Mateo Torrez

In the book, They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera, Mateo Torrez is kind, when he was with Rufus they saw a homeless man on the street asking for money and Rufus didn’t want to give him money, but Mateo did he said they were dying anyway. He thought they could do good actions for people who need them, after giving the man the money he smiled and thanked them, Mateo said it seemed a lot of people acted like he was invisible, but they didn’t and that made the man really happy, that’s why Mateo said:

I think we made his day by not pretending he’s invisible.

When he said that, you can see how caring he is for others, even if he doesn’t know them, that reminds me of when you’re having a bad day and some random people can make your day by doing little actions, by just smiling or being friendly and polite. In the same way, everyone can make a day better if it’s just doing those kinds of simple things.

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