Kate and Anderson have been friends for a long time, Anderson is such a quiet and shy person, she is a bit more outgoing, they are of those friends who are together the whole time, and it would be weird to say the feel something else for each other, until they kiss, after that kiss, a tension began to be felt between they both.

I could tell him I´m not interested in Matt. I could offer to be Andy´s wingwoman. I can´t make Matt Olsson like boys if he doesn´t, but at least it could stop feeling like a competition. Everything could just be normal. Like a normal crush and a normal lovesick Andy and a normal best friend Kate.


Apparently, he liked the kiss with Kate, that when they were watching a movie together he asked her for another one, but he was weird, it looked like if he hadn´t like it, and she realizes that she has a platonic love on him, but there was a problem, he confesed her that after that kiss, he realized he is gay, and that was not the worst part, he had a crush on Matt, but Kate also has a crush on him, she gives up.

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