Personal Writing, a Good New Habit


I still remember my first personal writing, and how strange was to make it. When I was in Mexico all my writings were very specific; most of the time they were essays, and rarely I had the freedom to write a short opinion. It is not a surprise that at the beginning was very difficult to make a personal writing, but with time it started to be easier and more enjoyable. Now I really enjoy the personal writings, it is like a great freedom feeling, and they are excellent to reorganize my mind. In multiple occasions I have written about concerns or thoughts in my head, that kind of thoughts that do not let me sleep, and after writing about them, they disappear of my mind. In conclusion I am very happy for start to make personal writings, they have helped me to think and concentrate. I hope that they will become a habit, and that I will keep writing them in Mexico, because they are one of the most helpful things that I started to do in Canada.

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