Poem that I liked the most and poem that I didn’t like

The poem that I liked the most was “On His Blindness” by. John Milton.

What I like the most about the poem was not the poem, it was the story behind the poem. “On his blindness”, this poem speaks of Milton’s faith in God when he loses his sight. It talks about Milton’s fear, frustration, and acceptance in the process of going blind. The poem marks a turning point as Milton moves from fear of punishment to fulfillment. Without a doubt this is a poem that makes you think what would become of us if we lost our sight, how would we react? What would happen to us? etc. This is a poem that I enjoyed reading and talking about with the teacher since Jhon Milton’s life is very interesting.

The poem that I didn’t like was “The Red Wheelbarrow” by. William Charles Williams.

I didn’t like this poem because it’s too short, and what it says almost make no sense, I know it talks about the importance of agriculture and day laborers. But it took me a long time to understand what the poem is talking about. I am sure that if the poem had been longer, I would liked it since the idea is good, but it is very short.

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  1. Wow Dina your English is getting better. I remember the first blog post that you made. Your writing skills are getting so much better.

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