A Text of Liking and Disliking Poems

A poem that I’ve liked from what We’ve read is Not Waving but Drowning by Stevie Smith (1902-1971) because I think it talks too much about most people are in friendships and how some people see and treats their friends, where the friend that is always goofing, laughing and playing around, is in a bad emotional shape in a point where it is possible to say that that friend might be surrounded by sadness & depression as everyone around that friends may think that just because he is laughing he has a perfect mental state and shape.

A poem that I didn’t like was Sestina by Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979) because I felt that the way of writing was extremely odd and analyzing the poem was a process very uncomfortable and different from what I used to do in other poems that I usually read as I also think that writing in this type of poems for communication purposes may be stressful because of how complicated it may be to express your ideas correctly in such a strict way for something that I prefer to be simpler.

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