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Do not go gentle into the good night

I really liked the poem because it displays how life isn’t a paragraph, rather a sentence. Basically that life is short and and you have to live it to the fullest in the lifespan of a sentence. It shocked me because although I’ve always kept in mind that my time is limited on this earth, I never really stopped to enjoy the little moments that forge me. I interpreted the line “kisses are a better fate than wisdom” as a reference to the saying that an idiot enjoys life more than a philosopher. The author wanted to show us that wisdom although its good and powerful, wont bring you any joy like a simple act of a kiss which doesn’t bring anything more than pleasure. To really live life with pleasure as it is short.


We are going to see the rabbit

I didn’t like this poem because I felt that it was too long and took way too much time to get to the point or at least evoke something in me. I didn’t really understand the message that it was trying to communicate and a fraction of the vocabulary confused me. It repeated the words frequently and what this would do to me is that I would get stuck on a stanza thinking the same thing and basically slow my reading. I felt that in the third quarter of the poem it was getting a bit odd and added elements that  only confused me more. They really had no relevance to the story and it wasn’t an enjoyable reading.

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  1. This is good but I think you should write the author. But everything else I think is pretty good. I agree with your opinions about the poems. You’re a very intelligent student.

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