Holden, a Good Big Brother


In my previous IRJE I have talked about more characteristic of Holden, and they were not precisely good, but is evident that he is a good big brother. In all the book Holden has an impulsive attitude and being rude with most of the people, but he is nice with his little sister. Some examples of his nice attitude to her sister are: he invited her to dance, and he accepts that she is a good dancer (pg. 193). Think that is weird because we can see him criticizing people’s dancing in all the opportunities he has (pg., 82). Another beautiful example of Holden being a great brother is when he tries to make his siter happy and forgive him (Pg, 229). There are many more examples of Holden being a good brother, but in my opinion the most important is when his little sister stops him of making an impulsive decision.


“Please, Holden. Please let me go. I’ll be very, very, very- You won’t even- “

“you’re not going. Now, shut up! Gimme that bag” I said. I took the bag off her. I was almost all set to hit her. I though I was going to smack her for a second. I really did.

She started to cry (pg.227).

I have a complete IRJE talking about how impulsive Holden can be and how nobody can make him stop, and is unbelievable how a little girl stops him without even trying. His sister was trying to join him because she loves him, and he leaves his crazy idea of run away because he loves her. Holden is impulsive, rude and has a big necessity of attention, but we can not deny that he is a good big brother.

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