Elie Wiesel, He has a Close-Knit Family


Elie Wiesel, is part of a close-knit family. Elie Wiesel the protagonist of the novel “night”. He is a young Jewish teenager, living in the holocaust of the second world war, but despite everything, he tries and decides to stay with his family. Even if he and his family are running in the middle of the chaos, they try to stay together(pg.19). Another clear example of how they want to be together is when they are separate, in that difficult moment; they still try to support each other (pg.29). but the clearest example of their union is:

“The ghetto was not guarded.one could enter and leave as one pleased. Maria, our former maid, came to see us. Sobbing, she begged us to come with her to her village where she had prepared a safe shelter.

My father wouldn´t hear of it. He told me and my big sitters. “If you wish, go there. I shall stay here with your mother and the little one…”

Naturally, we refused to be separated” (pg.20).

I am not completely sure if Elie know where is he is going, but he definitely knows that is not a good place. Probably he knows that he and his family are going to an awful place. He has the opportunity to scape of that awful future, but he refused to be separated of his family.

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