Harald Dahl

Harald Dahl from Boy (Ronald Dahl,1984) is a hard-working man of ingenuity because he broke his arm and had to amputate it to the elbow, having to work with the other arm, but because of his ingenuity, he managed to transform objects so he could use them in a more efficient way as it is says in p.12.

“…So they simply amputated the arm at the elbow, and for the rest of his life my father had to manage with one arm. Fortunately, it was the left arm that he lost and gradually, over the years, he taught himself to do more or less anything he wanted with just the four fingers and thumb of his right hand. He could tie a shoelace as quickly as you or me, and for cutting up the food on his plate, he sharpened the bottom edge of a fork so that it served as both knife and fork all in one. He kept his ingenious instrument in a slim leather case and carried it in his pocket wherever he went. The loss of an arm, he used to say, caused him only one serious inconvenience. He found it impossible to cut the top off a boiled egg.”(P.12).

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