three more weeks of a lifetime opportunity

My stay in Canada is about to finish. I’ve concluded this school year with lots of experiences, memories and learnings. It’s impressive to make a mental feedback, and think about all the stuff I’ve gone through meanwhile living in Canada. When I first arrived here, I wasn’t sure what sort of path was waiting for me crossing the Brookes Westshore gate. To be honest, the first two months were tough. I was taken away from my accustomed Mexican lifestyle. Taken away from my family, friends and girlfriend. For instance, my feelings were broken, and only thought about homeland. Until I switch the situation and began living the experience. Enjoying stuff I eventually could not do in Mexico. Like, play soccer in a a school league, go hiking into the woods, go snow skiing, go with my friends alone to Vancouver, improve my English by speaking to natives, etc. To be concrete, I took advantage of the nature beautys Canada has to offer. I definitely feel proud of my self about concluding the school year. Besides only taking academic learning, I’m also taking life learning. Sort as living alone, and the cultural mixture. But most importantly the domination and fluency of a second language sort as English.

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