The most unique and strange girl in Mica High. Star Girl’s personality is indescribable. She plays the ukulele for special occasions and makes everyone feel good about themselves. Even though people find her strange and don’t want to be her friend. she remains herself despite all the insults. She is the one who dares to be different.

“She laughed when there was no joke. She danced when there was no music. She had no friends, yet she was the friendliest person in school. In her answers in class, she often spoke of sea horses and stars, but she did not know what a football was

Leo Borlock finally realized how special is Stargirl for him, and how different from others is she, so he realized how important is her.

My weekend

This weekend we went on a Day trip to Vancouver with some friends, and we got up very early because we were going to take the ferry at 8 in the morning, so we all got up at approximately 5:30 am since our taxi passed for us at 6:30 am, because the way to the terminal is very long so it takes time to get to the station so that’s why we left very early.
We arrived at around 9:40 in Vancouver and went to a restaurant to have breakfast and it was really good, then  we were walking on Robson street and we were buying clothes in the stores and it was nice because I got some nice clothes. After that I went to see some friends from Mexico who study in Vancouver and I had a very good time time with them.  At the end we got back on the ferry at 9 pm and arrived at Brookes at 11 pm at night to sleep.

Stargirl IRJE

Stargirl is a new girl who arrives at school who is noticed among people for her peculiar personality, way of dressing and thoughts.
That makes everyone in the school realize that she exists since she is not like the rest of the other students and she doesn’t care what others think of her.
The truth is that he is a great character since he teaches us a beautiful life lesson, and that is that it doesn’t matter what others think about how you look, act, and think. Because the only thing that matters is your own happiness, and it is very foolish to want to change your way of being to want to fit in or be liked by a certain group of people. Stargirl is a very positive person who never sees the bad side of things, and she is a kind-hearted person. And due to not being like the rest of the people little by little she gained the affection of the people and then everyone wanted to meet her and get along with her, that is why Kevin and Leo wanted to invite her to their program and that is why Kevin insisted a lot to Leo to invite her and that’s when he says …

What do you mean, no? Don’t you want to sign her up? (page 13)

personal writing may 11

I have a dog called Kokoro and he is 11 years old and he is one-eyed, and he lost his eye on vacation, when my dad took him out for a walk at night, and out of nowhere a big dog without a leash came up and started attacking my dog ​​and bit his eye and ripped it out, but my dad didn’t realize that he had ripped his eye out because it was all dark, until he got home and turned on the light and saw that his eye was hanging . So my dad called my mom to see my dog ​​and the two quickly went to look for vets but no one answered because it was already an hour too late, in the end a friend of my mom got a vet but because they took in getting a doctor they could no longer make my dog ​​recover his sight in that eye, so from that day on he remained blind.

A poem I liked and a poem a I didn’t like

The poem that I liked the most was Richard Cory, since it teaches us about something that is very true and we never pay attention and that is that there are many people who seem to have an incredible and perfect life, or appear to be happy and are always laughing. and inside they feel so empty and pretend to laugh and have a good time so that people don’t really notice how you feel, and a great tip is also to look at friends who always seem to be happy because that may not be entirely true and deep down be crying out for help and that feeling is very sad.

The poem that I did not like at all is the sestina because it is so confusing for me since the same words are always repeated at the end of each sentence, and creating one of those poems is a bit complex, and that is why I do not like that type of poems.


A new student arrives at school who has a very particular name and is called Stargirl, she arrives at school and the first thing that happens is that everyone begins to notice her since she dresses and acts in a way that is not so common and his attitude was so peculiar that people could not believe it and that is when Hillari said.

“She is not real ,she is an actress. It’s scam”

In my opinion, most adolescents always want to fit into a group or situation and do not give their true opinions or are not themselves for fear that others will judge them or begin to see them as weird, but the truth is that all of that it’s very dumb and boring. So there is nothing wrong with Stargirl, the only thing wrong with her is that she wants to be herself without fear of being judged.

Personal writing

My spring break started on March 15th, I left school at 4 am but before that my friends woke up at that time to say goodbye before I left to Mexico.
I arrived at the Vancouver airport at 6 am and my flight to Cancun left at 9 am, so I arrived to Mexico early at 5pm. I enjoyed my  vacations a lot because I went to Tabasco to see my friends who I hadn’t seen in a couple of months, and the rest of the vacations I spent with my family in Playa del Carmen enjoying the sea and the sun. I also saw my kitten and dog who already missed them a lot. And finally my vacation ended on April 13 when I returned to Canada.
The good thing about when I returned to Canada was that there was a long weekend so my vacation lasted 4 more days, arriving here again I realize that in just in a few months we have to leave in this country and that all these months went by really fast, but I took Lots of new things and good memories.

Writing reflection

From September to this month I have learned many things that I did not know or struggled with before, and one of the things in which I was able to improve much more was in my writing. Since being here in Canada I was able to learn English in a better way and at the same time improve the way of writing it. The truth is that this semester I was able to learn a lot about how to write, for example the common mistakes that I should not make when writing something, and learn the rules. I also improved that I must give more precise details about the topic on which I am writing so that the reading is much clearer and more comprehensive. I can conclude that I improved my way of writing in all aspects thanks to the literature classes.

3 paragraphs

  • Which two of the pieces we have read in this unit have made you think deeply?

The story that I think gives us something to think about deeply is “searching for home” since it makes us think  about where we really come from, and the need to know where in the world your roots come from, since Knowing our cultural background and where we come from will help us develop a strong sense of who we really are. The way we relate to family histories and create stories about ourselves helps us establish our unique and authentic essential identity.
The second story that I think also leaves us a lot to think about is “Down the mine” because it makes us realize that it is really important to leave your comfort zone at some point and realize that everything is not only about you and outside Many things are happening in the bubble where you live and not all people have an easy life, just like in history the miners were really going through heavy things.

  • Which two of them have touched your feelings the most?

The stories that I feel were the ones that touched my feelings the most were “Is enough is enough” and “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” since they are two stories that tell about very ugly and extreme situations of discrimination and abuse that different people have suffered and it leaves you a lot to reflect on, and value your life and also teaches you to be brave, raise your voice, fight for your rights, and defend yourself from injustices and that you are never alone since there are always people who are there to support you.

  • Which two of them have most effectively used storytelling to express their ideas?

One of the stories in which the author’s ideas were best expressed was “”A Man. A Woman. Just Friends?” because the author gives many arguments and examples of why people sexualize friendships between two people of different sex a lot, because many say that it is impossible for nothing to happen between the two of them because to many similar stories of opposite-sex friendships that have turned into something more.
Also other story that also manage to perfectly convey ideas through personal experiences is “Enough is enough” because it tells many personal experiences that have lived about sexual abuse and that makes us reflect and feel more empathy for the victims and understand the ideas

down the mine

Down the mine is the story of the miners and how all people see them as very strong men who can deal with anything and complete in a perfect way their job as if they didn’t have difficulties, etc. But one day Orwell decides to leave his comfort zone to experience how these people live and their life conditions, so he started his journey and pretended to be one of them and work with them, and that’s why he discovered that they have a hard life because their work is so essential that people who are in charge of that make the miners work more of than the necessary, so I liked this story because show us how other people live and all the difficulties the pass through and that is really important to help them and sometimes go out of our comfort zone and help others.

“Searching for home

The narrative essay called “Searching for home” talks about the story of a girl who has always had that great doubt about where she really belongs,  her real roots, since she really felt that she did not belong anywhere because she always moved from the city, so she did not feel familiar or identified to a specific place, but in the end she discovers where it came from and she felt full and happy to know the truth. The truth is that this story seemed very beautiful to me since we all want to feel identified with a culture or something familiar, and we all always have the doubt that if from which part of the world we come from and our roots, then it made me a very beautiful story, that makes us feel proud of where we come from.

enough is enough Laura B. personal response

Harassment is a behavior that one person can develop against another and that is characterized by repeated harassment and persecution and that has the mission, the objective, of getting the other person to agree to do what is insistently required of them.Always, in any of its forms, harassment will generate discomfort in the other person. Frequent situation that occurs in areas such as school, work, family Now, bullying is a fairly common situation and can occur in various areas and levels: at school, at work, in the family, among others.

Sexual harassment is when  the victimizer pressures his victim to agree to have intimate relations One of the most common forms is sexual harassment, in which the harasser pressures and intimidates his victim in some way to force her to have sexual relations. But not only does sexual harassment aim to have sex with the harassed person, it is also common for the harasser to take pleasure in insinuating himself, making obscene comments and groping his victim without moving on to an instance of carnal contact. In any case, almost always the purpose is to be able to become intimate with the harassed person.
Many victims of sexual harassment accept this situation and do not report it because they fear losing their jobs and also because they fear not being taken seriously, since most of the time they do not have evidence to prove the harassment and then it would be to face a saying against other.

Although the victims of sexual harassment are mostly women, men also suffer from it and there have been many reported cases that prove it. In most legislations, harassment of this type is punishable by law and depending on the seriousness of the case, the abuser can be tried and sentenced to prison.
The speech of enough is enough by its author Laura Bates tells some stories of women who in her case were not afraid to raise their voices about various sexual harassment they suffered, and tell how they suffered and dealt with everything to be able to face their situations, the Truthfully is  her speech became very true to me because it is something that many women experience day by day and many of us do not say anything for fear of what people say or because many are threatened and do not raise their voices, so I feel that this article can inspire and persuade many people who experience this type of harassment  to speak up and not be afraid.

Another thing that I thought was great was that Laura has created a website where several women can tell about everything they have suffered and can persuade others to never be silent and to be brave, and that they are not alone.

Act 3

From my point of view the chapter number 3 had a totally resounding change in the story compared to the previous 2 chapters, since it brings news that completely changes the story and it is the death of one of the most important characters in the play and it is Emily, and that news made me very sad because her life was already going very well, since she was already very happy about to start a family with her husband, but unfortunately she died  very soon in childbirth while trying to give birth to her baby, it also makes us valuing life because one never knows when one might lose it and that no one has bought life, so we have to live to the fullest every day and value the people who really love us and take us into account at all times. so I liked this act more because it was more interesting than the first two acts, because at first it seemed like a love story like the ones we always see in movies and books, but in this act the couple had a different destiny, and I did not love the idea of ​​Emily dying since her life was already going very well.

Our town Angelica

The play seemed very well detailed in the aspect of being very well explained and how they organized the stage in an almost perfect way to mount all the different scenes so that people understood what was happening in each act. Also another thing that seemed good to me about the play was that the one who narrated the story explained the details about what happened in each scene and what was going to happen so we didn’t get lost and we understood him, the play seemed very interesting to me and how It was the life of those two families

What I didn’t like so much about the play was that there was a lot of tragedy since many died, for example the couple and the boy in the war, and that made me very sad. Something that I did not like about the work is that it was somewhat confusing since the story mixed many parts of the past and future that made you not understand well and often made the work lose its meaning.


“You know what the best part of today was? I got the chance to fall in love with you all over again.” – Shrek

This book is based on the Shrek movie, and the phrase refers to the fact that Shrek traveled to another world that day and met Fiona in another dimension, and falls in love with her again and kissing her breaks the spell that Rumplestinskin made on him and he returns to his reality and reconciles with Fiona and tells her that the best thing about his day was that he was able to fall in love with her again and he learns the lesson and values ​​

Personal writing

About the article A man a woman just friends by William Deresiewicz , it leaves me with a lot to reflect on, since around the times many people have  always sexualized a friendship between a man and a woman, because many say that it is impossible for nothing to happen between the two of them because to many similar stories of opposite-sex friendships that have turned into something more. Likewise, movies and series have largely influenced this issue of sexualizing a friendship between a man and a woman, for example, as the article says, the case of  the characters of the famous series called friends who are Rachel and Ross, and Monica and Chandler who fell in love. That there is nothing wrong with the fact that in the end most of them fall in love because it is something very normal that happens since opposite sexes always attract each other, and all that about the movies that tell stories of two best friends who were friends since they were little kids and then they grow up and finally  fall in love, and many other examples  obviously influences and makes us  think that two of our friends who are very close can get to like each other at some point of their friendship. but just the same, friendships of opposite sexes do not always end in love, because it is very normal to have friends of opposite sexes , and being a close friend of someone does not mean that you have feelings for that person, and people have to respect that, and not try to insinuate things that are not, like trying to sexualize a friendship because it can become uncomfortable for those friends and even stop talking to prevent people from starting to bother them with heavy jokes sexualizing their friendship.


In class we saw a new movie, well not so new because it is a movie based on the previous opera show we saw of “Carmen”, Carmen is a 1983 Spanish film directed by Carlos Saura. This is the second installment of the musical trilogy that he directed with the dancer Antonio Gades and the producer Emiliano Piedra.
This movie is about a director who is doing a play about the movie Carmen, but he falls in love with the protagonist of his play, the problem is that she is married, and he is very jealous and has to accept that she doesn’t want a serious relationship with him. This movie seemed good to me, because they know how to dance very well, and I learned a lot  about Spanish culture, its traditions,  traditional costumes, and idioms and ways of speaking there. What I didn’t like about the movie is that it was a bit confusing for me and I couldn’t understand certain parts of the scenes, because later they mixed the scenes from the play in the movie with their normal life, so that aspect was complicated for me, so I think it was the only thing I didn’t like about the movie.
This film has in common with the previous films that we have seen that the protagonist has two people in love with her, and her love with the right person has certain complications, and obstacles to be able to be together in peace.
And another thing in common is that the movies we have seen are successful and recognized romantic plays, novels, etc in the art world.

Personal writing

My name is Angelica Huerta Arano, I was born on May 22, 2004, I am currently 17 years old, I am from Mexico, and I live in Villahermosa Tabasco. I live in a family of 4 people, my mother, father, and younger sister, I also have two pets 1 dog that is one-eyed because its other eye was taken out by another dog in a fight, and 1 cat that rescued her when she was a baby and now lives with us. One of the sports that I like the most is tennis, even though I’m not the best playing it, but I really enjoy practicing it, I went to tennis classes but when the pandemic started, I stopped going because the sports clubs closed temporarily.

My favorite food is Mexican food, like chilaquiles, enchiladas, tamales, etc.

I am currently in my last year of high school in another country outside of my home, that is Canada.

I am living in a boarding school, and it is the first time that I study abroad alone without my parents, and I liked it because I have learned to be more independent, and have known a new country, new people, different cultures, different types of food,etc.



¿En qué reino, en qué siglo, bajo qué silenciosa
conjunción de los astros, en qué secreto día
que el mármol no ha salvado, surgió la valerosa
y singular idea de inventar la alegría?

Con otoños de oro la inventaron. El vino
fluye rojo a lo largo de las generaciones
como el río del tiempo y en el arduo camino
nos prodiga su música, su fuego y sus leones.

En la noche del júbilo o en la jornada adversa
exalta la alegría o mitiga el espanto
y el ditirambo nuevo que este día le canto

Otrora lo cantaron el árabe y el persa.
Vino, enséñame el arte de ver mi propia historia
como si ésta ya fuera ceniza en la memoria.


In what kingdom, in what century, under what silent
conjunction of the stars, on what secret day
that marble has not saved, arose the courageous
and unique idea of ​​inventing joy?

Whith golden fall to invent. The wine
Red flows through the generations
like the river of time and on the hard road
he lavishes on us his music, his fire and his lions.

In the night of jubilation or in the adverse day
exalt joy or mitigate fear
and the new dithyramb that I sing to him this day

It was once sung by Arabic and Persian.
Wine, teach me the art of seeing my own story
as if this were already ash in the memory


The movie Carmen was totally different from the others we saw in class because this was an opera play, I liked that because I was able to learn from one of the opera classics and how a story develops through just songs, also another thing  I liked was that I could learn more about the Spanish culture, their traditions, the way they lived, etc.
Also another thing that I liked about Carmen movie was that I was able to expand my knowledge about gypsies since before I didn’t have many information about them  and now I can enter more into context, and I was able to realize how they lived, their customs, and how they were seen by people, and their social position.
In general, I can conclude that what I liked about Carmen was that I was able to expand my knowledge about things that I didn’t have much information about before.

What I didn’t like about the movie Carmen was that I did not like the protagonist at all, since she only liked to play with men’s feelings , to only be with them for a short time and then replace them with someone else.
Also I didn’t like the fact that Carmen was a bit toxic with Don Jose since she always blackmailed him with everything and told him that if he didn’t do what she wanted it meant that he didn’t truly love her.
Nor did I like to see when the bullfighters killed the bulls since they were innocent and did not deserve to die and I was sad to see how they were killed.
And finally I did not like the end of the play since Don Jose shouldn’t force Carmen to love him and much less had the right to kill her.

I lost you once, I think I can do it again.

The book named  "the notebook" is a romantic novel written by Nicholas Sparks, where he tells the story about that in a retirement home a man reads to a woman, who suffers from Alzheimer's, the story of two young people from different social classes who fell in love during the convulsed decade of the 40´s, and of how they were separated by the family, the war, social classes, etc. Where the protagonists of the story are Noah and Allie Hamilton, and this phrase comes from the part in which Noah meets Allie again after a long time, but there are already difficulties that get in his way since Allie has another boyfriend and is engaged with him. But Noah does not intend to return to be separated from Allie again  and that is why he can no longer contain his feelings and says that phrase.

"I lost you once, I think I can do it again. If I thought that's what you really wanted. But don't you take the easy way out."

-Noah "The notebook"
I selected this phrase because,  I feel it was one of the most important ones in the book, because if Noah had not told Allie that he still loved her and did not want to lose her, they would not have ended up together, that is why it has a great impact in the novel, and it also teaches us that it is always crucial to show people how much we love them before it is too late.

West side story

In general, I liked the movie a lot since it has a good plot that makes it interesting, but specifically speaking, one of the parts that I liked the most about the movie was when Maria and Tony met, because they both felt empty at the begining of the story, but when they met, everything made sense to them, and they were very happy because that was love at first sight.

The part that I didn´t like about the movie was that Maria and Tony took things very fast  because, despite they barely met and  spoken  they  kissed, and then the day after they met they had already said I love you , and honestly that doesn’t make sense, and in the end I didn’t like that Tony died, because he didn’t deserve to die and it ruined the ending.