harald Dahl

Harald Dahl from Boy (Ronald Dahl,1984) is a hard-working man of ingenuity because he broke his arm and had to amputate it to the elbow, having to work with the other arm, but because of his ingenuity, he managed to transform objects so he could use them in a more efficient way as it is says in p.12.

“…So they simply amputated the arm at the elbow, and for the rest of his life my father had to manage with one arm. Fortunately, it was the left arm that he lost and gradually, over the years, he taught himself to do more or less anything he wanted with just the four fingers and thumb of his right hand. He could tie a shoelace as quickly as you or me, and for cutting up the food on his plate, he sharpened the bottom edge of a fork so that it served as both knife and fork all in one. He kept his ingenious instrument in a slim leather case and carried it in his pocket wherever he went. The loss of an arm, he used to say, caused him only one serious inconvenience. He found it impossible to cut the top off a boiled egg.”(P.12).

A Text of Liking and Disliking Poems

A poem that I’ve liked from what We’ve read is Not Waving but Drowning by Stevie Smith (1902-1971) because I think it talks too much about most people are in friendships and how some people see and treats their friends, where the friend that is always goofing, laughing and playing around, is in a bad emotional shape in a point where it is possible to say that that friend might be surrounded by sadness & depression as everyone around that friends may think that just because he is laughing he has a perfect mental state and shape.

A poem that I didn’t like was Sestina by Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979) because I felt that the way of writing was extremely odd and analyzing the poem was a process very uncomfortable and different from what I used to do in other poems that I usually read as I also think that writing in this type of poems for communication purposes may be stressful because of how complicated it may be to express your ideas correctly in such a strict way for something that I prefer to be simpler.


I am starting to feel tired of doing this writing assessment because I usually have something to write about which at the moment I won’t find the words or find a way to express myself, but from what I am sure about is that I am also tired of how there is a lot of people which aren’t empathic with other people or even try to show some respect to them as also lying to them in their faces, which probably can be addressed as being a hypocrite, a non-honorable and a non-trustful person.

But in the end, I also cannot comprehend how are there some people that can feel proud of telling people what someone trusted you, without respecting their privacy, and I am tired of it.

Angelica Pabst in David Lodge’s Small World

Angelica is one of the main characters of this book, the first appearance of her in the book is when Persse sees her for the first time. (Page 8), Chapter 1.

There, hesitating on the threshold, was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. She was tall and graceful, with a full, womanly figure, and a dark, creamy complexion. Black hair fell in shining waves to her shoulders, and black was the colour of her simple woollen dress, scooped out low across her bosom. She took a few paces forward into the room and accepted a glass of sherry from the tray offered to her by a passing waitress. She did not drink at once, but held the glass up to her face as if it were a flower. Her right hand held the stem of the glass between index finger and thumb. Her left, passed horizontally across her waist, supported her right elbow. Over the rim of the glass she looked with eyes dark as peat pools straight into Persse’s own, and seemed to smile faintly in greeting. She raised the glass to her lips, which were red and moist, the underlip slightly swollen in appearance, as though it had been stung. She drank, and he saw the muscles in her throat move and slide under the skin as she swallowed.

After we get to know a lot more of the character of the story, we get to find out that she possibly lied to everybody that was in the conference because Persse finds out she is related to adult movies as an actress and who also teased him to go to the room 213 to probably have sex, where our first character is lied by Angelica giving him the room number of Dempsey, who had been teased and invited to the same room with her as it is described in page 55, chapter 1.

Also, on page 56, chapter 1, Persse goes to look for where She was staying when he finds out that she didn’t have a room, she wasn’t registered with any university, and they didn’t know how did she enter the conference when she also said in (Page 10), Chapter 1 .

…I’m still working on my PhD…

which is even something to suspect by now that is something reliable to believe that she was inside any university at all.



The best sunset I’ve ever seen in my life

During my spring break vacations, I went to see my brother in Switzerland where He was studying for a semester for his Industrial Engineering career in the city of Geneva, I stayed with him in his apartment for three days and I went to several places in the country, but one of the ones that I liked the most was the city of Montreux, where I walked all over the city for the day, and I would say that is one of the best experiences of my life because I saw the best sunset I’ve ever seen in my life, where the sky had a foggy look with some kind of cotton candy pastel palette colors, with the Chateau de Chillon at aside and the water perfectly reflecting the sky because of how clear it was, making the Lake Geneva look like a part of the sky, and I feel that it something I would never be able to erase of my mind.

One Cellphone Service Stripe

11:11 PM,
you call me at night,
just when we aren’t in sight,
you just want the benefit,
even though when a problem comes,
you won’t be around.

where does the game end?
It has been a long time,
and you haven’t come by,
and not even to say hello,
or goodbye,
even if I try to call you to talk,
you will go offline.

hide and seek?
or future plans?
you have already answered,
and even if you try,
I’m doing my best and it also means goodbye.

And from this toxic place, I want to sleep away and stay apart,
you continue with your dreams,
but consider that I won’t be there at the end of it all,
but not because I never wanted to,
but because you haven’t been brave enough to talk and end this problem that is drifting into a life,
a life that we don’t have ourselves to support us when we feel downed.

So say goodbye,
to the laugh,
the gifts,
and helping you out,
because the best isn’t rewarded for being at the highest,
but from helping from the bad parts of life,
and from talking,
because without it,
it feels as bad as just one cellphone service stripe.

Professor Robin Dempsey on Small World by David Lodge

In the book Small World, we see the story in the eyes of Persse McGarrigle and what often happens around him, where the story is based around a conference now, we can see that Mr. Robin Dempsey, a professor from one of the new universities in the north of England,  is also described as weird looking because of how his eyes look on his face, who is someone who is on the conference as it appears below:

“He was a broad-shouldered, thickset man, with a heavy jaw that jutted aggressively, but his eyes, small and set too close together, seemed to belong to some other person, more anxious and vulnerable, trapped inside the masterful physique”(p.5)

Writing Reflection

After reading after a long time the first two and last two posts that I’ve made in this blog since I’ve  Brookes, I’ve realized that my writing has improved in a matter of clarity by avoiding using run-on sentences as I used to do before, but also given that I try to feel the most relaxed that I’m able so I would be able to write in a more calmed environment, which helps me to have more of a clear sight of what I want to express and which also can help me stay in focus of what I want to do.

The Man Who Planted Trees

While reading this story of the man who put a purpose and mission over himself just because he wanted to do something great for not just him, but everybody around him, I’ve come to realize and to put into my head that you don’t have to get something from anyone else to do something good for other people, even if that means that they don’t know is the creator of the one that made all of it possible, and it just doesn’t make me think about the action, but also how would it feel to help others and see how they would react and see how you have helped them without acting or trying to say thank you or anything in advance of your action, which I think that is an amazing way to feel joy

3¶s | Essays that touched me

Some of the readings that I did and that made me think deeply in this unit that We’ve seen are Ebert’s “Why are We Cruel?” because it made me think of how do people make decisions and how they overtake some of the problems that they have in their daily lives or in some special cases to choose their sanity, happiness and problems at their best, healthiest and more relaxed way possible by just interfering with the things that can affect the, or benefit them in some sort of way, as I explained inside my response in Mr. Macknight’s website. Another piece of writing that made me think deeply is Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” because it also taught me that the only thing that makes us stay in the same place where we are, in the seventh line in the fourth paragraph of the tenth page, where Kings says “They were small in number but big in commitment” and in the last line of the second paragraph of the sixth page in where he says “Like a boil that can never be cured so long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must be exposed, with all the tension its exposure creates, to the light of human conscience and the air of national opinion before it can be cured.” Stating that avoiding and acting that there is no problem can only make it worse, which also didn’t just make me think but also touched my feelings and made me realize how I respond to certain problems that I have around my life.

Another writing that touched my heart but also I thought that the storytelling was great was Rush’s “Searching for Home”, where it made me wonder about what and how everything that has happened in the past has made me how I am, but that isn’t what got my feelings at all because what it did was thinking about the painful and sad things that my ancestors would have passed through that they overcame and that led me to who I am now.

Also, some of the writings that I felt that the storytelling was highly effective was in Deresiewicz’s “A Man. A Woman. Just Friends?” where we can see that the author gives us the image of friendship and the relationship between a man and a woman throughout history and how it is always evolving as long as the text goes on.


Selective Empathy

Have you ever been in a condition where there is a problem and for some reason, you try to avoid a part of the problem that you are looking at? Well, this is a case that is happening more often nowadays and it is growing extremely fast with social media, and in which we see how people in the news also react in different ways just because of someone’s race or where some things are happening, while we see them in our own eyes, for example, We can see it with the Ukrainians incident with Russia, where people address the problem with phrases like “They have blues eyes and white skin color and they are European, I wouldn’t imagine this happening to them, I would’ve imagined this happening this in Middle East, Latin America or Africa, but never on Europe” type of comments, where we see the lack of empathy for certain groups, nationalities, and racial ethnicities, which demonstrates a clear selective empathy of the media, which can’t only be addressed of nationalities, but also gender and social and political movements around the world.

But, when are we going to ask ourselves? What are We really empathizing with? Is it the problem? The people around the problem? where do you get a benefit from? or where are you doing it just because other people do? Because from my point of view, you are not trying to empathize with anything if you are trying to get a benefit for it or if you are getting something from it, and that isn’t empathy at all, that is selective empathy.

Down the Mine Personal Response

In George Orwell’s essay, while he explains us and while he tries to tell us how dangerous it is to extract coal from the mines and how harsh are the conditions in which the miners have to expose themselves on a daily basis for a living, where they can die in a matter of a small error or action, where they can get buried alive.

I think about this reading as a way of understanding that there is always that is not being fair in life, where we don’t even realize, and where we don’t even want to take a look sometimes, even if we don’t want to accept it

Why Are We Cruel?

In this article, I read a lot of things that may explain human behavior on a daily basis and why people use to damage others in some situations, and after this article, I can say that it is true and false at the same time.

The article talks about people being ignorant and asking people why they ignore when something bad is happening around, and I think that it is a matter of priority and how do you prefer to live your life, for example, people may think that if they do humanitarian they might change their priorities and that they will put themselves in another position where you put other people in priority because “they are in a worse place or position than you”, and this type conduct some people may find it toxic because it makes you responsible for the mistakes of others, but also it is a matter of selective empathy, where people will only try to go and help things that benefit them in some way.

After the last paragraph, we can see that thinking about problems and trying to solve them always has a name and is called Anxiety, which also make you vulnerable to Depression, and this is where the phrase “Ignorance is Bliss” comes into the scene, so if you think about why people act how they act, it should be better to ask yourself if they really need to do and have an answer for it.

A Man. A Woman. Just Friends?

I don’t think this is true as 100% percent but I think it happens often and it’s highly common, I think that when you are friends with someone of the opposite sex there can be a sense of friendship since we can see it in a lot of kids when they are younger too, without any intentions of being attracted in some way.

Also, the idea that there can be a friendship between people from the opposite gender can be possible because it can be possible that the other person has an ugly friend (counts as physically and as in personality) which you don’t like at all, and if we take that to a certain point, and if they don’t find this in your friends in any of them, maybe they are really your friends, or they aren’t having any friendship at all and probably the other person is being used or forced into having them as a friend because it may have benefits for you, an example for this can be that your parents or your boss force you to get along with that person from work or school that you find very annoying and that you don’t like to be around at all.

And when you read it again after a long time and maybe a thing of this in your life and times that had happened that any of a friend or even yourself is attracted to another friend of the opposite sex you can realize that it can happen frequently around us and also we can add the fact that it is very known that something alike happens to many people, and I can even say that I know some people that are married and they were best friends in high school.

After everything, I wouldn’t deny this theory but I wouldn’t add or think about this as something that happens sometimes.

Personal Writing

The world of music, as we know it at least by 2022, is becoming every time more digital and digital over the days, passing from using bulbs for amplifiers to using computers to process the sound entirely in just one program without having to spend a lot of money in fancy and expensive equipment, but also without the need of knowing how to sing because we also have the autotune now.

By now everybody can make music from their room without any type of instrument or knowledge of how to make any kind of music, but is it bad? or is it good?


That is a question that has happened in most of the arts by now when they go to the digitalization era because you can have several types of artists with this one, the ones that are puritans or extremists that want to work fully on analog and you can have also the ones that are the ones that work fully on digital, which of course it is their choice and it is a process that can also add something to the way they produce music, and that is ok, but in the artistic ambiance or communities this topic has become a big discussion since they discovered how to even make a keyboard and it has also had a toxic impact on the artist-musician community over the years.

Romeo and Juliet (Franco Zeffirelli, 1968) Personal Response

After I saw the movie in class, I realized that I haven’t ever seen a movie that has such a complex language or sense of speaking than this one given that most of the words that are used are ways of saying things in a way that looks urbane. At the same time, another thing I liked about the movie was that I realized that there is always some music in the background and I loved the theme song called What Is A Youth.

Another thing that I liked is the use of the camera in different scenes in the movie because it feels like it is fluent but we have sometimes some aggressive movements and close-ups to the face of the characters that I also liked because it helps to see how does the character feels and I also liked the way that the light is used because I saw that in the tomb scene I felt that the light was used to appeal like a painting of Rembrandt who used light to make a little triangled shadow on the person that he was making a portrait of by having the source of light aside of the person, mostly in diagonal, pointing directly at them.


Like with any object that exists in the world, every time you move from a certain point the thing that you are looking at will change, same as the environment that is around you and the object that is being analyzed, and for this, any, but really, anything that happens will be crucial for how is the object seen, you can look at an apple from the front and it may look in perfect shape, but you can look at the apple from the back and it can also look bad, with bugs and all rotten, but it can also be with nothing at the inside.

Now as I said, I described an apple as how it could look, and there is nothing good or wrong about it, except dilemmas, and which dilemmas can it be on what I just said? well, How can I be so sure that is good or bad? Or even how can I say that it is an apple? Or if it even exists? Well, that is a good thing, which also you can make yourself ask you the question, How are things to be defined good or bad? does that even exist? Is there a basis for making an argument or should it have one? Etc, etc

You maybe have realized that this is twisted and messed up, but if there is a thing that you need to realize, is that making yourself these questions are exhausting and aren’t healthy to look at for too much time or to analyze them for a lot of time, and maybe I got this into your head by now, but you will have to realize that it is useful at some point, but it isn’t useful for yourself when you look forward to it for almost anything.

I just want to say something at the end, don’t overthink and if you can avoid it, I’m grateful for you, but also I think that this should make you feel compassion for overthinkers and people with anxiety because perspective is like a glass of water, it doesn’t matter the weight of it until you hold it for too much time, but it can also be like a flower, it can be beautiful but if you hold it wrong you may pinch your hand. Just be careful with it.



Unnamed soneto

Author: Alonso de Acevedo

Plasencia. Cáceres. 1550- Siglo XVII       


Nació, junto al Erídano abundoso,     A

Aminta, en su ribera esclarecida;       B

noble zagal, cuya niñez florida          B

sintió de Amor el arco riguroso.         A


Este, con Tirsis, un pastor famoso,          C

pasaba en amistad su triste vida,              D

y en voz se lamentaba repetida                  D

con su toscano plectro numeroso.            C


Mas vino de la bética ribera                        E

un joven de gallardo ingenio y brío;          F

y Aminta, por el docto sevillano,                E


dejó su patria y amistad primera,              G

y ya en el Betis, en estilo hispano,             H

canta, olvidado de su lengua y río.            H


Nació, junto al Erídano abundoso,     A

Aminta, en su ribera esclarecida;       B

noble zagal, cuya niñez florida          B

sintió de Amor el arco riguroso.         A


Este, con Tirsis, un pastor famoso,          C

pasaba en amistad su triste vida,              D

y en voz se lamentaba repetida                  D

con su toscano plectro numeroso.            C


Mas vino de la bética ribera                        E

un joven de gallardo ingenio y brío;          F

y Aminta, por el docto sevillano,                E


dejó su patria y amistad primera,              G

y ya en el Betis, en estilo hispano,             H

canta, olvidado de su lengua y río.            H


Born, with the abundant Eridanos, Aminta, in its enlightened shore, noble zagal, which flowered childhood, Felt the Love of the rigorous arc.

This, with Tirsis, a famous shepherd. spent in friendship with his sad life, and in voice he lamented repeatedly, with its Tuscan numerous plectrum.

More came with the Betican shore, A young man from dashing ingenuity and energy; And Aminta, by the Sevillian doctor,

Left his homeland and first friendship, And them in Betis, in Hispanic style, Sings, forgotten from language and river.

Rhyme scheme description:

The sonet is formed from 4 strophes, which 2 of them are made from 4 verses and the other 2 are made from 3 verses, in which both of them have a rhythm that goes from the outside from the strophe rhymes and also the middle verses are rhyming, but the only thing is that in the last strophe the rhythm scheme changes from 1221 or 121, to a 122 scheme (the numbers that are rhyming are the ones that are repeating, for example: 1 and 1, 2 and 2 (as it is with the letters)


Carmen is a movie from 1984 directed by Francesco Rosi that tells us the story of a Spanish soldier that falls in love with a gypsy woman that doesn’t express her feelings to him at all, or in a good way if we can say so. What I liked the most about the movie was discovering where the songs came from because they are very popular nowadays but I’ve never realized or knew from where are the songs from or that they were from the same opera.

What I didn’t like about the movie was the fact of how Carmen treated everybody around her and was always getting her way out of everything and the fact that She could’ve used Don José just for escaping prison when She got arrested because of fighting with her co-worker and cutting her in the face, and after that after all that She didn’t know how to say that She didn’t like him at all but got attached with him so that from there the trouble started with her, and also because She started to flirt with him when She was his prisoner and was at his custody (what great timing for taking your shot, right? Just when You can get the advantage of somebody so you can avoid another problem), also, I could see that she has a problem with expressing her feelings on a good manner as we can see, or hear to be specific, on the song Habanera, where or to even get to understand them because Carmen was cheating a soldier with Don José and also because they fought to the death.

The Poetry of Robert Frost

I’ve been reading “The Poetry of Robert Frost” (Robert Frost,1874-1963) who is regarded as America’s greatest poet and has won four Pulitzer Prizes. One of the poems that I’ve liked is “A Late Walk” (2002, p. 8,9) :

When I go up through the mowing field,
The headless aftermath,
Smooth-laid like thatch with the heavy dew,
Half closes the garden path.

And when I come to the garden ground,
The whir of sober birds
Up from the tangle of withered weeds
Is sadder than any words

A tree beside the wall stands bare,
But a leaf that lingered brown,
Disturbed, I doubt not, by my thought,
Comes softly rattling down.

I end not far from my going forth
By picking the faded blue
Of the last remaining aster flower
To carry again to you.

I like this exact poem because it makes me think about how it is growing up, the way of managing loss or accepting that things are not as they used to be, that you must learn something about it and move on with your memories to make yourself enjoy the present and to make a great future, but also, no more or less important, to have a reminder of who You are and to remind you of how far You can go.

West Side Story

From what I was able to see from the movie, I liked that it was a different thing from what I used to watch on TV on streaming services normally (the movies that I normally see are about superheroes, mystery, murder but not about romance in general), and also I thought it was nice to see the movie because I like musicals a little bit and I want to get more into them, but I haven’t got myself into doing it.

I can’t address something that I didn’t like about the movie, because by the time that movie was made I believe was good, but if there is a way that I didn’t like at all is the way that it was shown that Tony killed Maria’s brother, because it looked a little bit stupid how that happened on the scene and also I didn’t like how the story happened so fast, given that is shown to us that everything happened in 2 days approximately.