One Loved, and One Hated Poem


The poetry can be very complicated, specially if do not understand or you do not feel identified with the poem. One poem that I liked is “The Road Not Taken” (pg. 26). I feel that it is a good poem written by Robert Frost that represents the decisions of the life, and in a way, it gives the message that if you take a different decision that everyone else, you will have a different life. That little difference in the decisions of your life, could make a big difference in your future, and that is why you need to be careful when you take decisions. It is a nice poem and many people can understand it or feel identified with it, that is why is one of my favorites.

It is very easy to like a poem when you understand it, and easy to hate it when you do not understand it. “The Read Wheelbarrow” (pg.29) is the clear example of a poem that I do not understand. It is very weird for me, it just does not make sense, it seems more like someone describing a scene than someone writing poetry. I am not sure if the author William Carlos Williams tries to represent something or if what makes it poetry is the way in which is written. I won’t say that I hate the poem, but I can not like something that I try to understand and I can not do it.

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