Farm life on the great depression

In the book “Mice and Men” written by John Steinbeck, we are presented the life of Lennie and George. They both start working on a farm in Califronia during the great depression period. George and Lennie aspire to open their own farm, but first they have to collect a certain amount of money. They tried working in several places before, but they don’t last long. Lennie is mentally retarded, and people usually don’t have any patience towards him. Our main characters get to make some friends in the farm, which eventually start aspiring to be part of Georges and Lennies dream.

“George has to take care of his big, special friend Lennie, he keeps his bus ticket and work card, because he knows Lennie would lose them.” (p.4)

“I thought you was mad at me, George.”
“No,” said George. “No, Lennie, I ain’t mad. I never been mad, and I ain’ now. That’s a thing I want ya to know.” (p.82)

I choose this quotes, because I consider the most important meaning of this story is friendship. Through out the story we’re able to appreciate besides all the things Lennie does, George never leaves him alone. He supports him, and helps him develop in a society were people would judge him because of his mental disability.


three more weeks of a lifetime opportunity

My stay in Canada is about to finish. I’ve concluded this school year with lots of experiences, memories and learnings. It’s impressive to make a mental feedback, and think about all the stuff I’ve gone through meanwhile living in Canada. When I first arrived here, I wasn’t sure what sort of path was waiting for me crossing the Brookes Westshore gate. To be honest, the first two months were tough. I was taken away from my accustomed Mexican lifestyle. Taken away from my family, friends and girlfriend. For instance, my feelings were broken, and only thought about homeland. Until I switch the situation and began living the experience. Enjoying stuff I eventually could not do in Mexico. Like, play soccer in a a school league, go hiking into the woods, go snow skiing, go with my friends alone to Vancouver, improve my English by speaking to natives, etc. To be concrete, I took advantage of the nature beautys Canada has to offer. I definitely feel proud of my self about concluding the school year. Besides only taking academic learning, I’m also taking life learning. Sort as living alone, and the cultural mixture. But most importantly the domination and fluency of a second language sort as English.

Living alone at 16

The Catcher in the Rye- J.D. Salinger

The character I’ve chosen to talk about is Holden. The main character in the book “the catcher in the rye”. Holden is a teen leaving alone in New York City. After he got expelled from the wealthy school Pency Prep. Our main character is set into living basically in a hotel room by himself for several time. Without his parents approval or supervision. This delivers me to talk about the characteristic I see the most in this character; Independency. Mostly because of the loneliness that surrounds him. But still I consider this is an attribute that distinguishes the main character.

“So what I decided to do, I decided I’d take a room in a hotel in New York. Some very inexpensive hotel and all. just take it easy till Wednesday. I figured my parents probably wouldn’t get old Thrumer’s letter saying I’d been given the ax till maybe Tuesday or Wednesday” (p.58)

In my opinion, the fact Holden has this quality doesn’t make it precisely correct. He is still on teen years, having a lot to learn not only academicly speaking but mostly in life path. The fact he is over independent at 16 forces him to enter the world of adults. Not precisely on the clearest path. Holden ends up making lots of bad decisions. Some of them thinking with depression and loneliness feelings. The fact he is so independent, I would say is negative and mostly for someone like Holden. He is basically a child trying to play the role of an adult.

A great and a tedious poetry

“The Burial of the Dead”-T.S. Eliot

To start off, I like “The Burial of the Dead” the most. I consider this poem has a deep and hidden meaning behind what’s actually written. It begins with a monthly pattern, which eventually ends up turning into a seasonal pattern.  Through out the poem, we are able to understand the poem’s perspective is from a dead person. From the line “winter kept us warm, covering”(line 7),  we can interpret that the poem is a reference to the tombs of the deaths. Even though this is a short poem, I like it because it’s interesting and concrete.

“Sonnets from the Portuguese”- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The poem I disliked the most is “Sonnets from the Portuguese”. I consider this poem is written in a way is very hard for non experienced readers to understand. The poem combines lots of topics like the personal experiences with the feelings of a “soul”. Ending with a line that makes unsure if the author is still alive or dead “I shall but love thee better after dead”. I consider the poem is little bit boring and confusing, not to add in some parts it’s not concrete.


Exploring the rainy city from the USA (Seattle)

My trip to  Seattle first began in the Victoria Harbour Bay. From there I took the Victoria Clipper ferry, a well known and classic connection method between the island of Vancouver and Washington State. The ferry trip lasted no more than three hours, and it ended up arriving at the ferry port in Seattle bay. When I finally entered the USA after passing immigration check, I walked out to the street and raised my thumb asking for a taxi cab. The ferry building is located in a very transited street, so lots of taxi cabs were going through. When I finally reached my hotel, I left all my stuff in the bedroom I was given. I went for a night walk under Seattle sky. I walked through the stadiums zone and entered a little bit to the downtown area. Since everything was closed I went on my way back to the hotel. In there I asked for some Uber eats food from McDonald’s.

On my second day, I explored the city downtown. I went to iconic spots like the Public  Market or the First world Strabucks Coffee. But honestly what I liked the most was walking through downtown Seattle, and being able to explore the city freely. If I was asked, I would say Seattle is a combination between San Francisco and Chicago. The streets shapes are steep like in SF, surrounded by tall corporative buildings like the ones in the Windy City. In the afternoon, I went to probably the most iconic building in the city. The space needle a tall observation building located outside downtown.

On my third day, I went for some more exploration. The real purpose was going to a soccer match. The match took place in the Lumen Field, between my Mexican soccer team Pumas and the Seattle Sounders. Even though, Pumas got defeated, it was a great experience. To finish with, the day I came back I arrived once again to Victoria Harbour Bay. Making it a perfect rounded trip.

The dark path of dark decisions

Holden is a teenager who passed through something dramatic which changed his life forever. When Holden’s brother passed away he began to have lots of emotional changes. At first he began to experience rebellious attitudes/conducts, which deliver him of being expelled from Pency Prep, a wealthy boarding school in New York City. Even though it’s not written physically on the book, the author wants to transmit that Holden becomes a lonely human being.  We can realize about this through his actions around the story. He starts to drink alcohol, smoke and move around a dark environment in society. As an example when he accepts the offer from the elevator operation man of having sex with a sexual worker. When the prostitute arrives to his room seems like Holden has a 180º change of mind. Instead of having sex with her, he repents from loosing his virginity that way. Instead he begins to talk to her, and describes her as “depressive”. He ends up by not doing anything rather than a small talk with friendly questions like her name and stuff. Noticing how depressive and looking for attention he was. (Page 102-111), Chapter 13.

I felt more depressed than sexy, if you want to know the truth. (page 107)

I choose this quotation because, I think its a reflection of what Holden is going through. He is facing depression and loneliness trying to go over it choosing a dark path like the one of smoking and getting drunk. A reflection of feeling lost in the path of life.

The mega city of Latin America

One of the biggest Mega cities in the continent and in the world is Mexico City. Located in the central zone of Mexico, what’s known to be the valley of Mexico. The city itself is gigantic having a population of over 11 million people. When combined with the metropolitan area from the state of Mexico the city gains a total population of 22 million people living on the urban development. The city has more than 600 years of antiquity. Being founded by the Mexicas with the name of Tenochtitlan in 1325, and being re founded by the Spanish conquers in 1521 with the actual name of Mexico City. The city is enormus, having to be divided into delegations. Every delegation has a delegate which is the main representative of that specific land of the city. Mexico City besides being the capital is at the same time the biggest, more populated, and more important city across the Mexican territory. Mexico City has the title of being the second city with more museums around the world, just behind Paris, France. To finish with Mexico City is world wide recognized for having one of the best and most extent gastronomic culture. Having the best gastronomy in all Mexico and also having the most extent International gastronomy inside Mexico.

Spring Break

During spring break I took a flight back to my homeland Mexico. At first when I arrived, I was so cheerful about meeting with my parents once again. The moment I saw them, I ran towards them and embraced them. Even though I was so excited to see my family and relatives, the best moment hadn’t occur by that moment. It was meeting my girlfriend, the moment I was waiting the most. It finally occurred. When I first saw her, she began running towards me, with the intention of embracing me. The moment we first touched ourselves, after months of just looking us by the screen, felt as one of the best sensations I’ve ever experienced.

I created lots of unforgettable memories and experiences. The fact I had the opportunity to see my girlfriend for a long period of time, contrasted to the limited amount I’ve seen her physically this year. We basically spent together  24/7 of our time. On the other hand I also enjoyed having a lot of time to hang out with my friends. I had the opportunity to play a soccer tournament with my friends once again after several years. It wasn’t a really convincing result, but we had lots of fun. Also I had the opportunity of going golfing on a daily, since there was no school to attend.


In the book Animal Farm one of the main and characters is known as SnowBall. On real life SnowBall is meant to be a representation of Leon Trotsky. One of the leading heads of the Russian revolution. In the book Snowball is head of the farm revolution against the farmer. One of the qualities Snowball has as a character is: he is loyal and fair with its people (the farm animals) not giving some animals more privileges than others. He follows the ideology of “Animalism” which looks for the equal treat of animals.

When the farm is taken by the animals Snowball writes down on a wood plank, the seven commandmnets. Looking out to create a fair and armonic constitution for the animals”whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend”- Chapter 1 Page 7

Brookes ballad

Geography class took place

And students missbehave

Mrs Kinsella grounded us

But we still did stuff


She didn’t had a choice

The class must have a face

Continue with are studies

All my buddies on their sits should remain


We took out our book

About the nature of Sook

We read until the class was done

And the students were gone


I packed my stuff

From the classroom I runoff

I reached the hallway path

Leaving from  behind my walking footpath


The next class we had

Was on the classroom next hand

Given by Eric McKnight

Which meant reading overnight


We took out our books

About the great soldier who

Who without giving his name

He saved his friend from them end


The lecture was tired

And people started getting bored

We pulled out our phone

And was taken by the force


The Class was done

And the bell ringing was overdone

We grabbed our phones

And exit by the door







Writing period improving

After taking some minutes to read out my first blog, and compared it with my last written blog. I can proudly say my writing skill increased during the development of this period. To start with, when writing I now avoid doing run on sentences. Also my grammatical skills have increased, now I know more vocabulary to express ideas.

On the other hand I consider also my thinker and reader skill improved a lot. Now is more easy for me to inspire myself when writing about something, ideas seem to come and I found inspiration more easily.

Literature, and the impact it might transmit

To start with during this period we read lots of interesting articles. Mostly all of them talked about social concerns and some problems vulnerable majorities suffered or have been through. One of the articles which made me think deeply the most was: “A Man. A Woman. Just Friends?”. I consider this article besides being just facts, contains something pretty important which means a double side opinion. This means the author and the reader opinion might differ. On the other hand, the article which make me think also deeply the most is: “Why Are We Cruel?” I consider this article is a reflect of society behaviors towards some situations. Mostly related to war.

Every single of this articles contains a feeling which touches you differently. Some have bigger impact than others. But without hesitation, the one that touched me the most is: “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” besides being a real life, event which represented a change in society and in millions of African American citizens. It also represent a feeling which on the 1960 meant a liberal and non conservative, I’m talking about freedom and human rights. Also the fact this article/speech was written by one of the most emblematic human rights activists of all time. On the other hand, the other speech which leave me thinking was: “The Man Who Planted Trees” I consider the importance of this article/short story is the message it’s tranmsiting. Making a complete story related to just one word. “Patience” the fact about waiting for a goal can take lots of years. But at the end of the day it’s going to give out the expected results.

Lastly, the articles I consider to have the most effectively used storytelling to express their ideas, are: “The Man Who Planted Trees” I choose this story one again because I consider the massage the author is trying to transmit through out the reading is very clear. Giving a defined example on how the man never gave up on the his goal. Which at the end of the day he achieved even though he had lots of different problems during his accomplishment path. On the second hand, the story:  “Down the Mine” in this story we are able to catch the point the author is trying to transmit, which is “injustice”. We are given the example on the times before or post the industrial Revolution, when people worked for hours basically getting exploded for over low salaries. Which if we think it this way this problematic still exists. Even nowadays. To finish with and as I first mention, I consider this articles/short stories or historical speeches. Are just trying to reflect the social problems, society has faced throughout its history and how still nowadays, we’re still able to appreciate some of them. The massage is clear, and it is to avoid and change what some years or centuries ago meant a daily day problematic.

Sliding through the snow

During this weekend the school finally took over the ski trip. To be honest at first I was quite nervous, since the last time I skied in my life was lots of years ago. Basically I was still on toddler ages. At first I was taught how to put the snow skis faster and correctly. Minutes later I took the fast and probably wrong decision of trying to slice through the snow, without even knowing how to stop or decrease speed. It didn’t ended that well, since I ended up on the floor covered fully by snow. But on the other hand it gave me a real demonstration and expectation of the amount of speed someone is able to achieve and reach when skiing. After a some ours of sliding myself in the practice range (if you can call it that way) I myself with Regina, decided to achieve sliding one of the ski tracks. At first when we arrived to the pick of the mountain, I began getting a bit nervous. Still I didn’t overthink it and slide myself in one of the tracks. Even though I fell sometimes, I accomplished finishing the track, and reaching the bottom. Ending with an ambitious idea of  looking forward to come back skiing.

The world we don’t see

I consider “down the mine”is  a really interesting close up to the lifestyle from first hand workers during the last century. In the story we are described the situation of a mine worker in England, a country which is highly developed. It somehow expresses this idea about some workers being exploited which indeed happened centuries ago. On the other hand in some countries nowadays it steel happens, mostly on non developed countries. Workers get exploited, getting very low salaries contrasted to the amount of hours worked. But at the end of the day it’s how industry is created. And I consider some people act blind, because sometimes we don’t even realize what we are paying for really meant, and the background story it has.

Also sometimes people tend to live in some sort of burble, where the minor problems from society are non debatible and non listened.

The meaning of hope and patience

To start with there’s something which call out my attention too much about this short story. How the author combines elements of history and war. Including non fictional, but invented personal story. The fact the narrator details how he was chosen to go to war, and the past memories he remembered next to the old shepherd. I found it interesting when the narrator comes back after war, and doubts about if the shepherd is still alive or not. It creates intrigue about what happened next, and how they got reunited. It attaches the reader to keep on reading.

But as almost every story, this one contains a moral. It actually might have more than one. But I consider the word “patience” stands out to be what the author tried to transmit throughout the reading. The example given is mainly the main plot from the story. The oak tree planation, and how the shepherd never lose the hope of one day creating an actual ecosystem. He mentioned he could plant 100,000 trees and end up just having 10,000. Also having as a complication the time of growth. All though he faced all those problems, he never lost the hope and was always patient. The shepherd ended up creating an environment. Which years later was even protected by the government.

Leaving the clear message. Whenever you work for something, you’ll always have to be patient and never loose the hope, because at the end you’ll eventually achieve it.


Cruelty is part of our identity?

I choose the essay from Roger Ebert about cruelty. I choose it because I consider interesting the way he combines symbolism with true history events. Also, he uses art to express ideas or even human behavior towards the suffering of others. As an example, he uses as a reference the painting of “The fall of Icarus” in which is reflected the non importance people give to a dramatic event going on in front of their eyes. What I consider he try to explain about this is how people even though they might be aware of the situation they would rather stay apart.
Same happens with human torture, everyone with a little gram of knowledge knows even though torture is not legal anymore. People still use it, without depending on the country. Even some governments use psychological torture, or physical torture to persuade their citizens. As an example North Korea. But mostly humans would rather do nothing and stay apart, letting cruelty rule over humans. Of course the author might had in mind expressing probably more topics. I consider this might be one of them, and I found it quite interesting because in some way it’s true. Exposing the darkest side of humans, and how even though the pass of centuries hasn’t change it. Letting a pretty hypothetical question. Are human cruel because of natural nature, or because of ruthless thoughts.

friendship without eroticism

Can it exist a friendship between Men and Women without sexual tension? I’ve got lots of women best friends, and I myself can’t deny in some occasion there was some sort of “tension”. But in many other occasions there has never been any type of encounter which surpasses friendship.

The fact about people thinking there’s no possibility for men and women to be friend might have in mind the teen years of a persons life. Where our hormone is higher than normal, and our introduction to a world with romantic and erotic encounters is taking place. Normally we tend to have our first experiences with people who we trust in. Thats probably the reason why the author might think the human relations between Men and Women aren’t possible due to this “tension” and the closeness we might have between men and women. Besides that,  I think the human relations have been evolving through the centuries. The author mentions, before men and women were meant to know each other just with the purpose of  marrying and bringing some benefits to their families. Nowadays the situation has changed drastically, and men and women meat each other as part of their personal and social development.

To finish with, I consider the relations between men and women are possible due to the fact, before being a relation/friendship between to different genders. It’s a relation between two human beans, and naturally  human beans are meant to relate themselves on a social space to even survive. In conclusion I consider men and women are actually able to be friends without having any type of sexual or any other tension.

women reality

Why being a woman is so difficult in this society? To start with I have a mom, a sister and a girlfriend. Im proud to say I was educated with important values like respect towards women.

From the place I come from, sexism action towards woman are extremely normal and in some places is not even bad seen, that is  mainly the reason why Mexico is one of the most violent and more sexist countries in the entire world probably. In some way the declarations given by Laura Bates, is something “soft” if you compare it to the reality mostly every single Mexican women has been through. I’ve know women on my social circle, even some of my relatives, who have suffered from sexual harassment.

I consider the essay from Laura Bates, is just a reflection and a description of a reality women face in society. I myself have always had an opinion in this topic. In my personal opinion I consider women are actually in a fight against society. Fighting towards poor education, sexism and disadvantage in society, because being truly honest, a women is not going to have the same status on a country like Canada compared to a country like Saudi Arabi, or any Central African country, were women are basically traded as objects. I consider through the essay and the creation of the web site Laura Bates is just trying to create consciousness, the impact the words, the stories and descriptions written on the web page, in some cases might never surpass that, being only words. But in some way is a place where women feel free to say what they’ve suffered, because in the majority of the cases, women aren’t listened, or are consider to be exaggerating.

To finish with if we put ourselves in context this essay was published during 2012, and during the last decade there was a big awareness and a big creation of consciousness towards women and sexism problem, delivering to the revolution of feminism. If I was asked where and how to support. I support the feminism cause, though I consider the extremism to be wrong. I think it’s important to comprehend women and men should look out for equity instead of equality. Because even for physiological reasons we work different and have different capabilities. I consider the fight for equity should keep on, and also we need to make awareness about the education and respect to women. Indeed being a women is hard, and it will continue being hard until society changes their mentality.

act 3

In my opinion act three changes completely the plot of the play. On the first two acts we are introduced to the life of  George Gibbs and Emily Webb. We get to know some facts about their personal life. Finishing with the development of their love story.

Chapter number three is a completely different situation not only on the role book but also on the visual play. To start with we are introduced to a type of theater divided stage, where in one side we’re able to watch the life on the alive ones, meanwhile on the other side we’re able to see the life of the dead ones. All going on at the same time and in the same stage. On my previous opinion I mentioned it was weird for me the use of no props, but now that I’ve got the idea of this theatre genre, I actually like it a lot. The idea of everything being made by improvisation makes it interesting and also forces you to pay attention of what going on in stage. I consider this act is pretty sad, the fact about Emily seeing an event on his life when she was already dead, gave the spectator the sensation of regretting dead, and wanting to go back to life. The way the story ends, is completely different of what ever hypothesis we might have done about the final when the play first started. I consider witty the fact of using a divided stage, it makes the story faster on the development. And we are able to know what the characters are felling and the connection they might get in divided worlds.

our town

So far one thing I’ve liked about the play is how the story includes some elements from real life, and adapts them into the book characters. As an example of what said before, we have Joe Crowell jr. A teen who delivers the newspaper. On the description given by the stage manager we realize this kid besides being hard worker was brilliant, being accepted on the Massachusetts tech. nowadays the Massachusetts institute of technology. This kid ended up suffering the effects of war, and considering the story takes place on the new born XX century we are able to relate this dead with the hostile era the world was facing. “all that education for nothing” (page 18)

On the other hand. A thing I haven’t like about the story so far is the use of no props on the visual play. It’s not about me not liking this action, and I know the play is developed to function this way, somehow it is what gives it attractiveness. But still since this type of theatre genre is new to me, it still feels weird.

Personal Writing

On today’s personal writing I would like to explain the reason why I consider soccer to be favorite sport. During my entire life I’ve practiced lots of sports. To start with I did: tenis, golf, swimming and Taekwondo,  but I was never passionate to those sports.

When the 2010 World Cup started I knew nothing about the ball game, until I saw my friends at school play during break. I told my mom I wanted to learn how to play soccer, so she got me my first soccer ball. I remember 6 year old me balling all afternoon long. One day my mom arrived home with the Mexican t-shirt of 2010 World Cup, as a gift to me. Turning it to be my first ever soccer jersey. The next year my aunt took me to my first ever soccer match sitting on the stands, I still remember the happiness I felt the first time I step my feet into the stadium. The game was between the team I would eventually finish supporting for the rest of my life, and even still now, I love them as the day I first compromise to them.

I don’t remember a lot from that first game, by now I’ve been thousands of times to the stadium. Carrying with me unforgettable games. Soccer is probably one of the most important things in my life, it has given me lots of joys, and definitely it’s the only thing able to bring me back a smile after a tough day.

IRJE Animal Farm Chapter 1

After Mr. jones, the farm owner falls asleep the animals in the farm have a secret reunion on the farm barn. Old major who is a old pig who has lived his entire life on the farm gives a speech to all the animals reunited on the barn. Telling them about the evilness on Mr. Jones actions and explaining the animals the ideology of a revolution. Then every animal on the barn starts to sing a song thought by Old major, called “Beasts of England” Weaking up Mr. Jones and leading to the start of the farm revolution.


‘Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove Man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished for ever’.


Mr. Jones, who is a representation of Zar. Nicolas Romanov II. Wakes up in the middle of the scandal and fires up his gun. Frightening the animals in the farm and forcing everyone to go to sleep

carmen Spanish movie

in my personal opinion this movie was awful, it was boring, slow, nothing really impressive happened. By now is the second time we see something related to the French opera Carmen. Making the story repetitive. When it comes to the movie it didn’t enjoy it a bit, even though the acting was not bad. The plot was pretty slow, and the dances in the movie just made it even more slow to watch. The plot itself was no a great story, nothing really impressive happens, the love story within Antonio and Carmen is highly toxic. Making the love feeling to be awful in the movie.

One thing I liked about the movie, were the songs. Sang out as Spanish guitar songs they were a pleasure to hear at them.

Romeo and Juliet, a pair of star crossed lovers

Opinion about Romeo and Juliet:


To be honest I can barely criticize this movie. In my opinion the plot is pretty interesting, there’s no over excessive singing, the poetry shown in the movie is lovely an quite an interesting use of what we call ancient English.

If there would be one thing I didn’t like that much about the movie itself I think it would probably be the setting of the ancient Italy. I consider there are some parts were the settings doesn’t feel like ancient Italy and feels more like others places. But in fact setting placement is not bad at all, is like the only “could do better” I could find or think from the movie.

In the other hand I consider there are lots of goods things to say about the movie. The plot is amazing, the story is portraited in a way there is no over excessive poetry, and when there’s poetry they act and say it in such a remarkable way that instantly catches the viewer attention. The references we are given of what we know to be the love sensation are amazing, making somehow remember some stuff that might have sense when you think it contrasted to reality. I enjoyed the movie a lot, and I consider by far is the best movie we´ve seen at the English class

In today’s personal blog I’m going to talk about when I traveled to Mexico during the long weekend in Canada. To be truly honest, when I arrived to Canada for the first two months I had this homesick sensation that couldn’t get out of my thoughts. Waking up every morning and not being able to see my girlfriend, hug my parents, or hang out with my friends. I somehow got tired of the situation, and began having the necessity to take a break from this new lifestyle which hit too hard and too fast. I talked to my parents about the current situation, which was taking place, they told me it was fine if I wanted to return for some days, but just If I remained getting good grades at school. So I did, I began having an improvement in my grades and in my school academic life.

The day finally arrived, before reaching Mexico I told my parents not to tell my siblings or nearly any of our close relatives, and so they did, they covered me up. I arrived to Mexico on November 11th, at first I surprised my sister Renata. Afterwards I surprised the person I was aiming to see the most, my girlfriend Paula. I went to her place and brought her flowers and chocolates, the moment she saw me, she ran towards me and hugged me. For the next days my daily routine was basically go to pick her up at her place, and make lots of funny and lovely experiences and memories by her side.


A un triste- Manuel Gutierrez Najera


¿Por qué de amor la barca voladora A
con ágil mano detener no quieres, B
y esquivo menosprecias los placeres B
de Venus, la impasible vencedora? A

A no volver los años juveniles C
huyen como saetas disparadas C
por mano de invisible Sagitario; D
triste vejez, como ladrón nocturno, D
sorpréndenos sin guarda ni defensa, E
y con la extremidad de su arma inmensa, E
la copa del placer vuelca Saturno. F

¡Aprovecha el minuto y el instante! G
Hoy te ofrece rendida la hermosura H
de sus hechizos el gentil tesoro, I
y llamándote ufana en la espesura, H
suelta Pomona sus cabellos de oro. I

En la popa del barco empavesado J
que navega veloz rumbo a Citeres, K
de los amigos del clamor te nombra L
mientras, tendidas en la egipcia alfombra, L
sus crótalos agitan las mujeres. K

Deja, por fin, la solitaria playa, M
y coronado de fragantes flores N
descansa en la barquilla de las diosas. N
¿Qué importa lo fugaz de los amores? N
¡También expiran jóvenes las rosas! N


Why love the flying boat

with nimble hand stop you don’t want to,

and I avoid you underestimate the pleasures

of Venus, the impassive victor?


Not to go back to the youthful years

they flee like arrows fired

by the hand of the invisible Sagittarius;

sad old age, like a night thief,

surprise us without guard or defense,

and with the tip of his immense weapon,

the cup of pleasure overturns Saturn.


Take advantage of the minute and the moment!

Today the beauty offers you surrendered

of his spells the gentle treasure,

and calling you proud in the thicket,

Pomona lets go of her golden hair.


At the stern of the bunting ship

that sails swiftly towards Cytheres,

of the friends of the clamor names you

while, lying on the Egyptian carpet,

their rattles stir the women.


Finally, leave the lonely beach

and crowned with fragrant flowers

rests in the basket of the goddesses.

What does it matter how fleeting loves?

Roses also expire young!