Stargirl IRJE

Stargirl is a new girl who arrives at school who is noticed among people for her peculiar personality, way of dressing and thoughts.
That makes everyone in the school realize that she exists since she is not like the rest of the other students and she doesn’t care what others think of her.
The truth is that he is a great character since he teaches us a beautiful life lesson, and that is that it doesn’t matter what others think about how you look, act, and think. Because the only thing that matters is your own happiness, and it is very foolish to want to change your way of being to want to fit in or be liked by a certain group of people. Stargirl is a very positive person who never sees the bad side of things, and she is a kind-hearted person. And due to not being like the rest of the people little by little she gained the affection of the people and then everyone wanted to meet her and get along with her, that is why Kevin and Leo wanted to invite her to their program and that is why Kevin insisted a lot to Leo to invite her and that’s when he says …

What do you mean, no? Don’t you want to sign her up? (page 13)

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