Poems and more poems

This term we have been reading poems and some of them are very interesting to me. Everyone has a different opinion and we need to respect that. At this time my favorite poem is, Not Waving but Drowning by Stevie Smith, I liked it because when you read it, it looks simple but if you think about the meaning, what I understood is some people might look fine, but they’re not and they don’t know how to express their feelings or maybe ask for help.

The poem I didn’t like at all is the Sestina by Elizabeth Bishop, I kind of like that you play with the last words, but when you do those kinds of things is tough to understand the real meaning of the poem, because it can be very repetitive and also can be trying to read it.

4 thoughts on “Poems and more poems”

  1. Well you made yourself understood in a certain way, but I feel that you put a lot of unnecessary explanation at the beginning, but everything was fine.

  2. I agree with your opinion about the Sestina. I think that it feels very repetitive, and could be difficult to understand the meaning.

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