This term has been quite different from the others. Entering the world of poems is being a great experience. Is that his is a huge controversy on this issue. Many people may misjudge this type of writing, and others may think otherwise. Today I’m going to talk about the best poem I’ve read so far and which one I hate the most.

“Passing Through the Woods on a Snowy Night” by Robert Frost. This poem was one of my favorites. I like it because of the way it is written. As you can see, it looks so simple and it’s easy to understand. But if you dig deeper, you can see that the poem has a bigger meaning and an interesting plot.

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. I miss him about this. It is that I have chosen the same writer. His best poem, and his worst, for me. I feel like this poem is not as great as the other one. I find it very boring. The main reason, I’m not too sure about it. But the way he tries to express it, it’s something that bothers me. When I first read it I had a hard time understanding it and I don’t see any sense in it.

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