Naming Your Files

When submitting essays and other work digitally, you should name your documents so that they can be readily identified. File names like “George.docx” or “Essay.docx” or “TOK.docx” are NOT useful!

Instead, please follow this pattern when naming your documents:


If you submit multiple drafts, give each draft a unique file name:


In either case the “Assignment” part should be specific, but not too long. For example, this document name—


—is not very helpful, since it does not specify which TOK essay it is. Better would be something like this—


—where evidence is the topic you are writing about.

Spelling out the month avoids any possible confusion with dates like 5/12/2020, which can be either May 12th or December 5th, depending on how you read it.

Please submit your work as Word (.docx) documents if they are being uploaded to ManageBac. If you prefer Pages or Nisus Writer (my favourite) or Google Docs or some other word processor, that’s fine. Go ahead and compose using your preferred app, but then export the file to Word before you upload it to ManageBac. That will make my work flow much easier.

Please do NOT submit PDFs, as they are much harder to annotate with comments.

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