A great and a tedious poetry

“The Burial of the Dead”-T.S. Eliot

To start off, I like “The Burial of the Dead” the most. I consider this poem has a deep and hidden meaning behind what’s actually written. It begins with a monthly pattern, which eventually ends up turning into a seasonal pattern.  Through out the poem, we are able to understand the poem’s perspective is from a dead person. From the line “winter kept us warm, covering”(line 7),  we can interpret that the poem is a reference to the tombs of the deaths. Even though this is a short poem, I like it because it’s interesting and concrete.

“Sonnets from the Portuguese”- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The poem I disliked the most is “Sonnets from the Portuguese”. I consider this poem is written in a way is very hard for non experienced readers to understand. The poem combines lots of topics like the personal experiences with the feelings of a “soul”. Ending with a line that makes unsure if the author is still alive or dead “I shall but love thee better after dead”. I consider the poem is little bit boring and confusing, not to add in some parts it’s not concrete.


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