“Down the mine”

 After reading this essay. You understand how difficult it was for people to extract coal. Coal it serves us for cooking, generating electricity, in the production of steel, fuel production, and steel production. The ratio of coal reserves to production is about 2.6 times that of oil and 1.9 times that of natural gas. That is why it can be said that coal is a very important material for our daily life. The serious problem with this material is or was how it was extracted several years ago. Coal hides in man-made mines. But back then the men’s work to extract it was like torture, what they had to go through inside those mines was not some kind of game. For many people it cost their lives to work there, and in many cases they were not compensated. Today things have changed and security measures are used to prevent things that may happen. For example, today machines are used that do everything manually and other safety measures are used, such as masks so as not to inhale the gases that are formed in the mines themselves.

Reading this essay, I learned a lot. In a small part you understand that when people worked to extract coal, they did it but at a very high cost. A hell.

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